Scam letter(s) from Daria Feyzer to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear friend !!! How is your mood? I am very happy, I have some news.
Today at my work my boss has praised me for my work.
I had long conversation with her and she told me that I work very well and I sighed many contracts for our company.
She told me that she will give me holiday and I shall receive the premium for the well done job.
I was very glad to get this good news. I think that we can get know each other closer.
As you know, if you meet someone you must see, if everything beautiful in a person - face, clothing, spirit and mind.
As for me I judge not by person's appearance.
The most beautiful thing, which I like in man is his spirit, not the face.
I think that if the man has nice spirit, he is the best man in the world.
As for me I have everything but not love that's why I decided to write you.
I hope that everything will be all right.
And what do you think about it? It seems to me that you are a very good and interesting person, and I would like to know you better.
It is my first time when I use the Internet to get acquainted with somebody. However now I want to say you some word about my city.
Chalnov is little city in Russia (Voljsk Oblast'')..
The population is here about 60 000 people.
By the way, my address: Prospect Kostonova St, 64-163, Chalnov (Voljsk Oblast'')
Russian Federation.
Tell me about your city????
Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Take care,
Your Elena.
Letter 2
Hello dear !!!
I have very good news!!!
Today when I have come on my job. The boss has congratulated me.
She promised me to give the premium and she made it, I has received my premium (10000 roubles or about 400 $ US dollars!!!)
also I have received my monthly salary for holidays (22000 roubles or 920 $)!!!
Earlier I never received the premiums...
Since tomorrow's day I shall leave in holiday from my job.
The last year I did not take a vacation and now I can take 30 or 60 days.
Today I had heavy day and has passed all reports and papers to the colleagues.
I am so happy today.. I wait for your congratulations.
May be for your country it not so big money, but believe me for Russia it's the big money.
I yet have not decided what I will do in my holiday, but I will think about it today.
You can give advice about that, what me to do in my holiday???
You have some ideas? May be I will travel to see other countries, other culture.
I never was abroad earlier.
OK, dear I have very good mood and I wish to you good mood also.
Yours good friend from Russia Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my lovely !!!!!
I thought so much how it will be better to spend my holiday.
But I think that it will be better if I spend my holiday going to your country!
I maybe have very good time to see you.
You will show me your country, your culture etc do not you wish?
What do you think about it? I can arrive to your country.
It's better to communicate tete-a-tete then write each other thousands letters!!!
I'm sure. I hope that you do agree with me!!!!
I sometimes imagine our meeting, i'm sure it'll be wonderful!!!
Just imagine:
When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the airport and wait for me.
And then our eyes meet.
We understand that it's great that we meet each other.
Also that we live for thousand miles from each other...
We'd go to have supper with candles.
We will talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy each moment.
there wouldn't be anybody but we were only.
Time would stop for us!!!. It would be very romantic time.
Do you agree? What do you think about it?
i'm looking forward to your e-mail soon, my dear!!!!
Kiss you!!!
Letter 4

Hello my love!!
How are you?
Hope you ok! Why you not answer me?
My love you forget me? I very much hope that you to not forget me!
I to check each day the letter box! But I to not find there your letter!
I shall wait for your answer!
Yours and only yours Elena.
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