Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Stephane (Canada)

Letter 1
Je desire communiquer avec vous et d'apprendre a mieux vous.
J'ai lire le votre et vous avez un profil tres m'aimait. Je vous envoie deux de mes photos que j'ai pris au cours d'une promenade dans le parc. J'espere que, pour vous le souhaitez. Je vais envoyer plus de photos et pour parler de moi et je esperons que vous serez vous aussi donc. Mon nom est Ekaterina. Mais tous mes amis m'appellent Katya ou Kate. Vous pouvez m'appeler aussi. Comme si vous voulez que je pour ne citer vous? Comment nommer vous vos amis? Pouvez-vous parler anglais?
Je me rejouis de votre reponse et j'espere que nous n'avons pas rencontre par hasard. Katya.
Letter 2
Hello Stephane!!!!
I am glad to check up mail and to receive your letter. I today went from work at once to the Internet of cafe and hoped to receive your letter. And here I have received it!
And please give me your phone number. I want to talk with you, I want to hear your voice.
I wish to tell a little about myself. I live in city Sosnovka. I work nurse in our small hospital. To me almost 28 years, live I with mum.
The father now lives in other city with other woman many years. He drank also mother much has left from him. I have left school and I have received education nurse. Stephane met men but many of them want only *** who that constantly drinks, or changes with other women.
I want will meet the man which is happy with me and with which I shall be happy. Stephane I would shall make all that we with him were happy.
All that I want it love, caress, tenderness, passion.
Stephane And I have learned about that what to have an opportunity gets acquainted with men through the Internet. And here we with you have met. Stephane you can tell to me, what you search in women? Tell to me. I very much would wish to learn it. What character, what appearance?
What should she be able to do?
I am sending you two photos of me with my mom.
Stephane I wait for your letter!!!!
Your new girlfriend Katya.
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