Scam Letter(s) from Lucy Jones to Spencer (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my darling master,

Firstly,let me apologise for what I have dragged you into but the fact is even me didn't know it will come to this, I am sincerely sorry for failing you.
This is the exact time I should be on plane but it is very unfortunate for us that it happened this way..I will really want you to know that I am for real will always reinstate my ????? and my intention of serving you totally till the end of my life. But the fact is I hate what you did and said yesterday by trying to put it to me like I am scamming you all these while and perhaps that I should send back your money,it really hurt me so badly and I don't think you can ever repair the damage that has caused me.
I am so disappointed in you ...try and let us find what we can do so as to make this happen,I want you to know that this is the last time you will be sending me any money,no more sending of money infact if you will be sending it,you have to send it directly to uncle and not me.please let us do this for the last time.I am sorry for all that has happened from my part.
Slave Lucy

Letter 2


Reference to the mail you sent 15:23:29 AM. O yes ,this is Eggotravels Nig LTD, an indigenous traveling agency helping to promote the the migration both nationally and internationally,we would like to know how you get to know about us as we can assure you that we are a team that people's impossibilities a possible one.

Miss Lucy Jones is supposed to be with you by now has she had already been cleared to fly down to San Jose Costa Rica,we are unaware of anything what so ever that is going on,our same subsidiary insurance company was the one that processed all her needed documents to fly.

The certificate of incorporation and business license has been attached for a better assurance of us.

Mail Crew,

Eggotravels Nig LTD

Letter 3

This is the overview of the flight times

Departure time : 22:45

Arrival Time : 21:25 @ San Jose Costa Rica

Hope to call on us again

Mail Crew

Eggotravels Nig Ltd.

Letter 4

Hello spendal,

Just got home now,will send you a receipt as soon as I receive the money.

Lucy's uncle

Letter 5

Welcome to our 24hrs mail service system,got your e-mail and we can assure you that everything is under control here in Ibadan even as there is tension everywhere in the country over the fourthcoming election,we assure you of your safety.

We serve all mankinds,
Law Enforcement Section



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