Letter(s) from Olga Maksimova to Nestor (Venezuela)

Letter 1

Hello my love Nestor
How are you? A thank for your perfect letter.
I am very happy, to receive your answer.

Your letters bring pleasure to me and my mum.
My parents are very pleased, if at us all it to turn out.
My mum is slightly sad, that I shall live far from her, but she knows,
That so for me it will be better, that I shall be happy with you my love.

My parents are pleased, that you such good man, but they want to know you better.

When I receive your letters of love, I very wish our meeting.
Today I can not fall asleep quickly. I shall think of you my prince.
It is very heavy to realize, that you now far from me and I can not give you the attention,
To present you the love, to embrace and to kiss you!!!!!!!

I shall dream of you both about ours and about our meeting.

I love you my prince.

Kiss and there is a lot of love.
Yours Tatyana

Letter 2

My dear you already know that I work as the teacher, where my earnings not big all - USD for 98 dollars.
On this money I should put on and feed me.
And from my salary remains a little. I very much would like, that We were together!
My favourite that I have visited attended you, the visa to let out release from, it will be necessary for me.
I today have gone to travel agency and have learned have found out the information on my trip to you.
That I have visited attended you, I should make the visa and pay for it her!

My dear the visa will cost - USD for 260 dollars!
My dear for me it will be necessary to make for several days the visa approximately 10 days.
The visa of the visitor is prolonged by 3 months. I can be at All of you this time. My dear I can pay for the visa.
But I should listen to you, what you think of it this?