Scam Letter(s) from Adara Dim Deng to Dileep (India)

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Letter 1

Good day,
I want to thank you for your reply to my mail although we have not known each other before, i am very happy seeing your reply, how are you doing today, hope your doing good.

I am alright only that life has not been easy for me, more over my name is Miss Adara Dim Deng, i am from Sudan by Nationality, my late parents are Dr. and Mrs Dominic Dim Deng. My father Dr.Dominic Dim Deng was the South Sudan Affairs and defense minister.

My parents were among with other 19 military officials have been killed as result of a plane crash between Wau and Juba, the Sudan in Friday, May 2, 2008, i lost the life of my lovely parents which was the worst thing that has ever happened to me in life.

After the burial of my late parents life becomes so difficult for me as the only child to my parents, my uncle conspired and sold my father's properties to a Chinese Expatriate, left nothing for me to survive with, explaining to me that as tradition demand, as a female issue i don't have any right to my father's properties, i tried to fight for my right which he treating to kill me, that is the reason i find my way and run away from my country, i am residing in Senegal under the International federation of Red Cross Society. although life is not easy here.

I am sorry to boarder you with my problems, i know that were ever my parents are at this moment they will not be happy on what i am passing through in life, i want you to accept my company because talking with you will makes me forget the past and carry on with my life, i want to know more of you, i am always serious with my studies.

I like cooking which is a function of a woman, i sent you my picture and i hope you will love it, i took it when i was in my country.
I thank you and only God will bless you, please my dear i am expecting to hear from you soon by telling me more about your self.
Yours in heart Miss Adara.



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