Scam Letter(s) from Olga Bausheva to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

hello,its the lady that send you message on yahoo personals before and now i see your response in my email...Well,first of all i am not from United States and even never been there,do not get me wrong but yahoo is not popular here and it gave me no chance to put the right location,i am from Moldova, the name of city i live is Chisinau.
Have you ever correspond with lady from an other country ?
because it is something different than to talk to someone in your city :) are you agree with me ? coz there could be many surprises,pleasure and un pleasure for both who start correspond like that.Do you really need it ?
Please stop to think above,it is not the easy way.
Well,i just do not want to make you bother talking a lot,i am not sure if that is really you are looking for,but i know what i want for my self,sure,.so i am looking abroad,in US..
do you travel ? where have you been if so ? I do travel.
if you are healthy and open for relations,but not for virtual sex,nude chat,and other nasty things,belive me i just do not have any time and i am not about it at all, because few men asked to send them my nude picture and i am little bit scary now, i hope you can understand how i feel :)
i am not scary that someone want to see nude pictures, it is normal interest,but just why do they looking on dating site ?
if there are a lot of porno sites and many ladies ready to help :)
my name is Olga,i am 28 years old,5'7 tall, 120 lbs weigh,extremely beautiful with sense of humor, no kids,just recently divorce last year.
My ex cheated on me with some chicks,sad story, may be the main problem was alcohol,but it is not important for me any more-because he never tried to take off.
I have no bad habits i mean smoking or drinking too much.
I work as psychotherapist for 5 years in private clinic, my birthday is 12 of October.when is your birthday ?
what is your favorite season ?
send me some pics if you have,i wish to look.
i have a picture to attach, it is from my last vacation.
what do you do for living ?
are you single with your heart now ?
sure ? please only the truth, i promise the same from my end

Let me know if you feel it could be destiny, if you are not interested, i wish you the best of luck

best regards and warm hello


Letter 2

Hello there,its Olga.i am glad to get your response,i thought will you answer or ignore and now i see your note here.
How are you doing there ?
I am fine,have finished my work for today and have no special plans for the evening, what about you ?
Sometimes i have to work during weekends also.
About our age difference,does it make you bother or do you have any problems in relations with young woman i mean younger than you ?
I hope not,i think that for man it is normal when there is an age difference because i belive the man should be more clever and have more experience and should teach lady all the time.I have no problem and i do not see any barrier to date the man who is older than me.
I can say that most of young man do not know how to treat lady and think about themselves the most of all.
But every lady like when man take care,are you agree ?
Do you like to take care of lady ? I mean to treat lady as your best friend and not as only sexual partner, but any way the harmony in relations is impossible without harmony in sexual relations,do you think so ?
I do know how to treat man and how to make him feel special and i have experience being married,not only words.
Now my aim is not just to marry-i have went throw this already.
As you know every woman wish to marry and could be blind, and people make a lot of mistakes when they are young, and we have to pay for our mistakes later,i have paid by my nervous and health.
Any way nothing has been changed inside of my heart and it is able to love and i am ready for true love, i never loose hope and i belive there are a lot honest man in this World.
I do belive in Destiny and i know it has something for me also, so i look on things around me and i put attention on what is going on.
Do you belive in Destiny ? I have one picture to send now and i will send some with the next letter,i write from Internet cafe because my ex took the computer and car after divorce.
I lost my dad in auto accident when i was 20 and i have only mommy and cousins,they live not far from Chisinau and sometimes we get for a meeting but not too much often because every one is busy.
I have few girlfriends here also and i proud of them.
Do you drive ? i have licence but no car now.
What kind of music do you prefer ? do you like to read ?
what is your favorite kitchen ? i mean kind of food you like the most.
do you cook ? :) Do you have a dream ? something you wish in the close future.I enjoy popular music,Madonna,r&b,house music.
Well,i need to go

take care :)

Yours Olga

Letter 3

My dearest,its me Olga here, now i become one year older and that means i am 29.Am i too old for you now ? :)
I hope no,as you know ladies become more sweet with their age the same as the good wine :)
I wish you were here for my birthday, i do not have many friends and they come to have a party in my apartment,i cooked birthday cake and we just drunk some wine they brought as gift and also very pleasant conversation took a part.
After party at home we did not go out because it was Monday and clubs are closed and today i had to go to work also,so just no opportunity to go out,may be we will go out after getting for a meeting with you someday soon ?
would you like that ? i think it would be very funny, i will try to figure something out from my end,so leave me the phone # you are available at this week and also i need the name of closest airport which is the most comfortable to pick me up ? Three digit name of your airport.(Code)
Will you show me around if i arrive ?
Also let me know if i need the hotel or i can stay with you ?
I prefer to stay with you :) or at least to stay with you at the hotel :)
I will check for prices and if i can take vacation i would, because i am interested to see how do you do there and what is the life look like.Well,i have some pics from my birthday and i have the one wearing new dress,do you like it ?
would you like me to put it when we go out ? :)
Do you like to swim ? I have got some bikini pictures from my last vacation in Cyprus,would you go to the beach some day to lay down under the sun ? :) I like it very much.
I went to the Cyprus the last winter with my ex when he asked to give him the second chance and then i have been hurt again.
So he took bikini pictures i am going to send to you.
I want to be honest with you and i have nothing to hide.
I feel that i can trust you,is that right feeling ?
Could you tell me if i am right because it is important to hear this words from you,if that is really so only.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon

P.S what kind of cake do you like the most ?

With kisses
Yours Olga

Letter 4

My dearest Michael,it is me Olga here.
How are you doing this weekend ?
I am very happy to call you by phone !
and now i can feel your more closer than before, sorry for connection we are very far and it was not excellent, when you whisper to me in person at night, will connection be better ?:)
I am fine,have been trying to figure out about vacation and i think i can fly this month but not sure what dates because i need to talk to my boss and she will be at work tomorrow and we decide about what is the dates actually i can have rest.
We were looking for tickets with travel agent but have not find any thing good yet-sometimes the price is too high, sometimes too many steps and she also need to know the dates so i will let you know as soon as i have any information about it.
Are you excited my dear ? I am very excited and i would like to come and see how does the life look like there and if we do fall in love in person and we will be couple able the same in writings i do not see any barrier for our possible future together,do you ?
If you can get vacation and come here,i want you to know that my door is always opened for you and there is the place in my heart for you also,so let me know what date is it possible for you to come here ?
The name of international airport in Moldova is (KIV).
That means when you go to travel agent,ask to choose your last destination as (KIV) and there will be different flights with different connections and you need to choose the shortest one.But non-stop flights are impossible and there will be connections any way.So if you decide to come here, just let me know when and what time and i will be waiting for you at the airport and than i will get you in my apartment and you can stay with me as long as you want and i will be trying to make your vacation here the most pleasure vacation of your life,we have beautiful nature here and we go out and visit some places around, certainly i would to introduce you to my family and friends.
They are very interested in meeting you in person, because they do see some changes in my mood for better and they do know the reason of this changes :) You are the reason to smile more often and my days are more positive now and i would like us to enjoy each others company, what would you show me there if i come ?
I have a lot of work these days and i am really very tired and vacation is what do i dream about,to spend it with you would be very interested for me because i never met someone to date outside of Moldova and have been single here for long time by now.I am healthy lady and i need to have man in my life that is able to take care of me and to share my private world with.The sexual relations are very important for me and i would like to discuss it in person more than in writings and i would like to do it more than discuss,i hope you can understand me :)
I belive that the main is the connection in hearts and after that all other things,but simply without good sexual contact the True love is not easy kept for people,do you agree with me my dear ? I can only imagine our first date and how do you see our meeting at the airport ? do you have any ideas about how could it be ? Well,i am going home now and i need to do some shopping,could you tell me how do people drive in your area,is it right or left way movement ? we have right way movement here and i have international driver license and i can drive well,but my ex took the car after divorce and i have no chance to drive from that moment.
I have some pictures to send to you there and i will be getting more with the next letter,they are from my vacation i took first week in December last year and we go there with my ex.After divorce he has told to me that he took of drinking alcohol and that he want me to come back and that he love me with all his heart.I was not going to do it but as you know that the hope is alive some times and i gave him the last chance and we went for holiday together,but when we come home he get drunk with his friends and go to sauna with prostitutes again and it hurt me so deep.
Now i belive that if someone ask you for the second chance you should be very careful,there is no any chances for him from that time any more.
Have you ever thought someone could ask you for second chance and make you down again ? It made me more strong and gave some experience and now i know what should not do any more,i just want to be honest with you because it is very important for me when you can share you private world.I wont tell you about my ex any more,sorry if i make you bother reading this, but he did took the pictures i am going to send to you, the last name Postovan i got after marriage, but i have return my maiden name,i do not want my ex something left for me,it always remind, when you write or tell it.
What about your country,when people getting married, does the bridge receive husband's last name ?

Ok my dear i go home now and come here the day after tomorrow,hope full with travel news, my favorite taste of cake is chocolate, i cooked chocolate cake for my birthday

With deep kiss and warm hug


Please do not let me down because my heart is not strong enough if it happens again, if you do feel something wrong between us, do not let it to go far
what is your favorite color ?


Letter 5

My dear it is me Olga, i am glad to hear from you,thank you for your letter,did you miss me ? :)
it may sounds strange to miss someone you never see before,but i do feel something like that,i suppose it is because we become close,i am lonely here my dear, many people around,but lonely any way,yes,friends are the best what we have and it does help sometimes.
My maiden name is Olga Bausheva,this is how in my passport, Postovan is i use only for my home address,it is easy for mail because the apartment was registered to my ex.
Well,finally i have information from my end and we can make plans now.I want to describe everything in details so you could easy understand the situation.
Every doctor can get 28 days for vacation during the Year.
That means doctor can go on vacation two times for two weeks each.
Or one time for 28 days.
My last vacation was in December the last year, and this Year i have 28 days.I can come to you there for 28 days, that means we will have 4 weeks together,this is the maximum and after that i can be back here and continue work in clinic.
Now lets talk about variants that is possible for us :

1st variant,i can come to you there for one,two,three or four weeks,it depends on how long you are able to spend with me, and come back here to continue working after spending time together.

2nd variant is possible if we will like each other in person the same we like during communication and if we decide to stay together.
That means i wont come back here and we can search for new work for me.
I will bring my international diploma and other papers,drive licence,etc, everything that is necessary for living in your area.
I can work as psychotherapist almost World wide and i am sure we will find work for me.

The 3rd variant is for you to visit me here in Moldova, but i like 2 variants above more,because if we decide to stay together i am not sure if we can find work for you here and any way we will need to live in your country,not here.So the first two variants save a lot of time for us and by this way i think they are better.By the way you can come for a visit any time you want.

I have talked to my boss about the dates i can go on vacation and she has told to me that it is possible for me,from the end of next week, around Friday (30 this Month) after the Psychotherapists meeting finish.
Now about the meeting,i want you to know what is going on.
The day after tomorrow boss sends me to International Psychotherapists meeting in Mykolaiv,Ukraine.It will not be short,it finish by the next Friday,there are will be doctors from Ukraine, Moldova,Latvia and Russia,we will discuss the Down Syndrome.
We were looking for tickets with my travel agent here, flying out from Kiev,Ukraine,the name of airport there is (KBP-Borispol Intl.) and the price is the less than if i fly from here (KIV,Chisinau).When i come to Ukraine i will check with flights and i think i will be flying out to you from there as soon as meeting finish,it will be next Friday.I have my mom's cousin who live in Kiev and he will provide with help if necessary.
If i fly out on Friday,are you ok with that ?
i mean not this Friday,but the next,October 30.
if you want me to come for a visit,i should do it next week, because there wont be any chance this year for other dates, there is a plan for co-workers that they make already,i did not plan to go on vacation before i met you, but as you see now we decide to meet and it is the right time.
I think that i will go to see my mom tomorrow to say good buy and to see the relatives also.They have prepared some gifts and i will bring it with me.
Also please tell me what time it is better to pick me up at the airport and what kind of clothes should i wear after i leave the plane,what do ladies wear now ? here is the Autumn season and i wear jacket and jeans.
Well,i need to go to work now and i will come here before i get train to Mykolaiv,we will stay there in the hotel.

I am going to attach some pictures for you, my favorite color is yellow :)

With hugs and hot kisses
Yours Olga

Letter 6

My dearest,it is me Olga, so how are you doing ?
did you miss my letter these days because i miss your writings very much.
I am going to Ukraine for the meeting in two hours and i will write to you as soon as i arrive there on Sunday.
I had wonderful time visiting mom and we spend many hours drinking tea on the kitchen and talking about different things,sometimes you know,it is not important to talk about something,just talking because of talking :) every one understand what is it and it bring a lot of pleasure sometimes,when you spend time with closest people.My mom has told to me how did they found each other with my dad and i was very shocked and surprised the same time.She told to me that they met each other throw news paper and this is something the dating site look like now.My father has put info about himself in news paper and than mom read it and decided to write to him and after they have met.Not so far away from each other-the same city :) Not big,very small and they did not know why not met before,because the city was really small :)
And they live very happy but father got into car accident about 9 years ago and it was big loss for our family because he did care about every one a lot.My mom has boyfriend now and they do live together but i do not call him papa,just by his own name.
He is very good man and he has lost his wife 7 years ago and i think that they got some connection by this hard situation and together they are doing really fine now.My relatives prepared some gifts for you and i have brought it here now and it will be very important to give it in your hands as soon as i arrive to you there.My nephew Grisha is young painter and he tried to draw how the winter look like here so i could show you,but now is Autumn and he go out of house to draw,because as he has told to me it is necessary to stay in cold so the picture look like very natural,he is very funny bow.
Also i met some school mates,do you ever see yours ?
Mine are not so fresh and young as before,everyone is married or divorce already and sometimes it is very fun to remind something from the past.Yes,we have nothing to share besides of this memories but it could be very fun and brings a lot of positive.
My family do wish you come here one day for a visit and i have told to them that this will happened one day and we will have very good time together.They have many old pictures and different stories to tell to you :) I go to be with thoughts about you, i see you in my dreams at night and weak up in the morning with beautiful feeling in my heart,i am very glad to you for that and for the way you are,thank you my dear.I want our hearts to have something mutual that come to people's hearts when they are getting together,this what everyone is looking for, that is so difficult to find and so easy to loose, i hope that we will never loose because it was very long way and the pray to God will help to over come all these miles between us.

I have one picture for you, we will have snow the next month here in Moldova brrrrrr :)

i will write to you as soon as i come to Mikolaiv and will have an opportunity with Internet

With hugs and hot kisses
Yours Olga

Letter 7

Dearest,i want to send to you more
pictures now,because i will not have it
when i come to Mikolaiv

With hugs and hottest kisses
Yours Olga

Letter 8

My dearest,it is me Olga here.
how are you doing there ?
We arrive at Mikolaev,Ukraine in the morning with my co-worker,after train we took taxi and it get us to the hotel,it is not so big,but nice and comfortable.
Mikolaiv is not big city also and i think the population is the less than 1 million,i am sure about it,people are friendly in whole and the weather is nice.
It was easy to find Internet cafe so i think we wont have any problems with connection while i am here.
We had a breakfast in the restaurant and then i went to tourist agency to find out about flights to you there, i can fly out from Kiev(KBP).
There are many flights and the prices are various, it depends on airline and connecting flights also, i will be getting the tickets with open return date.
This is very good way and it means i will have return ticket and i can fly at any date we decide it is right time to come back here.
If we decide it after one,two or four weeks,it will be easy just to call airline and book return ticket,so it is really good idea.
Now about the prices,my trip to you is from 1450 dollars, this price include round tickets by plane with opened date.
About papers necessary for travel to you there : i have everything ready in order also i took my drive licence,international diploma,and all important documents i have.
I have about 600 dollars saved and 850 is what keep us a part.
My co-worker is ready to borrow me about 100 and 750 dollars is your share my dear.
I need about 750 dollars your support and you should get it here soon, better to say as soon as possible because we need to pay for tickets now.
I have been told that the fastest and safest we can do it by "Western Union" you will need to visit their site and find the office near your home,than you can go there and transfer funds.
Also you can check this service : and it may be cheaper to use.
This is the necessary information for funds transfer when you go to their office : Country : Ukraine,City : Mikolaiv,my full maiden name is Olga Bausheva.
They will provide you with 10 digit reference # and you should send it here by email.
I will give you my flight information as soon as i pay for it and have by myself.
I will be flying out on Friday.Well,this is the information for you dear and this is what do we need to do now.
I will come here again soon,the meeting starts tomorrow and i will need to read something and to repeat, i am little bit tired after train also,

I have no pictures here but i will ask to scan picture of my passport and visa and send to you with this letter :)

you can send more pictures also, i can receive it here in my inbox same in Moldova

With hottest kisses and hugs
Yours Olga



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