Scam letter(s) from Ashley Morris to David (Italy)

Letter 1
I am glad to hear from you from the website. Let me quickly tell you some little about myself. I am Ashley Morris Remi and am 25 years old. I was given birth to in Spain. My Mother is an Australian and my father is from Spain. My mother and my mother met each other when my mother was working in Spain and they got married. I am the only child of my parent and My father works in africa before he died. My father work in an oil company in Africa.

I live almost all my life in Australia cos my father and mother relocated back to the Australia while i was 5 years old and ever since have been living in Victoria, New South Wales, Australia. I lost my father about 2 years ago and now my mother is all i have left. I am a graphic designer. Right now am in africa with my mother to claim back my father's property cos my father was working here and he owns alot property including a big estate here. My mother has to force me to come down here with her so that we can claim my fathers property back cos it worth a lot money and my mother just don't want us to leave it here,she want us to claim it back and sell them off. I have been single since 2years now when my ex boyfriend cheated on me and slept with my best friend and since then i just don't like being in any relationship if not for my mother that keeps telling me their is still some god men out there i could love and trust and that was what lead me signing up to the site and talking to you. I am a hard working and a really open and straight forward lady and i would love a man to be so honest and faithful to me cos that's the best way we could get to know each other better.

I really like what was on your profile and that was why i choose to talk to you. Let me know more about you and also what you are looking for on the site and also some more about your background. I will attach my pics to this email. Hope to hear from you soon.

Ashley Morris
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