Scam letter(s) from Bella S. to Dan (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you for writing me! And sorry for the late response….
I think you are nice man and may be our acquaintance will be interesting...
Please sorry for my not so good English.
So how I am in this site, I was born in Moscow,
Russia, study there, and my parents there, now I live in Armenia here in my grandfather’s home...
I put on my true profile my location in USA because registration form ask us zip code and not submitted without it, so I just put one us zip there...
I decide find my love, and person who will be my future husband and friend of heart, life partner and true love its not easy find that man in here because most of not family oriented...
I can use Internet in internet-cafe near our home here:)
Little about me I am 25 years old my height 170cm,weight 50kg.My specialization is Teacher of Russian language and literature, I like reading very much, cooking, go to picnics, play piano and many other things, more about me I will tell you later if you write me...
The reason that I write you now that I want find person who can be near me all life who can be good life partner, and who really serious oriented, the seriousness, tenderness, kindness, and inner beauty of man first important for me.
I will try come Internet cafe as often as I can for write you...
Write me a little about you, in my next letter I will write you more detailed about my life...
Please tell me about your country, your life? etc...
So I think this is enough for first mail, again sorry for my English I have no practice its all knowledge which I get in school, I will wait your letter yours sincerely Bella
Letter 2

Sorry for delay I am not able write every day as I use Internet from cafe, but I will try write you as often as I can...the weather is rather cold here:(
I am very glad to get your letter I wait it and I think our acquaintance very nice:) so Dan I will try tell you now all about my life in details.
I was born in 17 dec 1980, and I grew up in good family my mother teacher of Russian language in school, my father engineer in factory and my father love his job very much they build TVs etc in factory,
but now my father work in private company as engineer but not earn much because in Russia now not the best economical situation, but they can live with my mother ok, my mother not work at school already few years, my mother very nice person and she take care of me all life as a best mom:)
I am only child in family but I always wish have brother or sister:)
As my mother was teacher she teach me Russian language well and I even have practice as teacher few times in school:) it was funny, my mother also very good cooker, as me too I hope:) and the most of dishes I do teach me my mother:) Dan I don't know do you ever eat Russian dishes?
I like very much too cook also and I like home food, I don't like eat always something in restaurant or somewhere I prefer if its possible eat much at home, I like to eat Pizza with mushrooms and hum and cheese i can prepare it also, and i like BBQ, and fried chicken and potatoes, also I like sandwiches and many another dishes, but I don't eat much I like prepare different things and eat a little from every one:)
My favorite color is pink and white:)
So Dan I grew up in good family there the most important goals was trust, love, nice relations and harmony, be near each other in any situation, I think I had nice childhood because I have nice parents which show me good way in life and be for me all what I can see and be also right in life...
So I finished a school in Moscow ,and after I Begin take a private lessons for exams for university which I want enter...
Moscow is nice city because its the city where live very many good persons cultural, smart and interesting, I mean teachers,all my teachers in school and in university was very smart and relay good teachers...
So after all my hard lessons and the one year private lessons I take exams good and enter in Moscow state university in teaching faculty:) I always dream be teacher of Russian language and literature...
It was so good year for me its like a dream that I enter in University and I get this specialization, I enter all exams high and my education was free its about 20% of students who pass very good exams can get free education in university...
I was very glad my parents too, and I choose this specialization because I think it will be more interesting for me, so I finish university after 5 years of education and get diploma, this day also was very important for me, because it was very difficult study in university, I have no time for walking, I have no time watch tv and read books, all what I do all time it study and read my institute books etc, so I even have no friends during this time, I lose my school friends because during my university I have no time communicate with them...
So after university I work about some time in an firm which is make different designs for restaurants,
hotels, houses, I work there as secretary because was not able find work by my specialization, but I cant work much there because there a chief change and come new chief which was not good person, I leave this place and I never work after this...
So I decide come here to Armenia near Russia and stay here in my grandfathers home, because my father in Russia last time drink much and I don't like he drunked, I love him much but my mother said better I stay with my grandfather and I come here, my grandfather very good person and was glad I stay with him here I am here in Armenia about few months...
I use Internet here in cafe very near of our home its like first floor of our building, its good I can reach it easy:)
My new friend Dan I hope I don't bore you with my letter, but I think you are glad to know all about me as I want know all about you we are going may be make the most important step in our life and its very important know more about each other...
I like reading very much, I think it comes from my mother in childhood when I was little and I cant read I was about 4 or 5 years my mother always read for me different things:)
I like read very much Russian classics for example:
Lev Tolstoy,Feodor Dostoevsky, V. Sorokin, Pelevin,
etc... Also I like very much books from my childhood my favorite writers was, Jules Vern, A Conan Doily,
Romen Rolan, A Dumas, etc:) you know few days ago here was problem with electricity cable, and I sit under candle light in evening don't know what to do, I see book of Conan Doily, stories about Sherlock Holmes, I read it in my childhood and in my mind I think that now if I read it it may be seem primitive for me, but I Begin to read and cant stop:) it was so nice:) I read Harry Potter not so long time ago I like it to:)
Tell me what you like to read?
I like music very much, I like Latin music, pop music,
I also went musical school during my regular school,
and I play piano not bad, but to tell truth I don't play already long time here my grandfather have no piano, my favorite is moonlight sonata by Beethoven, I like it much and I play it much few years ago:)
I like very much go out of city for picnics or something same:) I like prepare different tasty things in nature and eat I think everything is more tasty in nature, I like go walking in parks and traveling sometimes...
I can use Internet very little time I come and see how to use it and study but I still don't know very much things and I type not very fast but not slowly, you know I think its help me that I play piano I easy remember all keys in keyboard:) and to tell you truth I never in my life write so long letter as now, its first time I write so long:)
I decide to get acquaintance with foreign man and start serious relations because I never feel seriousness in mans which I know also here in Armenia,
I am here have no friends and don't know no one and i go walk even with my grandfather, but in Russia for example when I study in institute I don't feel from man in our faculty that they are ready for have serious relations, start family, be sincere in relations all time and ready in any situation be together...
For me very important that my future husband be sincere and good heart person, who can love only me and whom I can love all life only him, and live in harmony have children one day and be happy, enjoy every simple moment together...
I like man who think that family is most important thing in life...And I like if man come after work home and we can sit talk a little interesting, watch tv,
have supper, or sometimes go walks in evenings:)
sometimes I am very romantic I think:)
So I look man who can be my husband, my friend and all for me, now its the thing I look for because I am tired be alone and i need someone near me...
I write you so much because I feel that our acquaintance and relations have potential and can be nice...
I never smoke and drink very seldom little wine, never had been marryed...
Ok dear Dan I will finish now my long letter and I will try come Internet as soon as possible for write you, yours Bella.
PS I send you four more of my pics will send more with my next letter.
Letter 3

I am glad to come internet again and read your letters now!I think about you yesterday and today and I wish you say more about you, your usual day how it goes,
what you do during the day? what you like to eat in breakfast?I am interested everything about you:)
You seem to be very inteligent man who know a lot:)
Thanks also for the nice pics:)
You know its so special few days ago I dont immagine even that in my life will come someone like you and we start communicate and know each other step by step but my brain already try think far and far, the feeling I have its difficult to explane its somthing like when in first or second class in school during the lesson you look to someone from the pupil and this person you like and you may be even dont know his name but this person simply you think nice and have posetive feelings and feel somthing like fall in love, and this is very hard to undrstend how this feelings come to heart during this short time:)
Today I was in shop buy some things prepare food we eat with my grandfather, I prepare A salad with corn mushrooms meat and vegetables, very tasty I am shure you will like try it one day:) also prepare stake with fried potatoes also very tasy...
I tell you little how my usual day here goes, I get up sometimes do some exersise and after bathing I start prepare brekfast it usualy eggs or butter with jeam cheese etc, now as I dont work most of time I read books or wach tv,sure i knoe Yevtushenko do you like his works so far? sometimes we go walk with my grandfather...
The post service doest work well here my mom send me a letter with their pics a month ago but i never receive it:(
Yesterday I saw the film called "The bridges of madison county" it was very special romantic film with Clint Eastwood and Maryl *****, I almost cry when it finished very nice film about romantic love of people who meet only for 3 days and fall in love with each other, if you dont see it I recomend:)
Oh my dear will finish now my letter, try to come internet as soon as I can again cant wait see new mail from you:) yours sincerely Bella.
PS I send few more of my pics...
Letter 4

I am very happy come internet and find your letters,
they make my mood nice and I notice that since we start communicate its all time I feel like I wait the time when I check my mailbox, I never feel like this before:)thanks for the nice pics:)I really enjoy reading your letter you write well and interesting:)
Tell me how many new films goes in teaters during month? teater etc?
You know I feel now very extraordinary I feel I know you enought for feel very close, and I feel I can ask you anything without shame and I feel i can say you anything and you will understand me, I think things like this is very important in life...
You know I think yeaterday and immagine if we meet and deside start life together how it will go, and hundred things and situations go though my head I will tell you few of them, I immagine that we cook in kitchen evening after work tierd but dont care, we together you help me to cut somthing, prepare somthing tasty and enjoy simple moment from life, moment of simply be with person who important for you in kitchen and cook,
and may be the happiness in simply things, may be for someone be happy is have very big house, or very good car, but i think its not right, what you think? I immagine we have supper with candles talk and discuss somthing like where we will go to spend hollydays next year may some nice sunny place with beach, and we think how to do for figure it pocible calculate my earnings yours what we able save and after see in map where it will be pocible to go, its so nice when you have stimul to do somthing and have aim because its more and more interesting reach somthing with difficulties and enjoy it full, because I think go hollyday one time per two year more interesting and adventures than very much for example probably where are rich people who travel all the time, and I am shure for them its similar boring and simple life and they cant feel the way we can when we go hollyday for one week:) It simply my thoughts and I hope I tell everything correct you understand my English, tell me what you think? what is most important things in life?
I remove my profile in internet since we start communicate, does your profile still avalible?
Think of you and will write you later your sincerely Bella.
PS I send you more my pics...
Letter 5

Hi dear Dan:)Happy past Valentines Day!!!
Wow realy always when I read your letters I feel so lucky and all time smile and feel so good! you have write so beatiful i enjoy very much reading your letters:) Its realy nice feeling I dont have very long time:)I am sorry about your sad experience of being married, for me it is not the looks of man that important but more the inner beauty of a man:)
I think its so nice we know each other, and I think you are the man with whom any woman can be happy share life its so hard find someone right and sincere with posetive intentions kind loving, I can say it by two words Real Man, I feel now you know how mmm its difficult to explane, you know its I can explane you can know someone 10 years but not know, and you can know someone 10 hours and you feel that you know this person all life... you know I think about this and I think I can explane this amazing fact as a begining of somthing special, there feelings can say more than any brain analyse, this is like magic and when it begins from this moment heart begine brake faster all the time:)!
And I feel that you are very nice person who think same way in many things as me, thats why I told you this all things, I never say this no one before so open way as to you, I think you're the person who can abselutly understand me...
I want find in you first of all the closest friend,
husband, the most important person in life for all life together in harmony and love, because I can have only one man in my life who will be all for me, even simply man friends I dont accept, because you know I feel all, even close friends always envi to others happyness and can make bad things and try to broke their friends marriage or somthink like this,I hope you understand what I mean...
Do you think our meeting realy real one day?
do you prefer visit me here in Armenia, or better I visit you first?
I send you more of my pics one of tham from my childhood, hope you will not laugh much:) in one other pic I prepare coctails:)
I will come internet later for write you, yours sincerely Bella.
Letter 6

I am glad come read from you and write you! I feel very excited we find each other its very nice:)! I think of our aquaintance very much yesterday...
Your letters always make me happy thanks for great letters and nice pics!!!
I have so special feelings to our aquaintance, I realy never feel so close someone I dont know long time!!! It amazed me much realy because its first time all happend with me this way thats why its important for me and I talk about it so much,when I talk with my grandfather about our aquaintance he is very glad I meet nice man it make me glad:)...
you know since we start our comminication I feel that I think of our aquaintance all the time and its somthing I dont feel long time I realy like this feeling...
You know for me this starting way of our relations realy like somthing magic, and somthing which happend in my dream, I realy never before immagine I can find my special one such a fantastic and romantic way, its all like romantic film I can compare it with film KATE&LEOPOLD did you see it? with Mag Ryan, nice romantic film:) You know its somthing like I wait it in my subconshensnes all my life and I feel probably this day come and i meet that one special man ever wish have in my life for all life...
I do some research about US visas etc, its realy very hatrd to get US visa even tourist for come to you, I need to look more to see how pocible to get wisa but I read today in newspaper here where are a exchange cultural programm for working and meantime emprove English in USA, I can use it for easy get US visa and visit you, tell me your opinion? the visa things is hard and when I read about this programm i think it is good chance for we meet and start relations...
if nessesary I can ask my grandfather go this office and ask all in details about this programm...
Here get regular tourist US visa realy impocible to get thats, why I think this programm is good way for our meeting,there was writen this program valid one time every year...
Or you can come vist me here! when you can?
Let me know what you think?
Tell me how your days goes? I hope you are weel and everything is ok...
I wait your letter think of you yours Bella.
Ps I send you few more of my pics one of tham I am with my cousines baby:)
and one which is black and white from my younger age...
Letter 7

i am realy very happy get your answer sincere letters thank you... Its realy very difficult find serious person for share life I am glad we meet each other.
I realy think from youre letters that you are very sincere person... and you think very far and serious, its realy nice I feel I trust you abselutly and i am shure in any situation in life if we together all be good.
My grandfather was in agency which prepare visas for working and meantime emprove English in USA, my grandfather ask for all details, agency prepare US visa 100% without problems thay have many years of expirience in this field, this programm is avalible one time every year and for this year the registration time is limited till 10th of this month (March) is deadline....
I can come direct to you as soon as I get visa I will be free to choose place where I wish go, this visa good for 6 month in USA and after it may be continue,
I have saved money and my grandfather can give me his savings which I can use for comming to you,the full programm incliding tickets airfire,visa,
travel charges, taxes and programm cost all together total cost 1850 us dollars equivalent, I have my own only 1080 dollars all together with my grandfathers savings... agency prepare visa during 25 days max time so i will be able fly to you maximum time during 25 days, of course we can figure best time for our meeting and I can come to you later but most important get visa in time and dont loss deadline after the visa is ready we can choose best date for my comming:)... but if we deside we need hurry as I said the time for registration is limited...
So I need 770 dollars for have complete sum for comming to you...
Are you able arrange this 770 dollars for our meeting?
May be you will prefer come here to Armenia meet me? and after we go to USA together?
Tell me which way better you think for we meet I will do so, for me its like a dream meet you and start relations sometimes I cant realize is this reality or no:) I know when I come down from airplane you meet me this moment I will feel already that this is reality when I give you hug and kiss,I make my thingers cross for all be ok:)
i also send you more of my pics one of tham i am with my father, the other where I play guitar i am younger age...
Letter 8

Glad to read your letter, I think very much about our meeting!
Tell me how things there whaqts news? I understand you have hard time now for money, its bad we cant meet. I think may be somthing in future will work for us, its bad we must lose this chance but what to do...
Tell me may be yoyur comming here will be more easy and cheaper? I can send you my savings and it can be enough for you come we meet here?
Weather was nice today, I went in shop buy some vegetables and food prepare tasty dishes:) soup with mushrooms rice and potatoes, also prepare pancakes with meat, and salad:) was very tasty wish you try it...
I am starting read new book now autor Vladimir Sorokin, it seem like a interesting book...
Ok my dear will go now, write you more later yours Bella.
Letter 9

Hi my dear! Thank you for nice special email, i wish you understand me I am not looking just talk via internet or chat, I need real meeting and real relations, I am tierd be alone and always wait:( Is the money deal for our meeting? please let me know ok? or you dont want we just meet soon? My dear do you have a credit card? I find place called its pocible send money online via credit card, look at it and let me know ok...
wait your soon news your Bella.
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