Scam letter(s) from Olga Koshkina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Reggie.
How are you doing?
I am very happy with that you answer my letters and do not forget me.
I very much like to read your letters and I would like that you continued to write to me. I very much would like to find out about you all. You write me not not enough time and it speaks to me that I am interesting to you. And you too are interesting to me also I wish to communicate with you as much as possible for this reason I wish to find out about you much.
Dear Reggie I am glad, that I you communicate, I have more and more started to trust you, you think likely to trust which person never saw it silly, but I wish to answer that I really trust you. I can trust the secrets. I feel that you will not speak about my secrets to whom. I trust you though you far from me and I all the same trust you. You trust me? I think that you do not trust me, because you me never saw. Write that you wish to find out about me and I pleasure will write to you. Only I you wish to ask that you did not ask me about ***. I do not like to answer such questions which are connected about ***. These are very personal questions and I cannot tell about them to which that person I not to time did not see.
Ask me about other but only not about ***. I will answer you all other questions with impatience and I will tell all about that question. I once again write to you that I trust you. I think that the trust is the most important thing that is necessary for serious relations. I understand, that there has passed not so a lot of time from the beginning of our acquaintance, but at me to you a question. What do you think of us, we can have more serious relations or not? Tell to me that you think of it, write the opinion. I will wait your letters and answers to my questions. I want that you also often continued to write to me. Send me please still the photos. I wish to find out on photos that disappears in your eyes. I wish to find out what habits from you, write to me about your habits. And I will write about the habits in the following letter.
I with impatience will wait for your following letter.
Yours Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello Reggie.
I am very glad to receive your pleasant letter. How are you?
I love you when I think of you I is simple I conceal in the love world. To me thoughts on you give more and more ability to construct love, they to me more and more ability that I am able to love and me nobody dares to prevent to love you. I love you these words not simply glory, these words are said thoughts of depth of my heart. I want that you knew that you to me not without are various. I wish to tell to you that these feelings perfectly to test, feeling of love and sincerity. These feelings very nice and lovely and I do not want, that my feelings to you came to an end, I want, that these feelings all became deeper and deeper. You wish it?
I start to love you more and more. I am very strong is glad that I to you feel. I think of you constantly. My thoughts are always occupied by thoughts about you, I think always only of you and always I will think only of you, I love only you and I will love only you and not whom others except you. You always in my thoughts, I constantly think of you, I for a second do not forget about you. I do not notice that when I go along the street, I go and I think of you. I face strangers because my thoughts, my head are occupied by you and for this reason I behave not clearly. It sounds ridiculously, but it is valid so. You always in my thoughts, I constantly think of you, I for a second do not forget about you. I do not notice that when I go along the street, I go and I think only of you. I face strangers because my thoughts, my head are occupied by you and for this reason I behave not clearly. It sounds ridiculously, but it is valid so. You often think of me? To me occurs not clear things when I sit the at home, I take the handle in hand and I start to write your name on a paper, it is all occurs because of that that I madly love you and my love to you gets not conceivable things of action.
When I sleep I dream about you. In a dream I see as we stand nearby and we hold each other for hands at a sun dawn, it looks very perfectly and I for would like at once that all it on the present. In a dream I can be with you, I can talk to you, I can hold you for hands, but in a dream there is no most important thing, there are no feelings. I can be in a dream near to you, I can hold you for hands, but I cannot feel warmth of your hands, yours feeling to me. I cannot feel it because it is a dream, it only reality illusion, but the reality present all on another, in a reality all on the present. Let we far apart, but we transfer the feelings through letters which we write each other every day. I hope that we will continue to communicate further because ours with you feelings has outgrown in love and we should make so that this love did not come to an end, and on the contrary should with everyone a bottom more and more. Love this finest feeling without which I do not represent sense to live. I think any woman dreams that before her there was near to her a man loving her. Which will love her, to look after her. You agree with me? What do you think about we wash a recognition? You love me? Write me only the truth, I wish to hear the fair answer.
I will wait very much for your letter.
Yours Mariya
Letter 3
Hello my love Reggie.
I am very glad that have received your charming letter.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I with impatience waited for your letter when I have received I at once have hastened to read. Now us connects only letters and only by means of them we can transfer and tell about the feelings to me very pleasantly to read about your feelings, about your love. For time which we have spent together behind dialogue I my love has got used to you. My dear I do not represent, that I will make if you cease to write to me.
I wish to tell to you that we find out each other more when we will see each other. You with me agree or not?
If we see each other we with can find out more about the friend the friend. We can find out about each other our habits, our characters. We can see in us that that never we can see in our letters. Letters - it is an initial stage of relations. All the most important and remarkable begins then when people agree about meetings. The meeting is very touching moment. The man and the woman very carefully prepare for a meeting and try not to miss that even what trifle. Which can play the big role at a meeting. It can be a small stain on clothes or a small spot on a forehead. People which agree about meetings it each detail is important. You understand as well as any person in this world.
I think that we need to pass to a new stage our relations. I love you and I speak about a meeting. A meeting, this most important thing that is necessary now for us. We love each other, we know to meet enough. What can you tell on it? You wish me to see? Our meeting will be for us the important point in a life and most not forgotten.
Meeting of people which the pleasure and happiness love each other it always. All it is shown on their persons, in their actions. The man and the woman wish to prove to be at a meeting with the good party to make the first impression before the partner, after all the first impression always plays the big role in relations and in the further meetings.
If to tell that all shortly a meeting it is important to the man and the woman in relations. Dialogue through letters all conduct all to that two favourite persons have met. This most important in ours with you relations. Or our meeting will not take place, it is possible will tell that ours with you dialogue was is useless, because the meeting has not taken place. I want with you will meet. And you want with me will meet?
I will wait for your letter.
Your favourite Mariya
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