Scam Letter(s) from Olga Bausheva to Anthony (USA)

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Letter 1

My dear it is me Margarita,
i am glad to hear from you,thank you for your letter,did you miss me ? :)
it may sounds strange to miss someone you never see before,but i do feel something like that,i suppose it is because we become close,i am lonely here my dear, many people around,but lonely any way,yes,friends are the best what we have and it does help sometimes.
Well,finally i have information from my end and we can make plans now.I want to describe everything in details so you could easy understand the situation.
Every doctor can get 28 days for vacation during the Year.
That means doctor can go on vacation two times for two weeks each.
Or one time for 28 days.
My last vacation was in December the last year, and this Year i have 28 days.I can come to you there for 28 days, that means we will have 4 weeks together,this is the maximum and after that i can be back here and continue work in clinic.
Now lets talk about variants that is possible for us :

1st variant,i can come to you there for one,two,three or four weeks,it depends on how long you are able to spend with me, and come back here to continue working after spending time together.

2nd variant is possible if we will like each other in person the same we like during communication and if we decide to stay together.
That means i wont come back here and we can search for new work for me.
I will bring my international diploma and other papers,drive licence,etc, everything that is necessary for living in your area.
I can work as psychotherapist almost World wide and i am sure we will find work for me.

The 3rd variant is for you to visit me here in my country, but i like 2 variants above more,because if we decide to stay together i am not sure if we can find work for you here and any way we will need to live in your country,not here.So the first two variants save a lot of time for us and by this way i think they are better.By the way you can come for a visit any time you want.

I have talked to my boss about the dates i can go on vacation and she has told to me that it is possible from the nearly the end of next week, around November 27 (Friday).
She is good lady and she has told to me that i can book tickets first, and after i have the date of departure,she will collect 28 days after i leave here.There are many flights and the prices are various, it depends on airline and connecting flights also, i will be getting the tickets with open return date.
This is very good way and it means i will have return ticket and i can fly at any date we decide it is right time to come back here.
If we decide it after one,two or four weeks,it will be easy just to call airline and book return ticket,so it is really good idea.
Now about the prices,my trip to you is from 1450 dollars, this price include the travel paper's price and round tickets by plane with opened date.
I have about 600 dollars saved and 850 is what keep us a part.
My friends are ready to borrow me about 100 and 750 dollars is your share my dear.
I need about 750 dollars your support and you should get it here soon, better to say as soon as possible because we need to pay for tickets now.
I have been told that the fastest and safest we can do it by "Western Union" you will need to visit their site and find the office near your home,than you can go there and transfer funds.
Also you can check this service : and it may be cheaper to use.
This is the necessary information for funds transfer when you go to their office : Country : Moldova,City : Ungheni,my full name is Margarita Ivanova.
They will provide you with 10 digit reference # and you should send it here by email.
I will give you my flight information as soon as i pay for it and have by myself.
If i go to you there,i should take vacation and go now,because there wont be any chance this year for other dates because there is a plan for co-workers that they make already,i did not plan to go on vacation before i met you, but as you see now we decide to meet and it is the right time.
I think that i will go to see my mom on weekend to say good buy and to see the relatives also.They have prepared some gifts and i will bring it with me.
Also please tell me what time it is better to pick me up at the airport and what kind of clothes should i wear after i leave the plane,what do ladies wear now ? here is nearly Winter season and i wear jacket and jeans.
Well,i need to go to work now and i will come here soon :)

I am going to attach some pictures for you, my favorite color is yellow :)

With hugs and hot kisses
Yours Margarita



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