Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Orencalapuleka to Gennaro (UK)
Letter 1
Every letter from you - it's the thoughts about love and happiness with a loved ones. It is good to know that you are thought of thousand miles away. My dear Gennaro, I appologize for missing out on some questions you asked in your last letter. When I write a letter, all I am thinking is you, I write what I feel in my heart and my soul. My dear Gennaro, my native language is Russian. I count, speak and think Russian. To pass my thoughts and feelings to you, I have to choose the right words in English. I am trying to show you my inner world, the depth of my feelings, that is why it is a little difficult for me to do it. I could delve so deep in the world of my feelings and thoughts about you, so I could have forgotten about it. It is exactly like this, when a person is in love, he can not think of anything else but love! Dear Gennaro, I want you to know that I have been only few days on that site, before we have meet. And I do not know why you tell me that I am there since 2008. Dear Gennaro, yesterday was a great weather and bright sky. I saw thousand stars on the sky. I was watching sky and all I was thinking was of you... I enjoyed the beauty of a star sky for so long and saw a star falling. They say, when you see a star falling, you have to make a wish. I wished a very romantic one, but I can not tell you about it, because if I do, it will not become true. And I really want it to do. My dear Gennaro, all those stars from thousand miles from me, but I feel they are very close to me, just a little bit and I can touch them with my hand and give it to you. You are closer to me than those stars. We live on the same planet and bereeze the same air. But I can not fondle you with my eyesight and see you, as I see those pretty stars. I really want to be closer to you and physically feel the warmth of your body! How I want to exhale your sense, such fresh and so warm, to get closer to your neck.
To fall asleep, having my head on your knees and feel your finger tips touching my spine. To walk a street hand in hand with you, interminably clutch your fingers, so you can warm them up. To be close to you, to feel that you are close to me, because I am so tired, and all the obstacles we can go through together. To blow on you, so that you can turn around and kiss me. To watch the film having my chin in your chest. To fall asleep, to be awaken from your warm breath. To die from tenderness, falling in your embrace. I want it to be very soon and always! I am passionately await your every single letter. That is why if you do not want to break my beautiful heart, do not forget to send few tender and kind words to me... Kiss you, Elena
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