Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Skyeva to Dave (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend!!!
My name is Evgeniya. I am glad, that you have answered my message.
Itis simply excellent.I would like to tell at once to you, that dialogue on the Internet forme it something unfamiliar, therefore you for me will be the firstconductor in the Internet dialogue.
I wish to speak at once to you that real relations are necessary to meonly, and virtual correspondence is not necessary to me. Because Isearch only for real relations. And I wish to warn you at once. I willnot send you ****** photos.I will be very grateful to you if this letter you interests. And youvery soon will answer me. I wish to speak to you that as in the letterI will apply the photos that you knew with whom will correspond.I will not write much, and to speak, as I do not know your reaction tomy letter. But I am assured, if I have interested you, you will havemany questions to me. Therefore it will be good, if you write allquestions interesting you, and in the following letter, I with thehugest pleasure will answer each your question. I think you have noticed excitement in my lines and it is valid so. Itis connected by that I really to communicate for the first time withthe person on the Internet. On it I will end the letter and I willwait from you for your new answers.
To fast Evgeniya.
Letter 2
Hi! :)
I am glad, that you did not ignore my letter and have answered it. Forme it is valid very pleasantly.
First of all, I would like to thank you, for an openness andresponsiveness. I am glad that you understand me. My new friend I wishto speak to you that at present I not to have a cellular telephone.
Last week I have casually dropped phone and it at me has broken, and Iam very upset from for it.
Therefore now I have no phone. But I askyou not to worry, because as soon as I will have a possibility that Iwill call at once to you and we can talk about all that you want. Ithink that you understand me.
I wish to say to you, that when I tried to register a profile on zooskthat at me it has not turned out to make it, then I have called themanager the cafe Internet that it has helped me. And it has made allfor me. After I have seen your profile I to you have left the message,and then at once I have removed the profile that to me who could notwrite. And I to whom did not write am more.I regret, that my profile on an acquaintance site has told, that Ifrom other country.It was my silly error, I at all do not know as, thus it has appeared,but if it is possible, we could have the further correspondence withyou, and I think that you do not take offence at me.I would like to tell to you a little about myself.I wish to speak to you that I was born in your country Canada. But now I live in Russia. I there lived since the birth and till 4 years. Mymum lived there with the husband and when I was 4 years old my fatherearlier it was lost at the enterprise on which worked.
Then my mum hasdecided to leave to us home to Russia as we there did not have family,and we have moved to native settlement of mother Kugesi. I to you wishto speak that to me of 28 years.
I was born on April, 12th. My growthof 172 sm, and my weight makes 58 kg. I have left local school, afterleaving school I studied at institute. At me was a lot of choice oftrades. I studied long time and I have finished institute with thediploma of high level in a speciality on the teacher of Russian.
Now Ilive in settlement, I wish to speak to you that I have received in theinheritance apartment from my grandmother who has died 3 years ago.And now I live one, separately from mother. I would like to askyou about your city, I am assured, that to you is what to tell aboutit? Really, it will be very interesting to me.Now I work as the seamstress as from for crisis I could not get a jobon the speciality. As I wish to speak to you that I have sewed themajority of the clothes to myself.
I could not think, that I will growfond of this work. I think that as the teacher to work much better,than the seamstress. But, similar, I was mistaken also this trade ofthe seamstress became for me interesting and very different. Myworking day always is various. I carry out different orders on thework. This process very much is pleasant to me also it veryresponsible. But I love this work because it is pleasant to me. But Iam very lonely, but we will not be about sad! Tell to me better aboutthe work? I hope, that your work is not less interesting, thanwashing, and even is more interesting.In this letter I again send you the photos.I will be very glad if you to me as will send the photos. I think thatyou understand that you will be much more pleasant to communicate withwhich person saw on a photo. I will be very grateful to you if yousend me to me your photos.I want that you have not got tired to read my letter, but I hope thatyour answer will be fast. You know, I will really look forward tohearing from you. In advance I am grateful for your answer. I hope, it will be very quickly.
Your new girlfriend Evgeniya.
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