Scam letter(s) from Olga to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend!
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
And now it - is a little about me.
My name Olga, I live in small city Kozmodemynsk.
To me of 27 years.
My city is in 1000 Kilometers from city of Moscow.
My growth of 168 sm my weight of 54 kg.
I have finished school and then studied at university. I have studied a history and culture of the various countries and For this reason I can speak the English language in English. When I have entered The university, I thought, that my future work will be to me as is desirable, but I have understood it with mine Work I can go only at school, and I do not want it because on such wages which pay on teachers, it is impossible to Alive. Therefore I have left to work to shop.
About my hobby, I very much love red roses because they mean a symbol of love and beauty! I like to go to cinema to listen to music.
I have no any any harmful habits, I do not smoke and never used substances of a drug.
It happens, that I drink easy alcoholic alcoholic drinks, but it only during a holiday and in the company of girlfriends. I was never married, and I have no any any children.
I do not know, why I can not find the loved person.
For this reason I have decided to address in this agency.
I hope, that with the help of this agency to find second half.
If you have any questions connected to me, I with pleasure shall answer them.
I 'll wait your letter.
P.S. Send photos please
Letter 2

Hello my dear!
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
In this letter I'll inform you little bit more about me directly.
I like employment by sports meets. They help to support health and figure which is not unsignificant for any woman.
My hobby is aerobics. I visit employment on aerobics three times in one week.
And you love sports meets? And if you are engaged in sports meets it is what ?
In a free time I usually sit at home, and I read books.
My liked genre the Novels and adventures.
Sometimes I observe TV. I like to look serials and various interesting displays.
In free days usually we with girlfriends go at cinema or simply to go.
There are such days when I very much will tire at work and I do not go somewhere.
If not it when I have free minute, I like to embroider.
To this I was investigated by my mum.
As in me at home not small assembly of musical disks.
I very much like to listen to music and to dance.
I love our Russian executors.
From foreign executors I listen the Madonna.
In her very beautiful songs.
I think, that you interest my character.
I very kind and silent person. I was very difficult for indignation.
In people I love honesty and frankness.
It is not pleasant to me when people inform a lie. Lie it very much not high quality.
I want to inform you that my loved colors pink and yellow.
If not it I very much animal love.
Especially internal. But now in me anyone is not existing.
I want to have a cate home a small kitten.
You love cats? I adore them.
I hope, that now you may know me better.
I to you also have some questions.
You love children?
What you like in the woman? What is the understanding of family?
Whether that it is pleasant to you in people and what - is not pleasant?
What your friendship of the purpose or you search liked, which becomes to you the wife?
I ask you because I search for serious attitudes with the purpose of creation of high-quality family.
What your loved color?
On it I 'll finish the letter.
I 'll look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Olga
Letter 3

Hello my dear!!
It was pleasant for me to receive your following letter today.
How are you? In me all today it is good, I have remarkable mood.
Probably it because I have found your letter today.
However I want to inform in this letter slightly that that like to eat and prepare You know, that I very much like to prepare!!!
Also should brag of it in me, it very well gathers.
To all I was investigated by my mum she in me also the good cook.
I prepare almost for all. They are various soups, ragout, pies, salads and many other things.
The best way in me it lets out our national Borsh.
You heard about it?
When I make pies which I am usual I I prepare for them with a cherry and apricots.
You love pies? If yes it, with what ?
Nevertheless I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I can prepare for this.
I prefer our Russian kitchen more.
As from the Italian kitchen I love a pizza. Most of all from the Russian kitchen I like pel'menis.
Dear I want to ask when your birthday?
I should inform that to me very pleasantly to read your letters.
I any more do not want to have something with Russian people.
I suffered because of them very much. And more I do not want it.
They think only themselves and do not know, that it is necessary for the woman to be happy.
In my life everyone was only the person with whom we during long time have left.
Again and again he seem to me that kind and close.
I have entrusted to him, and he has deceived me all time.
He has changed on me with other girl. And I have not forgiven it to him.
It is difficult for me should speak about it, but I think, what we should not hide something from each other?
Inform me your history?
I hope for your fast answer.
Sincerely yours Olga
Letter 4

Hi my dear!
I want to inform you, that I very much waited your letter.
Your letter is filled with honesty and kindness.
You very good and attractive person!!! It is a pity, that we are far apart now.
I think, that I might be the good wife to the husband. Each woman searches For the person who will love and respect her.
I want the good relation to me directly. I want the person who becomes Good father to my children.
Also I want the person who sincerely yours concerns to me, and will love me.
I search for serious attitudes with the person who may understand me And who will be understood by me.
The attitude between the person and very important woman. The person Should address with the woman well, with love and respect.
It should be with it about in bad both good times and care of it.
The person should give the woman all love and care. It should do so She is his woman there was the happiest on the Earth.
Also the woman should do the same for the person. To support it always,
To be with it about when it requires.
And I think, that the love is very important for attitudes between the person and the woman.
That type of attitudes which I search for it.
My ideas it is close to yours?
Inform please, what attitudes search for you?
You should know, that I live not in the best country. I want, that my children I had the best life, than.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our attitudes.
I think, that you, that the person who is necessary for me.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours.
Letter 5

Hi my dear !
I am very pleased, that has received your new letter.
Your letter is very very very interesting to me!!! I with pleasure shall answer your letter.
I want to tell to you more about my character and my soul. I think,
that you should know my internal world.
I want to tell to you about myself maximal, I do not search for the rich man for myself.
I search for the man, which will divide with me the love, of the man with which I can have happy family!!!
The majority of the men in Russia do not approach for a marriage,
because they use a plenty of alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
I am very glad, that has found you.
You very kind intimately fond the man. You are similar to the man of my dream!!!
I consider myself as the very romantic woman. I think,
that I can completely trust you.
I can discuss with you in friendly chat various themes. I can speak with you about the problems.
I want to find in you the supporter, friend and husband.
By the kindness and tenderness I can make your life perfect.
From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and deceit of some people.
I very much would like, that all people on ground were happy.
I receive a lot of pleasures from dialogue with the friends and interesting people.
I as love to carry out a lot of time of a house, I love an internal cosiness,
I love calmness. At this time I listen to music, silent slow music,
which brings a lot of calmnesses and consent.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses.
But nobody give me them already for a long time.
I dream that in such beautiful season I shall have the my love and go with him till a street with a red roses in hands and kiss with him long long.
It is all will be so beautifully and romantically, I already for a long time not test such feelings and I want to feel it very much !
I hope, that you have the pleasant moments in the life, when read my letter.
I very much would like to learn you more.
I with impatience wait for your answer.
Letter 6

Where are you, my dear???
I very much miss on you...
Yours Olga
Letter 7

Hi my dear!
How are you?
I understand that you have no time to write to me letters.
There can be I shall arrive to you?
We could is remarkable to spend time with you, my darling.
I very much miss on you and I want that we were together.
What do you think of it?
Letter 8

Hi my dear!
I am very pleased to receive your warm intimate letter.
You very much very much like me.
The large thank for your attention. I very much would like to have with you the serious relations and to be the sensitive partner of life for you. In our letters we should continue to learn each other better.
With each your new letter I shall learn, that you very interesting the man. I enjoy by correspondence with you. I think, that we should write each other as it is possible more often. As far as the opportunity allows to us. Nothing does the man and woman closer, than to carry out a lot of time together and more to communicate.
I very much love to dream and to think of my future. I very much frequently present our house. To me I very much would be desirable to have in my apartment or house an old fireplace and plenty flowers. as would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles.
What you think of it? What house would dream to have you?
It would be very interesting to me to know your dream.
Certainly I shall create comfort in my house. Recently I have finished rates of the designer. I think, that at me it very well will turn out.
I shall feel by the very happy woman, if my husband will be my friend reliable, quiet careful both strong, generous and clever.
You love to visit the friends? Or to be going in the good noisy and cheerful company?
You like days off? You love to have a rest? I very much love days off. Per free days I very much love to carry out time on kitchen.
I very much like to prepare. I would like to prepare for you something unusual. I want to know, that you love to use in food. You love sweet?
I very much love sweet, but I watch the figure and I limit myself in the use of sweet food.
As I am engaged in sports to contain myself in the good form.
You care of the health?
I want further to carry out time together and to learn each other better.
Each your following letter I expect impatiently.
Do not leave me during long time.
I shall wait your answer tomorrow.
Sincerely yours.
Letter 9

Hello my dear.
Why you do not write me?
I miss you.
You any more do not want to correspond with me???
I hope for your prompt reply.
Letter 10

Hello dear Warren !!!
I waited for your answer. For me time stops when I wait for your letter.
All my ideas only about you and about our first appointment.
You will arrive to Moscow.
When you will do it you should inform me what date it will.
I want to meet you in Moscow.
You want it that I arrived to Moscow to meet you.
I want to meet you at the airport.
I want that when you banish from the plane I has met you.
I shall embrace you. We shall have a passionate kiss at our meeting.
After the airport we shall go to cafe and we shall speak about ours love.
Or we may agree upon a meeting in any other place.
I very much want that I have met you.
We may spend some time in Moscow.
We may remain in hotel.
I want to spend with you some days in Moscow. If certainly you want it.
Moscow very beautiful city. There many romantic and beautiful places.
I want to visit with you there. I will be sure this wonderful time.
Then we shall go to me in city.
We shall do it by train.
I think to you my city too it is pleasant. Though he not such big, but he beautiful.
I shall like to show him to you.
I want to borrow holiday while you arrive to me.
I want that we were together 24 hours per day. I want to be with you together.
For this time I am sure we shall be convinced of sincerity of our attitudes.
It will be wonderful time.
Have remarkable day and enjoy life.
With love
Letter 11

Hi my love Thank for the perfect letter. I very much love your letters,
Because they are filled love and care for me.
Me it very much pleases and makes happy.
I very much am proud, that I have such careful friend as you.
It is the large pleasure to have such careful groom.
Just now, me my love is very sad, that we not together.
I very strongly would like to have your strong embraces.
It would be desirable, that there was beside a favourite and native man.
With which it is possible pleasantly to carry out time. To look cinema on the TV set.
To go for a walk on park, to have fun and laughter, and evening to fall asleep in your gentle embraces.
In the morning to wake up and to present you a gentle kiss to see your smiling person.
My love I want to see you soon my love......
To me my prince is very sad, that we with you now not together.
Now I go sleep and I shall dream of you.
Sweet kiss and love for you.
Your Olga
I think that Sweden is nice country and I would prefer to visit there
Letter 12

Hi my love
I am very glad that you have written to me!!!!
Each your letter is a drink of sweet feelings!!!
I love you!!!!
I want you to warn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that it to do it is not necessary to come to me,
Because we with you so shall spend very many money To have to pay in 2 times more,
Because that you have arrived!
And then back and I with you contain- Consider itself, my dear, what big it is expenses for tickets,
But if I shall go itself to you it will be In 2 times is cheaper! And when we with you shall begin to live together,
When at us the child will appear, I be employed,
We together shall earn and we shall arrive together on a visit to my parents!!!!!
Such idea was offered me by parents,
You see they worry for your financial budget!
They do not want that you so spent money for this purpose much!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!! I think that you changing understand my sweet peach!!?
I think so will be cheaper!!!!!!!
Whole you in your gentle lips!!!!
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