Scam letter(s) from Julia to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My New friend!!!
How are you?
My name is Yulya. To me of 29 years. I was born 14 august 1981.
Today I have come in Internet-cafe to find for myself the real person.
For me it is mine the first acquaintance on the Internet. I have addressed to the operator in Internet-cafe that it has shown me a site where I could get acquainted. I have found yours email the address on a site of acquaintances
Still I would like to explain you the reason why I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet.
It because I have been disappointed in men from Russia.
And I think that I will find the special person from other country.
Which will understand me as the woman instead of as a thing from which it is possible to address as you want.
I wish to have real love that we approached each other.
I wanted that in which that man I wish to meet there were such lines:
Honesty, goodwill, openness, trustfulness, sincerity, fair.
I think that this all the basic lines which should be concluded in the man.
The most important thing that should be at two loving each other people this trust and love.
If it is that I think that that cannot separate two enamoured people.
That I always could rely on favourite in difficult minute and that I could help it when to it it will be heavy.
A little more on itself. I the independent woman. Has always got used to achieve all, not addressing to whose or the help.
Lonely, no children I have. Married when was not.
At present I try to find the person special for.
I have written to you because you to me have seemed to the interesting.
And I have decided to get acquainted with you. I hope that our acquaintance to proceed,
As it is very interesting to me to learn about you more.
I will wait from you for the letter. You can write to me on my personal address:
With the best regards your new girlfriend Yulya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend ,
How are you today? I hope that everything is well. I am very glad that you answered my mail.
I wished to tell about myself little bit more.. I want to tell to you about my childhood. I was born in city called Samara.
I went to school when I was 7 years. It were the most perfect years in my life.
I lived together with the parents, They loved me very much.
My childhood passed in the Soviet union, it was not good time, but my parents tried me very well. When I finished school there was a misfortune with my mum. She was ill with dengerous desese. She was dieing during one year, it was very difficult time for me. My mum was the most dear person for me. And so later we began to leave with the daddy. I very much suffered, but my daddy always found words to calm me. Hewas a very good man I love him very much. When I have finished school I entered the medical institute, because of my mother's death I decided that I should help people. The institute is in city, named Vladimir. So for the first time I began to care of myself. I studied and worked. My daddy certainly sent money that I could feed myself, But I wanted to achieve all in this life by myself and consequently I still worked on evenings as the waiter. After graduating the institute I stayed in Vladimir, I began to work as the doctor in the car of the first aid. To me very much to like my work, very much to like me to help people, to save it a life, for me my wages have no value, The most important thing for me is gratitude from people which I has helped.
I think that all that I wanted to tell about myself I have told and of course if you wish will tell you more. If you have any questions, please ask. I shall answer. I also want youto tell me anything about yourself!!!
I as will be glad to see your photos.
I finish the letter and I shall look forward of hearing from you!
Your friend Yulya.
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!!
How are you doing today?
Today I have come to cafe Internet to check up mail, but from you there was no letter.
To me was so sadly. You have forgotten about me?
I so strongly wish to continue to communicate with you.
Write to me that you of business in these days off. I will look forward from you the letter.
Yours and only yours Yulya.
Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!
I am so glad to receive the letter from you. How do you feel yourself? I hope that everything well.
I trust in love on distance. And you?
I would like to continue the story about myself and about that I would like to find what person. Most of all, in the people, I appreciate sincerity and trusting to each other. I consider that the relation between people can not be without trusting to each other. If the person loves, he or she should trust to his favourite man in everything. I search for serious relations, I think that the man should To concern the woman with love and respect. As well the woman should love and respect the man who will with her. I think, that love is very important feeling in the relations, if you love the man who is close to you, you will with this man forever, you will not leave this man in difficult situation. Tell that you think of it? You agree with me? I hope what yes.
In free time I love to visit a pool, I love to swim. Also I love to visit cinemas. I like melodrams and adventure films.
Still I wished to tell to you a little about my study at institute. I studied in Vladimir in medical institute, I liked study there, I studied very well and then I have understood that it is really my future work.
We were frequently sent in hospitals during our practice and there we helped the doctors with their work. Our dean is simply saying, that the practice is better than any theory. I have finished institute four years ago and at once have gone to work. My knowledge which I has received helps me at work. I love my work and I am glad that I have chosen this sphere. Still I would like to find out what was your childhood? What professiaon have you chosen? Whether do you like your work? You can tell me any history from your childhood, can't you?
I shall be glad to see your next letter. Also I hope to see the answers to my questions.
Your russian friend Yulya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!!
I am so glad to see your letter. How are you?
As I already told you, I like my work. I wish to tell to you a case which has occurred when I was on work. Once when we were going by car and we saw a failure. We thought that in this failure there will be many injureds, but when we have approached that place of failure it appeared, that the medical aid is necessary only to driver of one car.
He was lucky that our car waspassing beside. We could rescue his life.
And now he uses to send floweres and card to me and my colleges each year, That day he considers as the second day of his birthday. And me to become very well when people thank me for my work.
Today I have got a very good mood, today my girlfriend caleed me. We studied together. After graduating from the institute she was married and has left other city. We did not see her four years, I so have become bored of her, she was my best girlfriend. And today she called me and we had a long talk by phone. She told me that they live with her husband and they have two children. I was so glad for her. And I have understood that she is happy . She asked me, whether I have found the favourite person. And I told her about you. I have told, that I began to communicate with the interesting man via Internet. She told me that she is happy for me too and has wished us good luck.
Dear, I should finish the letter. I need to go on work.
Tomorrow I hope to see your following letter.
Your Yulya.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest Shawn!!!
How are you today? I hope that everything is welll!
Excuse that long did not write to you. I was ill.
I was so glad to receive your letter. I like to receive the letters from you. I am interested in you. And it seems to me that we understand each other from a half-word.
I wished to tell to you about that that I love most of all. I like to cook, My father tought me to cook. He cooks in one of the best cafes in Samara.He tought me to cook different dishes, but most of all I like to prepare Russian dishes. Have you ever tried Russian kitchen? If yes, I think that you liked you. The most favourite dish which I love to cook, it is Borsh. when my girlfriends visit me, they always ask me to treat them with Borsh, they tell that they have never tried such Borsh never in life and constantly praise me for it. Have you evere tried this dish? I used to liked a soup which my father prepared himself, in childhood it was my favourite dish. My daddy prepared this soup only on holidays, per usual days the daddy was very much engaged in work and consequently the meal was prepared by my mum. I would like to find out your favourite dishes? You prefer what kitchen? As for me I love to compose verses about love, this is one of my previous poems.
I not so well know English language and consequently I have probably translated this poem not correctly, but I hope that you will understand it. I will be in your eyes - May I?
To be in your eyes is to be happy!
I will came and shall tell you Hi!
I love you very much - Is it difficultly?
Is not simply it is not difficultly, -Is is difficult?
It is very difficult to love - Do you trust me?
I will come to breakage
I shall fall - Will you be able to be in time to catch me?
Well, and if I shall leave - Will you write me?
Only to be without you is difficult!
I want to be with you - Do you hear me?
Neither minute, nor the month, and to be forever
Very long, all our life - Do you understand?
Means together always - Do you want?
I am afraid of your answeres - Do you know?
Answer me, but only with your eyes.
Answer me with your eyes - Do you love?
If yes, I will promise you,
That there is happiness.
If not, I will implore you
Do not pull behind itself.....,
But you will simply remember me...
I shall love you - Is it possible?
Even if it is impossible... I shall be!
And always I shall help you,
If it will be difficult gor you! Dear, I hope that you liked this poem? Tell to me for me it very important. These poem I wrote for myself and nobody knows about it.
You are the first man who has read this poem. As I wanted to find out about your favourite occupations. What do you do? What is your favourite hobby? Here I shall finish the letter and I shall be with impatience to look forward to see you letter.
Your Yulya
Letter 7
Hello my dear Shawn!!!
How are you today? Here is everything well. I am glad to receive the letter from you. You very interesting person. It it to be pleasant to me. You likely the strong.
I have good news. Today I have come for work also has learnt that I can receive holiday today. I was given 45 days. I was so happy. I did not receive holiday three years. I think that first of all I shall visit my father. I think to make him a surprise, I shall not tell that I will arrive. And he will be glad to see me, don't you think? I did not see my father one year. Last time when I saw him it was a holiday. And he did not tell me that he would arrive, and after my work I went home and saw him. I have run up to him and hugged him, you see, it is the dearest man to me. I am afraid to lose him. When I shall come to my father first of all we shall go on a cemetery to my mum, I was not there for a long time and I want to visit that place.
I want to walk by city where were my childhood, I think that it has changed. I want to tell you about that city. Samara is the large city with one million people,where are a lot of parks and squares. This city is very old, it was founded in 1586. The originality and uniquenessof Samara was defined with buildings, erected in different epoch, many of which became monuments of architecture.
As I would like to set to you some questions: Can you tell me about your city?
What is it famous for?
What is the most important values and the purposes in your life? As for me it is children. Can you tell me about your parents?What books and music do you prefer? I like jazz, POP and classical music. I like to read adventure books. What do you search in relations? I search for romantic relations. Now I will go to collect things to visit my father. I shall write to you as soon as I shall arrive to my father. I shall be glad to see your letter also. With love Yulya!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Shawn!!!!
How are you today? I was very glad when I have checked up my mail and has seen your letter.
As soon as I have found a place where there lives the father I has knocked in this apartment butTo me who has not opened. Then I have understood that my father was at work and I have gone to his work. I asked the waiter to call him. When he saw me he was really the happiest man. It was written on his face, and he went to his boss to let him to finish his work earlier. And he let him go. We talked to much with my father and at once went to our mum's cemetery. I cried somuch there. But the father calmed me. And then we walked with him on a city and I have asked him where to be the most nearest Internet cafe. He asked me what's for. I told my father about you that we have correspondence with you. He was glad for me that I have found understanding and kind friend.
My father is waiting for me in the street , I have told him that i will just write a smalll note to you. Now we will go home after all I is very strongly tired after a trip And at me any more does not remain forces. Excuse me for such a short letter. Tomorrow I shall write you more.
Write me the letter. I will look forward.
With love Yulya!!!!
Letter 9
Hello my love Shawn!!!!
Today I have woken up with wonderful mood and weather is also good!!
The remarkable dream in which we has dreamt me with You were together.
And I thought how I can spend some days of my holidays. If you not against that I could arrive to you. You see I never was abroad. I dreamed to visit other countries, but I was afraid to go to the country where I do not know anything. I have some savings and I can arrive to you. What do you think about it? I think that dialogue looking to each other eyes is much better than 10000 letters. After all To communicate in live to the person, it absolutely another, it not as letters. Dear I shall be very glad if you do not give up me and I am sure that this holiday I shall remember for all my life. It seems tome that we shall spend some time together. I would like to make our dialogue longer not only letters. I wish to meet you very much.
Yesterday when I walked across Samara I saw many enamoured pairs and When I looked at them to me it would would be desirable that and with me nearby was The person loving me. I consider that love is this most perfect feeling on this planet. If the man loves, he is capable to be favourite and perfectly. I think that the man who has not tested this feeling, he has lived for nothing. What do you think of it? Dear, I told to my father that I want to go to you, and told me that is not against. Yesterday we talked about you and he has a very good impression about you. He understands that I shall be with the good man, and that you will care of me, and that you will protect me.
I shall be with impatience to look forward of hearing from you.
With love Yulya!!!
Letter 10
Hello my love Shawn!!!!!!!
I think that to me will not make problems to arrive to you. So my friend has told. I do not love big cities.
More to be pleasant to me the nature. I can live on a farm. Today when I went to the Internet - cafe I was nervous, because I did not know what did you write me, but as soon as I have read your message my mood has risen. I was so glad that you have agreed to meet me. I am glad that you want to spend time with me. But I did not write the answer at once, I went to call to my girlfriend. I have told about her earlier.
She lives in Moscow, she agreed to help me, I shall live with her before that time when my documents will be ready. She told me that we can meet tomorrow. As soon as I have talked to her, I went to buy the ticket to Moscow. And tomorrow I shall write to you from Moscow. Dear, today I thought of you very much. From the first letter from you, I have understood that you are the special man for me. I do not doubt any more that I want to be close to you. I am grateful to the god that I have met you. I thought that acquaintance via the Internet is not seriously, but I was mistaken in it. Yesterday before my dream I laid in a bed and represented our meeting. I imagined that you meet me from the plane with a bouquet of flowers, I come to you and embrace you.
And in the evening we shall sit together and we will have supper with candles and we shall talk to you. And I hope that it will happen soon.
And everything was the dream. I wish to have come truth. I should put things together to go to Moscow, this trip will take all night, but I know when I shall come there I will go to the Internet - cafe and I shall see your letter. I shall write to you as soon as I shall arrive there. And I shall be with impatience to wait for the letter from you.
With love Yulya!!!
Letter 11
Hello my love Shawn!!!
For me the age does not play a role.
Understand that in Russia it normally that when there is an age difference.
Some people meet and marry and they have an age difference 15 and even 25 years.
I think that it even well, you more skilled man.
In Russia it is a lot of swindlers and skinheads. I am afraid for you.
I think it bad idea to arrive to me. Unless you did not see the latest news from Moscow. This week there were big fights 1000 on 1000 between nazis(Racists) and Caucasians. I just arrived to Moscow and my girlfriend met me at railway station.
We did not see each other for a long time. First of all we went to her house to leave things. As I have got acquainted with her husband and children,her husband has appeared as a very hospitable and sociable man, as I have got acquainted with their children, a boy and a girl, children as you know the flowers of life. Then she decided to show me city. Moscow one of the most largest cities in the world and one of most beautiful. When we went for a walk with her, we came into travel agency and have found out what documents are required for visiting you. I was told that I will have the medical insurance, foreign passport and visa. I was told that I shall require the information from you, it is: Your full name, your full address (country, city, address of your residing, and postal code) '
The international airport, close to you. I was told that the preparation of the documents will not take a lot of time. Tomorrow I will go to get a medical commission also shall receive medical insurance. I was told that tomorrow I can receive the foreign passport too. After visiting travel agency we have visited the Red Squar, I like it very much.
Dear, I am strongly tired after such day. And I shall finish this letter. I shall write to you tomorrow after I getting the medical insurance, and foreign passport.
Yours and only yours Yulya.
Letter 12
Hello my love Shawn!!!
How are you today?
I was very glad to see the letter from you. Today in morning I went to get medical insuriance and has received the medical insurance, after that I went to receive the foreign passport. Tomorrow I will give the documents to receive the visa. I am very glad that everything will pass successfully. I am very glad, that we shall be together as soon as pocible, I wait for our meeting. Each day I dream of how you will meet me at the airport. I hope that soon all my documents will be ready also we at last we can feel each other!!! Today my girlfriend,her children and I went to the park, there we eat hot chocolate.
and we spend our time very cheerful.
Today in evening my girlfriend' family And I shall go to" the Bolshoj theatre ", it is one of the most famous theatres in the World. We shall look ballet "Shelkunchik" this ballet also is known in all World. Have you ever see it? Did you like it?
My dear, after ballet I think to go to some shops to buy you something.
I think that it will be very nice gift, and from all my soul! I hope that it will pleasant for you and always having seen on it you will remember me... I always love to receive gifts and for me is not important from whom they are the girlfriend, father, colleagues, the most important that they are sincere!!!!! I think that this most important feeling in our life.Dear it is pity my time in Internet - cafe approaches to the end and I should go. I shall write to you tomorrow and I hope to receive the answer from you.
1001 KISSES FOR YOU!!!!!!! Yours Yulya!
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