Scam letter(s) from Elena to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Peter!!! I am very glad that you have answered me.
You have left to me the email on a site of acquaintances
I hope that you have not forgotten me.
Excuse me for my long answer.
I for the first time use the Internet to communicate and get acquainted with you,
Therefore I very much worry. In the beginning of the letter I want to tell to you,
That I search for the partner for serious and long attitudes in the life.
I think that to you interestingly why I have written to you?
Why that my sight has stopped on your structure on a site of acquaintances and consequently I now write to you.
Probably it is interesting to you to learn something about me? As you already know my name is Lena.
I live in small, but very beautiful city Kozmodemyansk. My day a birth on April, 2, 1978.
As to my figure, my growth 172 and weight of 60 kg as you have already understood at me a good constitution.
I at once want to tell that I write to you because I am in search of serious attitudes for the future life.
On it I shall end the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer and your photos.
In this letter I send you the photo, I hope that she is pleasant to you.
I wish you successful day and all good.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Peter!
How your affairs? How your mood? I hope that at you all well!
I at once want to ask you. Why you have ceased to write to me? You do not want to communicate with me?
If it so tell to me about it and I any more when I shall not disturb you.
But I hope for the best!
I with impatience shall wait for your answer!
I wish you good day!
Your girlfriend Lena
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Peter !!! I am eagerly waiting for your answer. I am very pleased that our communication is going on.
And I hope that we will communicate in the future.
At you very heavy work.. Probably you very strongly miss on the country and want to return faster there?
I think that it very well, that you do not use alcohol! It is pleasant to me such people. =)
Why you do not stop to smoke a cigarette? It very badly influences your health.
I am glad that you like my photos. And I also would want to see as much as possible photos from you. I hope that you can send me them soon.
In this letter I want to tell you about my work and my education. It seems to me that you are interested to know about it.
First I want to tell you about my education. I went to the city of Kazan, my specialty was foreign languages.
I studied English and German. I studied very well and so now I have no problem I can communicate in these languages.
Life in Russia is very heavy and therefore even a good specialist hard to find a job.
After I graduated from university a long time I tried to get work as a translator, but I never got to do it.
In the end I had to get the seller to the bookstore. In principle, this is not a bad job and I enjoy working here.
Truce it is that I help buyers find the right book to them. In our shop comes to many people and so I was very tired.
That's why I'm very happy those days when I can relax. My free time I like to carry in my circle of friends.
I have two very good friends. With them I've known for a long time, we started talking in school. They are very close to me.
In my life were very difficult moments when I did not not expect any outside help, but still my friends helped me.
I am very happy that I have such a friend. With them I can speak on any topic, to trust them with their secrets.
I am confident that they will never betray me and do not throw in a difficult moment, because this friendship is tested over the years.
They already have their own families. Incidentally, one of my friends working with me, it was she who told me to look for a man over the Internet.
She found her husband using the correspondence via the Internet and they are 6 years of happy marriage.
I think that you liked my letter.
Tell me something about your family and friends.
I eagerly await your response will be.
Your friend from Russia Lena
Letter 4

Hello the my dear friend Peter !!! I as always am glad that you have answered me.
Your letters always deliver to me great pleasure and cheer up.
Usually after the heavy working day I got tired and hastened to come home.
But after in my life you have appeared all began on another.
After I shall see your letter at me there are forces and is cheered up.
It is pleasant not only to read to me your letters and as and to write to you.
I am glad that you are fair with me. And you have told to me also about the last attitudes.
Alcohol this big evil and I hope that you not when will not use it again.
I believe you
Much of that about what we with you communicate, I did not speak anybody.
Even I did not speak the best girlfriends that I wrote to you in letters.
I do not know why so occurs. It seems to me that I can trust in you completely.
Reading your letters I all more also am more convinced that you very good and sympathetic person.
Though we are familiar very short time, I think you very good friend.
I not reflecting can write to you about all and I am confident that you will understand me.
I am very glad that I have written to you. Probably my female intuition has not brought me.
It seems to me that you which man I searched for that so for a long time. And what you think in this occasion?
I do not want to speak now about what that serious attitudes,
But one I want to tell to you precisely - me pleasantly dialogue with you.
Presently it is very difficult to meet the worthy and sincere person, it is especial in the Internet.
Certainly the Internet this useful invention of mankind.
It helps to erase borders and instantly to overcome huge distances.
But through the Internet it is difficult to learn the person. It is much easier to make it when you see
It also you communicate face to face. Unfortunately people use it.
I heard much about people from my country which deceive people through the Internet.
But I nevertheless am confident that that good and fair people is greater!
The main thing it will not lose hope and trust that all well.
The most terrible for the person it to lose hope.
If the person loses hope for that that it will meet sometime love,
That it when will not grow fond. And it is awful.
I think what not in what case it is not necessary to lose hope and trust in that that all will be good.
In fact when you will find the love, you will become happy on the present and all rest loses the importance.
That can replace this fine feeling. You agree with me?
It is very interesting to me to learn that you think of that that I write to you.
I shall be glad if you will agree with me, but also I shall not take offence if you will correct me or will state the,
Other opinion. Write to me the ideas about it. Write to me about that that excites you.
It will be pleasant for me to communicate with you on any theme.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter.
Your girlfriend Lena
Letter 5
Hello my lovely friend Peter !!! I as always am glad to find your new letter.
To me very much to like to read your letters, to learn about you, about your life and certainly to write to you the letters.
Reading your letters, I understand that you very interesting the man to which I can talk about all.
I when did not meet such the man which I also well would understand. It is very easy for me with you.
As you are very difficult to find such men in a life. And I think that to me very much has carried, that I have got acquainted with you.
I have understood that you very kind and sympathetic person. These are one of those qualities which to me like in men.
Such men need to be appreciated. To you I can trust and tell completely to you about the life.
I not when did not think that in the world there are ideal men,
But after I have got acquainted with you my opinion have changed.
Now it seems to me, that my happiness is near to me, I want to trust in it!
As you know in attitudes the main thing for me it is fidelity and honesty.
I think, that you think as. Unfortunately in our life very much
It is not enough people which it is possible to entrust the dreams and desires.
In my life now 3 relatives for me the person. She is my girlfriend,
The sister and now to relatives for me the person became - you!
Forgive for my not modesty, for these words. I am really very glad that in my life has appeared
One more close person for me. My girlfriend is very glad, that at me with you began dialogue through letters.
She speaks, that I have changed after acquaintance to you. Probably she is right.
By the way, with it I like to walk and go on the nature. All those photos which I send you,
She did. I hope that my photos like you.
My friend Peter , it is very pleasant for me to hear from you,
That you think me the nice girl. I hope that you speak by it sincerely.
Yes, I too heard about that that there are such Russian women who deceive people through the Internet.
I think that they make very bad acts and all of them should appear in prison.
I am afflicted with those that you can assume that I can be one of them.
Because I was always fair with you and I asked you that you wrote to me only the truth.
Thanks you for new photos. I was glad to see them. In your country so it is a lot of snow.
I like it because I very much love a snow. =) I think that at you good work, you every day are in a wood and breathe pure air.
I too would want that my work was in a wood or where that still where I could be on the nature.
It is very sad that in the past you had problems with alcohol. But I hope that you not when will not repeat the mistakes and will not use alcohol.
Because it again can turn to the big problems for you and your relatives.
Mine are loved color green. Because it is color of a grass and my eyes. =)
Now at me the free time because of my work is not enough. And I do not suffice time for employment by sports.
But when at me time I will appear want to start to ski in a wood or to run in the mornings.
As you already know, I like to read. To me like many product,
But now I want to tell to you about the most favourite from them. Probably you not when did not hear about it.
This product of one not enough the known Russian writer. It refers to - LOVE FOR EVER.
This fine the book about love of two young people. Their love began in the childhood.
They loved each other many years, but through long time they had to leave.
After that they did not see each other many years. But their love did not die away, they dreamed to find each other.
And when he executed many years, they have casually met. Their pleasures were not a limit!!!!
And since then they did not leave any more and lived up to the end of the days together!
I liked this book because I believe that there is such love, sincere and pure!!!
I hope that we can construct such feelings which not when we will not go out also shall be happy together!
What do you think of it?
I with impatience shall wait for your answer!
I wish you good day and all good!
Yours Lena
Letter 6
Hello my lovely friend Peter !!!
I am very happy to find your letter today. Today I waited for it with the big impatience.
How passes your day?
Thanks you for your new photos.. When I have looked at them, at me the mood has improved and I have smiled. =)
it is very pleasant for me to see the photo in your computer. And I also was glad to see that place where do you live. At you very cosy and lovely habitation.
You live one? Who sleeps on the second bed?
Yes, it is very sad that there are people which enjoy trust of people and deceive them. Though we know each other not so for a long time, and I already have trust to you. And you seem to me very positive and good the man which not when will not make to me poorly.
I think that it very bad that you seldom see the sisters and the brother. When you saw them last time? And when you are going to see them?
It is very good that your relatives are happy. You frequently call to them?
As you know I and my sister yesterday went to walk on my city.
We have very well spent, we talked about much and certainly
In a theme of our reasonings you have got. My sister with the big interest asked me about you and about our dialogue.
And I certainly about pleasure told to it. That I spoke all that about you, very much it was pleasant to my sister.
She has wished us of good luck in development of our attitudes.
My sister already has left back for the city, and my mood has a little worsened because of it.
I would like more time to carry out with my sister.
When we were small, we frequently played with it and many pleasant instants of my childhood are connected to it.
I already wrote to you about it in one of my last letters, and I think, that you understand,
As far as I am adhered to the sister. Already yesterday we have prepared my sister for trip,
That today day was free. I like to do all necessary beforehand
And I very much respect people which think also. My sister did not book a ticket to the bus,
Because distance between our cities not too huge. You imagine, when I saw off the sister,
Began a strong snowfall.. Now I sit before a computer completely wet.
Fortunately, symptoms of cold are not present.
You know, to me it became very melancholy, because that my sister has left. I am happy, to correspond with you,
But I understand, that between us the huge distance and is a pity,
That we cannot talk right now looking each other in eyes. I feel me such lonely.
But I hope, that once we can have chance to see each other. I am visited frequently with ideas about loneliness,
When there is a snowfall or it is raining. It seems to me, that it is tears of many lonely people,
Which and have not found happiness in love. … And what ideas arise at you, when in the street such weather?
Of what you think, of what dream?
Now I shall go in bathing to dry things and to take warm souls.
I wish you fine mood, Peter !
With tenderness
Yours Lena
Letter 7
Hello Dear Peter !!!
How you feel yourself?
I hope, that with you everything is all right!
Unfortunately I do not have structure on facebook and skype.
Tell to me about these means for dialogue more in detail and probably I can create structures there.
I shall be very glad if we can give more time to our dialogue.
Write to me the phone number and I shall soon call to you. I very strongly want to hear your voice.
I think that at you very heavy work which limits you in many..
Because of it you cannot meet frequently your family and relatives. Why you do not want to throw it and to live in the country?
Probably you very much miss on the family?
Peter , from yesterday's bad mood today does not remain also a trace! I feel excellently.
I have such differences of mood. It as the white and black ***** in a life - constantly varies.
Tell, you trust in destiny? I try not to attach to it huge significance,
But sometimes stories of associates force to pay attention to that fact involuntarily,
That in a life all happens at will of a case. In any case, I wish to share
With you my joyful mood! Thanks, that you have shared with me your thoughts.
It is very pleasant to me to see answers to my questions in your letters. It seems to me,
That every day we become is more close to each other and every day I have a weight of questions to you.
I hope, that I not too tyre you with it. I am glad, when you set to me questions also.
I believe, that this interest from your party not mere curiosity. As I already wrote to you,
You are very interesting to me also I feel affinity to you. You know, I am afraid of these feelings new to me a little,
After all I really did not think, that such is possible. I hope, our feelings do not deceive us.
I have got used to trust my feelings which speak to me about that,
That you very good man and I are really glad, that have met you.
You one of those people who can open soul. Now very few such fine people and I am grateful
To destiny for that it has reduced us together!! I cannot present any more,
That I did without your letters and our dialogue. Every day,
Coming back from work I go home only with one I think, as soon as possible to see your new letter.
My darling Peter , tonight I and my girlfriend from work we wish to go to a zoo.
I very much love animals. To me to like to observe of them. And you to go to a zoo?
My darling Peter , on it I will end the and with the big pleasure I will wait for your answer.
With tenderness yours Lena
Letter 8
Hello my darling Peter !!!
I with huge impatience waited for your answer. And I am glad that you have answered me.
How there passes your day? How your affairs? I hope that at you all well.
Today fine, solar weather and at me excellent mood.
Unfortunately I do not have now working camera. Because it has broken, when I went to walk with my sister.
My sister photographed me and my camera has casually fallen during a snow and after that I cannot include it. = (
Thanks for your phone number I shall necessarily call to you soon. You can write to me the phone in the other format +..... I hope that you understand me. =)
And it is my phone number - +79061379565.
I do not know why my letters come to you with other time.
Probably because on my computer not correct time!? I constantly overlook to change it.
What attitudes at you with your relatives? I not so well understand it.
As you know, yesterday I went to a zoo. I have remarkably spent time,
Madly it was pleasant to me!!! I did not receive such pleasure already very much for a long time!!!
My darling Peter , I very much get tired on work because I try to work much and for this reason I very much rejoice to those days,
When I have the day off. Unlike my lazy girlfriends =)), I prefer productive leisure and playing sports.
In this letter I send you photos of my visiting of a zoo. I hope that they will like you
Today I went along the street home after work and have seen the man of old age,
Which, kneeling, asked handouts. I cannot look without tears at such people.
It is madly a pity to me of such people. And I always with tears on eyes help them,
But I perfectly understand that my help as a drop at huge ocean.
From it to me to become sadly and ******* heart … And once again I have arrived so,
As prompted me my heart - I have given it the help.
I cannot indifferently concern human troubles and to me it is very bad from that,
That in the world there is such injustice! When I hear about disaster on the TV,
I start to worry about each person. It is very a pity to me,
That I do not have possibility to help everyone … My darling Peter ,
I wish to tell to you what to live in Russia very hard.
Very few people thinks of associates and, probably, therefore in Russia so many people who require the help.
But I sincerely believe that on the Earth still there are the people, ready to offer a helping hand!!!
On it I stop to write the letter
Write to me as soon as it becomes possible
I will wait
The whole
Yours Lena
Letter 9
Hi my lovely Peter . I am glad to read your letter again.
Today it is especially pleasant for me to receive your letter.
I think, that you realize why to me pleasantly to receive your letters.
When I read your letters I feel what that especial heat. It is warm - warmly your gentle heart.
I feel all your ideas about me even on such big distance. You are very expensive for me.
Your sincere heat warms my soul.
I now sit one at home before a computer and I understand, that I now one at home
And from it it becomes a little disturbing. Probably this alarm from that that my soul
And a part of my heart now are in your hands and you can make with them all that want.
I understand, that if we cannot be together I cannot be happy never.
You became for me a symbol of happiness and love. I am grateful to you for that warmly which
You give me and for that love which you will present me in the future. I believe in our future happiness.
And you believe in that that we shall be happy??? I very much want that we were frank
To each other also spoke each other only the truth. You perfectly know that I want that we were frank.
It is necessary me very difficultly without you here. I want to be near to you and recently
It became my main desire.
I wish you good trip to England. You can write to me from there? How you will go to England, by the plane?
Yes, I always lived in Kozmodemyansk.
But there was one exception when I studied at the Kazan university of 5 years. Sometimes after study
I and my girlfriends went to walk on city Kazan. This city very big also are beautiful and there there
are many ancient buildings and beautiful places. You can look about this city on the Internet,
I think that you will not stay indifferent to it. Also we went on discos to the days off and was very cheerful. Since then, I not to time was not on a dancing platform. =)
I very much would not like to recollect my parents. Because I till now could not forget their destruction and dreams sometimes dream me about that as they have died.. = (
But all the same, I shall tell to you a little about them. My mum worked in shop in which I now work.
And mine father, worked as the engineer in the big state campaign in city Cheboksari.
This city is not so far from Kozmodemyansk and consequently it could come frequently home.
My heart prompts me, what exactly you that which man
I waited all life and what exactly with you I want to be all life.
Probably I very strongly hurry events.
Excuse me for such frank and direct words. Lovely mine,
I very much want that you have told to me the opinion concerning the words told by me today.
It is very important for me to know., what you think of ours with you attitudes and how you imagine our future?
My lovely, today my girlfriend has advised me for ours with you of dialogue program ICQ.
It is very convenient and simple program in use.
There we can exchange instant messages and also send photos each other. You can easily load this program on their official site.
To me there is not enough our dialogue and consequently I want to communicate with you more.
I hope that you can quickly make this program and we shall begin ours online dialogue within the next few days!
I with the great pleasure shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Yours faithfully and love your lovely and tender Lena
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Peter !
How passes your day? What mood at you? I very much hope that at you all well.
My lovely, I hope that you can quickly make program ICQ. Yes, I already have structure there and I wait when you will make it.
My data in this program - 600447264 (sweety girl).
I very much like to travel, but I not when did not travel to other countries and on far distance. And consequently I had not to fly by the plane.
I heard on the TV much, that planes frequently fall on the ground and many people perish. And consequently
I hope that with you all will be good also you will safely return to Sweden. You can write to me when you will be in England?
Yes, I support contacts to my girlfriends from institute. Many their my girlfriends now live in different cities of my country.
But we are helped by phone and the Internet to keep in contact with each other. Almost all my girlfriends already have families and children.
And I am very glad that they are fine in a life.
At me very good mood now. Because I at last that have read your new letter. I waited for your answer with the big impatience.
My lovely, I think of you and about ours with you attitudes much. My feelings to you everyone become stronger every last day.
My girlfriends began to speak me that I very much have changed lately. They have noticed that I became very cheerful, sociable and in my opinion they see happiness.
I told him that I communicate with you. And consequently they think that I have fallen in love with you. Probably they are right. =))
I too notice that after we have started to communicate I began to be pleased to each new day. I completely agree with my girlfriends,
I also think that our attitudes have opened in me feelings about which I already very much for a long time has overlooked.
And I am very grateful to you for it.
My lovely, today I talked to my girlfriend from work. She very good woman. And I very much for a long time know her.
We have started to be friends from school. My girlfriend told to me, that the sister at its husband communicates with one man which lives in France through the Internet. She spoke me that they already plan to live together and to create family.
Soon they are going to meet in his country. I heard many similar histories and I am very glad that Russian women find men who like and appreciate them.
I was be trusted that sometime we too can to be together and to be happy with you.
I have confidence of that what exactly with you I can to be happy, as there is nobody anothers.
You especial the man and I not when did not meet such as you.
I would like to hear your opinion on my letter. I with huge impatience shall wait for yours I hope a fast reply. =)
I wish you good day and excellent mood!
With tenderness and millions kisses yours Lena
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