Scam letter(s) from Anna Belova to Kerry (USA)

Letter 1
I have seen your profile on the dating site and I like you your profile and what you are looking in this world. I would like learn about you more and I would interest in our conversation. If you wish learn about me you can write on my personal email
I would glad to answer you and would send my pictures.
I hope you would like me and my pictures.
Letter 2
Kerry, my love. To me it is very bad now. I do not know as you it is all to tell. I will well speak to you from the very beginning.
Today I have woken up in good mood, I have gone to embassy I have received the visa and have passed the interview. Has passed interview, I was very happy I thought that that I will in your embraces already very soon. I have gone to the airport, and there I was waited by bad news. Kerry, me it is very bad, I choke with mental anguish. I would not represent that was if I have come to the airport tomorrow.
When I would go what to take my tickets. The girl which works there would tell to me for this purpose that tomorrow I could take off to you, it is necessary for me, in the consent with my visa I should have enough of money what to live in your country. I have been very surprised, not who earlier about it did not speak to me. Kerry, I could not think at all that that there can be such rule. I the truth did not know about it!!!!! To me have told that that have entered this rule because of that that some people leave there and start so to steal, the vagabond and to be engaged in prostitution because at them not money for a life. I explained to them that I will live at you that we love each other that I will live at you and me what money will be necessary, but to me has told that that a rule exist for all and it do what exceptions. I begged them, I explained them that that we with you should be together, but they do not listen to me and speak me only one that that rules exist for all. Kerry, I do not know that to us to do, I very much wish to be with you. I want to you, I wish you to see, embrace to kiss. To tell to you that that I strongly I love you. To me so it is bad Kerry!!! I am upset. I do not understand our country, such rules what for are necessary. Kerry, I very much love you, you are necessary to me only and your love. I cannot live without you.
Kerry, I all life waited for you and here before us there was this barrier. To me so it is bad, my eyes fill in bitter tears. Kerry, almost me that that I so have strongly brought you! But I knew that about it. My heart is broken off on a part from a pain, I cannot live without yours love. I want to you my sun. Kerry, you have shined my life, you have made me happy. Only with you I have learnt that such the present love!!!!! Kerry, you that for whom I waited all life.
I adore you my charm. I very much do not have your support now. I do not have not enough you now as air. About as I would want that you have simply embraced me. To me it is very heavy and terrible here in the big city, I feel helpless. Kerry, I did not think that that I should be informed you such bad news. I thought that that all behind and before us there are no not what barriers more. Kerry, that seems to me that I deliver you many problems, it is very heavy to me to realise it. I feel myself very guilty to you. Kerry. To me it is very bad, I cry at this time and me so painfully that that it not happiness and pleasure tears, and tear of bitterness and the big error. I do not know that to us to do Kerry!!!! The size of the sum which should be together with my visa of 3200 dollars, and still necessary 80 dollars for registration of papers. 3280 dollars would be necessary that I could be with you. My love I do not know where to me to take such money. All that at me remains it 184 dollars. I do not understand our country. What for such rules!!!!! I explained them that that with me not that does not happen, but they speak that that rules would exist that them to carry out, instead of to stand and not to persuade them! They have told that that from it not that does not leave. And that what to stand to persuade them what to avoid these rules, simply waste of time. Kerry, I thought that that all is passed wonderfully, but now I have a problem, I do not know as me it to solve. I very much very much wish to be only with you. I all would give what to be with you. Not that it is not a pity to me for the sake of our happiness. Kerry. Only together we will be happy. I have got tired to suffer I wish to be happy and to do you happy. I have got tired to live suffering. Kerry, I love you my sun!!!! Kerry, I understand you that that to you very difficult to help me there more for such short time. But as soon as I will arrive to you I at once I will give you this money. I need to show only their presence and to prove them that that I can live in your country. Otherwise I cannot be onboard the plane and I cannot take off to you my sun. Whether I any more do not know we can be in time, but I can not go today at all to hotel, and remain to spend the night at the airport what to save money. I am in full confusion!!! If you can that help us. I very much wish to be only with you, I wish to be with you for ever. I wish to become your wife and to be always with you nearby. But I do not know that to us to do. Kerry, I do not know where here Western Union in Moscow, but I will search for it. As soon as I will find it I I will write to you my darling Kerry I want to you Kerry, my love. That is very a pity to me that so it has turned out. It is very a shame to me before you Kerry! I hope that that you will have time to receive my letter. Kerry, I very much worry, I hope that that you can help us my love. At me all body shivers, I write you this letter shivering hands, my heart is covered with blood. To me it is very sick, Kerry that I deliver you so much problems. Kerry, I love, I love you I wish to speak you it eternally!!! Kerry, forgive me my love!!!! I very strongly wish to be with you!!!! I would want that we were happy.
My darling Kerry I swear to you the love that more me not that cannot stop and I will be in your embraces tomorrow. I have once again checked up all documents and to me have told that I everything is all right only would not have available free money that I could pass the customs control and enter tomorrow into the plane which me will bring to your embraces. My darling Kerry as soon as I will arrive and I will fall in your gentle hands I will transfer your help at once in your hands. I do not need to spend it to me it is necessary to show it only. I wait for your letter in Internet cafe.
I love you my darling Kerry
Your upset love Elena
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