Scam letter(s) from Marina Chekisheva to John (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hey, hello! i tryed to put my photo on firstdate, but without success, so i'll send your my photo, which I tried to place there
Nan i ask a question??
Why you search girl here?
How old are you?
I would like to get acquainted with you. Nan i make it?
So my email:
i am attractive lady :)
and I would like to send you more photo
When get your response to my box.
I have remove my profile on firstdate, so I'll wait for your letter in my e-mail address.
Let me know how you're doing...
Your new friend Marina
Letter 2
Hello my friend John!
How are your today?
I waited your letter very much! Unfortunately I could not answer you at once as I was ill and laid at home with temperature. Please forgive me.
Today at me good mood and after yours letter it became even better!)))
To read your letters - great pleasure for me! It is very interesting to me to learn all new about you! I am very glad, that we have found each other! I hope, that we become friends and is possible more. Who knows.) _) _)
I am optimist and on my face always a smile! Me is difficult to find in bad mood. I do not understand people, which always gloomy, angry and malicious. Why? In fact all that happens to us not so badly as it seems. But even I sometimes grief. I am not stone.)) The person cannot live in loneliness long. Many consider, that the person has come to this world to love and be favourite. I think that it really so. People cannot be happy without love. I always wanted, that a line with me was worthy man, which to enjoy in each day with me. Unfortunately I still have not met him, but I sincerely trust, that my dream will be executed.
What new at you? There can be good news or events?
Today I had a big day on work. I have finished arrangement of a garden on a summer residence of one of our clients. All has turned out as we have plan! Very beautifully and I am happy with result. I love my work very much, but except for it at me many other interests.
I am very much romantic person! I often dream and plan!
I very much love music! When I go to the underground for work constantly I listen to my MP3-Player! On time it borrows about a half of hour. I come for work very cheerful and vigorous! When I return home little bit tired, I like to take a bath under sounds Elton John or Sting and other great singers. This music helps me will relax. We often go with friends to cinema. In Moscow many modern cinemas. At us show both russian and foreign films. Many observers speak, that Russian cinema in the near future will do films popular all over the world. Last Russian film, which I looked it "The Book of Masters". It is fantasy. It was pleasant to me very much. I very much like to look comedies, fantasy, adventure and a melodrama. More recently I looked "The Wife of the traveller in time". It is good film about a life and love!
Probably these films leave in foreign film service under other names. Because of distinction in translation and I can be mistaken.).
My favorite actors - Alik Bolduin, Tom Hanks, Robert Deniro. You love cinema? I understand, that my English is not ideal, but I try to improve it. It is one language except for Russian, which was possible to study in institute. I can speak English well! I never was abroad and for me great pleasure to have correspondence with you, despite of the big distance dividing us. I spoke you before that at me many friends. But at me only two best girlfriends. It Sofia and Alexandra. We have got acquainted still when studied in institute and many years are unseparable. I am proud, that I have such good girlfriends, because they always help me and support me. My friends my riches. It is such Russian saying. I was surrounded always only with good people. Probably I draw them. I always dreamt to meet the man with kind heart! In which hands I shall feel confidently and is protected. It seems to me, that for the woman the most important to be assured in her man. I most of all appreciate kindness, honesty, bravery, responsiveness and fidelity.
I am opened for new relations and is ready to try something new. I can give all my love to the person in exchange on his care and love. I think it in relations the main understanding, respect and care. I am very glad, that we have found each other and now we have an opportunity to have correspondence! This great pleasure for me to learn all new about you!
Know that I very much wait your new letter and certainly new photos!
Have good day!
Yours friend Marina
Letter 3
Hello my lovely John!
I am happy to see your letter and with the big pleasure for myself I write to you the answer. You know Latin language? You have written very beautiful phrase and I with it completely agree. My darling I am very glad that you want will meet me, I too very much to want it. My surname chekhev. I read your letter and again began to understand, that you unique the man in my life which can understand me and which always can to support in difficult situations. As well as any woman on all light, I dream to have my own family in which will be fair, reliable, careful the man which I shall love and care of him. Also I can tell, that I It is happy, because has met you. Now day to which I have written to you, for me the happiest day in my life. I know, that any relations are under construction on trust and understanding, any relations without these qualities cannot exist in general and them difficultly name relatives. But I think, that between us already there is an understanding and trust, and we that feel that to each other. Personally at me it occurs, and I am very glad to this. I do not know as you my love but at me a condition oppress very much fine from that we write each other. I cannot transfer the condition words completely. But it would be fine to embrace you, to kiss you and to be with you beside and to enjoy it. I all time think of you and I dream of us with you. When I lie down to sleep and when I rise in the morning, and then I too think of you.
That you to me you write. On it I shall finish the letter and I wish you all most best. I shall wait for your answer with the big impatience. I kiss you gently and I embrace. Care of itself my love.
Letter 4

Hi my most gentle and most favourite prince John!!!!
It is difficult to me to transfer words that I feel to you and when I read your gentle and beautiful letters that my heart wishes to jump out of a ******. All this time I think of you and to me I am very sad that now not with you. I think that I am happy the girl in the world as in my life there will be you John. My love I to take tickets and now I only need to wait for my start to you. I very much would like that time has passed as soon as possible and I was with you. When that that very much would be desirable, it seems that time has stopped, but actually time goes and soon we will together. It is necessary to be reserved only by patience and to wait, though it and is difficult for me. To me it is very sad that divides us the big distance, but I know that soon it will change also we will be together. I love you my prince John!!!!
I love you, your princess Marina. KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS in your lips.
Letter 5
Hi my love John!!!!!
I am very upset from for this situation, but I ask you to understand me correctly as in it there is no my fault and I constantly to cry from for it. To our meeting there was not enough time and I very strongly wish be with you my love John. All that now is necessary it only 800$. It is all that now divides us. My darling John you can occupy these 800$? When I will arrive I to you I will return these 1500$ as they will be at me and it is simple formality. For me there is no big difference where there will be you as for me a most important thing it you!!!! My love if I now will start to cancel all that I already have made for a trip to you we will lose many money from for it. I hope that you to understand it. My darling John please help me last time these 800$ as it now the most simple and fast way to be together and when I will arrive to you I at once I will give you this money. I called yesterday to you but could not to you will phone and have left to you the message on an answering machine. You have received my message? My love I will not go through it if I cannot be with you as I very much to grow fond of you. I so strongly dreamt that soon I will with you and to a smog to feel a touch of your hands both your lips and all it falls from for 800$. I very much love you and if that is possible I to come to you on foot, but unfortunately it is not real.
With love yours Marina.
Letter 6
Hi my love John!!!!
I was very glad to receive your letter. My love John I ask to forgive me as today I am very upset from for one case which have occurred yesterday. At my girlfriend which to me should give money in loans there was a tragedy. Its juvenile son was run over by a car also it has told that cannot give money as it now most should occupy on treatment and expensive operation is required to it. I hope that you can understand it.
I went to learn in passport department and me have told that my Russian passport will be made on December, 30th. I have told it that I should depart to other country and I already have tickets for December, 25th. They have told that they can make to me the passport faster, and it is necessary to pay for promptness 100$ and it will be made then on December, 24th. My love John now does not suffice me 250$ and I do not know that to me to do. I hope that you can help me last time with this situation.
To our meeting there was not enough time and I very much hope that you can understand and help me. Now I should go to hospital to the son of my girlfriend as she has asked to stay me with it while my girlfriend will go on doctors and to agree about operation. I love you!
Yours Marina.
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