Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Kaplina to Jamie (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hello friend!
I would like to be your friend.
If I have interested you, write to me on my email:
I shall tell to you more after your answer.
I with impatience look forward to your reply!
Embraces lonely girl!

Letter 2

I checked my mailbox today and saw your reply for my first letter.
I write to you 2 days ago! Hope you remember me!
I want write about yourself!
I live in Russia. My city - St.Petersburg.
I will tell you about my job in one of the next letters. I have Well payable job.
I'm 28 years old. (how old are you?) My real name is Kristina.
I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
I'm 5’4 feet high and I weigh about 118 pounds. I've never been married and I don't have kids.
I live alone in my flat. I looking for serious relations.
If you write me again, please, tell more about yourself – about your job, your hobby…
I promise to tell you more about myself too! ;)

Letter 3

Hello again Jay!
I got your letter! Thank you for it.
I was born on 23 may 1981. I live alone. My father died 3 years ago. He were very good men.
It's really hard for me to talk about them - I start crying every time I do. My mom live near from me.
I've never been married and I don't have kids However, I started thinking about starting a family when I turned 28.
I don't have any brothers or sisters - probably that's the reason why I value my friends and colleagues so much.
I've never been to your country. I guess it must be really interesting.
I'm working for a senior manager at restaurant. Very interesting job!
I work 6 days a week. Mine day off - Sunday... Sorry if I can't write you every day...
I write from Internet-cafe.
I work in the evening, therefore I have some free time to spend I’m meeting my friends.
I love going to the pool, I often go to movies. I don’t like loud parties,though.
That’s why most of the time I stay at home alone – I read books and watch TV.
Don't be afraid to ask me whatever you want to. I can say I know English pretty well, so I can write and speak it.
I'm sorry if I make some mistakes, though, my native language is Russian.
Write me more!

Letter 4

Hi dear Jay!
I'm so happy to write you again!
How's the weather in your country? It's autumn in Russia now. Northern winds are blowing. -5C.
I don't really like the autumn. I like the summer much more – camping, swimming, sunbathing! Do you like the summer?
What is your favorite time of the year? What do you do in this time?
Do you want to know what cuisine I prefer?
I like European dishes, especially seafood. What about your country?
I work in restaurant, therefore I'm good know in food. I like prepare food too!
I like Russian dishes: borsch, pelmeni, bliny(pancakes)... What about you?
My job very interesting! I like communicate with people! I enjoy from this! Do you like yours job?
Sorry if I don't answer on your question sometimes. But I try make it every time!
Are you wondering why I'm still single? Probably because I haven't found a right man to start a family with yet…
The distance means nothing for me, that's why I decided to write you. I can travel to any country I want.
Now it's much more interesting for me to write you. It feels good to have a pen friend who is thousands miles away from you.
Write me again!!! I will be waiting for your letters!
Yours Kristina..

Letter 5

Hello Jay!
More about me? OK!
I like spending my free time after work at home, watching comedies. I also love music – from classic to rock.
I guess that my previous relations with men aren’t a really good topic for discussion.
I haven't had a truly serious relationship yet. Everything I came through before was nothing but liking.
That’s why I’m looking for a serious relationship now.
I enjoy communicating with you…
My friend Jay, how there is your day? Today I had many affairs on work, but I almost have executed all, therefore it is possible a little rest.)))
I am very glad to read all your ideas.
Your ideas very much like me!))))))))
I really respect with you as serious man and is very glad, that I learn you more and more!
In a life I often observe relations of other people. It is possible to see it in the street or among friends. I am assured, that in a life of each person there are bad and good examples! It not necessarily should happen to us, but we become witnesses of this. I have no in view of the relation for one night or fleeting novels! I never was interested in it!
Unfortunately we see people, which are not happy, are annoyed or simply gloomy. There is that a man and the woman together, but they constantly quarrel, because of any trifle. They can go together, but there is an impression, that him absolutely to spit against each other. When earlier all was another. They have been inspired and admired the friend with the friend! Their each day has been filled by pleasure. Probably it proceeded not long and gradually fire between them began to burn poorly.
I always asked to myself a question. Why so happens?
Why people, which more recently were are unseparable, now can to become angry, insult, against each other or even hatred.
The most important seems to me, that in relations fidelity, honesty, trust, care and support. Probably, when people break one of these components all breaks.
Some people look really happy! They go keeping for a hand or embraces. They constantly cheerful also have interesting conversation. They realy are happy and love each other. They do not notice anybody around and it seems, that they live in the small world and any problems or bad weather cannot disturb their happy world!
It is really pleasant to look at such people!
Often in lives, financial, difficulties of a problem on work, alcohol are the beginning for destruction of the relation. It sounds sadly, but it is valid so. But if people really wish to be together and value all that they have created, then they never will leave each other in a trouble and together to overcome all difficulties!
Once I have heard that falls in love and love it variously. When we fall in love that us fill emotions, pleasure, happiness, fire. Probably that it goes through our brain. We admire beauty, kindness, good character, good education and other qualities. It arrives unexpectedly or gradually. Often it end, these feelings pass and fire inside cools down. Fortunately so happens not always!
It is necessary to grow up love! The real love demands from us time, forces, patience, respect, support and care!
When you love really, then you care first of all of the beloved. Not because he or she beautiful or still something, that is why because person to become a particle you. You completely forget about the egoism and transfer it to other person.
For the real love the reason is not necessary, will be necessary only which to concern the good person to you.
The real love exists, when the person loves other person simply so without the reason, simply loves. Loves just as mother loves the child. When the child was not born yet, mother starts to develop the love to him till his birth!
It seems to me, that it is really true love!!!
When people understand it and try to develop the relations, but not simply to use each other, then they receive the true happiness and love which they are worthy.
Certainly I understand, that we live not in the ideal world and good days are replaced bad, but at this time it is necessary to support especially and care about each other as about itself.
I do not know you have understood me or not, that I wished to tell, but I really tried to explain my ideas!
However, I think that we should learn more about each other first! Do you think the same?
Write me again! I wanna know more about you, about your lifestyle! About your country too!
Hope to hear from you soon!

Letter 6

Hello my Jay!
I hope that I don’t draw you away from anything important.
I think that I don’t. It’s really pleasant for me to read your letters
I feel really sad when there’s no mail from you in my mailbox.
I’m in a really good mood.
I can is simple go on a visit to one of my girlfriends to speak or drink tea.
Or we can gather big the company and go to cinema or theatre. It very interestingly and fun!
Sometimes I leave to mother, therefore I ask you to not worry, if I suddenly shall not write to you the letter in weekends.
As soon as I return, at once shall answer your mail.
What interesting places I could visit in your city? You have rest or plans for next month?
I would like to waste time my rest from work with you.
I would like to learn better you and tell to you about myself more, when we shall be together.
It will be improbable experience for us. But it is possible, that you will be borrowed by work, and I shall be in loneliness.
I very much hope, that you will find time, that we could spend it together.
We shall to plan well all, because I yet have not received holiday from work and we have time.
My friends have informed, that many tourists visit your country.
Among these tourists many Russian people. It is valid so?
I’m glad that we’ve got acquainted and started communicating. Write me again…
I feels good to know that I’ve got a pen friend who’s thousands miles away from me.
Your Kristina.

Letter 7

Hi my Jay.
Today I have the opportunity to write you.
I’m really tired - I had to work a lot today.
However, I really want to write you because it’s always a pleasure for me.
I’m planning to go Waterpool in the evening.
I prefer summer kinds of sport. I always watch sport channels on TV.
I also like watching volleyball, tennis and other sports.
Later in the evening I’ll watch news and some entertainment shows. It’s really interesting!!
I wish to accelerate time and more likely to travel to your country.
Unfortunately I should wait, when I shall receive my holiday from work, but if I would have wings, we already were together!))))))
I often think of you! You are very interesting to represent what you do to the certain moment in other part of the ground.
You think of me sometimes? I can have holiday from work only once in a year and would like that this time has left the big print in my memory.
I plan to have a rest in the end of this month or in the beginning of the following. I would like to see your city and certainly it is better to learn you!
Now we have only our letters, but very soon we can enjoy a society the friend the friend.
Your letters mean much for me now, because only so I can learn more about you and reduce expectation of our meeting.
I feel excellently, when I read your new letter! It is valid pleasure for me!
Our communication makes me feel happy.
I hope that it’s not just plain typing exercises for both of us, right? Do you think the same?
I’m waiting for a letter from you - I will write you as soon as I can.

Letter 8

Hello Jay.
I feel a heat in your letter and it makes me happy!
Our Correspondence is the especial world, in which only you and I!
My sweet Jay, I feel especially with you, because you became the close person for me. To me very comfortably and easy with you!
It seems to me, that we know each other many years and for a long time we have friendship. You always understand me and to us very easily and conveniently with each other.
I always receive from you a lot of attention, care and support! I feel it through your letters. With each new day I want more that our meeting took place more likely!
Now we have only our letters, but it is not enough for me.
I wish to see, to hear and touch you!
I want that we to enjoy a society the friend the friend, when we shall meet once. I dream that this joyful day has come more likely!
I often draw day of our meeting in my consciousness and it looks as the happiest day in my life!
Earlier I thought, that my life was very interesting also cheerful, it was not so! It was before acquaintance to you.
To me it was always boring one and only my girlfriends supported me.
I thought, that in my life there is everything, but I was mistaken, because in my lives were not you, my sweet Jay!
I’ve got good news for you.
I will try to take an unlimited vacation to have enough time to spend with you.
I will come to you in the and of November or in December! It’s a fact!!!
I will describe all the details of my future trip in one of the next letters!
Is it really good news? Are you glad to hear it? I am. I will be able to meet you and look into your eyes.
One meeting is worth much more than thousands of words! Do you think the same?
I’m starting to realize that my feeling towards you is something more than that towards a pen friend…
kiss... xoxoxo

Letter 9

My my gentle Jay!
I always wait your new letter very much and I wish to read it more likely! Only having made it many times, I can relax and make a big smile on my face.
When I read your letter the first time, I understand only its small part because emotions do not allow my head to relax and I am not capable to catch all sense :)
When I shall calm down a little, I read your letter again and again, and I absorb the information and emotions, which you have put!
It is greater pleasure and a surprising condition!
Between us of thousand kilometers, but during this moment it seems to me, that we beside and we speak with each other.
I wish to tell to you much, but to me all is difficult to tell at once my ideas in the letter, because I not so quickly press! :)
I sit for a computer and I think of you! This time of our meeting and it belongs only for us two, and nobody can prevent to our dialogue!
When I write the message for you, I represent as you read it, and I see expression of your face, your smile in this moment.
My fine friend, what you feel, when read my message?
I have already written to you, that I like to dream very much!
Only in our dreams I see us together. Dreams give me force, desire and inspire me on new greater affairs!
I see you in my dream! I want, that you were in my future! I want, that we had the common dream and our future!
It is really surprising! Later we did not know anything about each other, but now all in another way!
You became for me the most close person and the best friend!
You understand me is better, and our ideas are very similar!
The Internet - the excellent opportunity, which reduces distances and deletes borders between people!
I feel very conveniently and easily with you!
I forget about everything, when I write for you! I plunge into the world, where in the center of attention only you and I!
I do not wish to hurry up, and I do not wish to frighten you, but should tell, that in me there is a dependence on you! :)
I never had such interesting feeling.
Before falling of a dream I think of you and our future very much. They - really beautiful dreams!
Really, it not a shame to me to speak about, it because all this is in me! You think of me too?
Sometimes it seems to me, that we know each other a lot of time, and to me it is very easy with you.
You became very close to me.
When I shall fall a dream, and I shall think of you again!
My sweet Jay, I wish you good day!!!!
Sorry I don't write about my vacation and trip... I'll write about it
on next letter... Simply, today I have very nice mood!!!
I miss you very much!

Letter 10

I'm glad to see your letter again! I am glad that our feelings a little bit each other!
We for the best understand each other! It pleases me and gives confidence! Do you agree?
This is a very good feeling inside me! How a weather at you! At us coldly now!
Many snow and wind blows from Baltic Sea! But your letters warm me!
The thought of our meeting made me the happiest woman in the world! I will try to do everything for our meeting!
Do not ask me now about the exact details! I will tell you when I can fly to you and tell you details later!
I try to do everything quickly ... But I do not rush very much!
Through the letters we learn more about each other and this will help us in the future!
You agree? I will try to write to you! I hope that we will be able to communicate in on-line! I will try to arrange in internet-cafe!
I think that I can communicate via Yahoo Messenger! I want to communicate with you more!
You the best the person for me!
All which is in my heart, belongs to you!
I love you my sweet Jay!
It not only emotions, because I feel all these tender feelings which is in me!
It for you and I will wait happy day of our meeting.
I cannot wait your kiss!!!

Letter 11

Hello my angel Jay!!!!
How there is your day my sweet?
I madly missed and waited your answer!
My angel Jay, At me excellent news! I spoke with my chief and asked me to give month of rest from work.
I have informed, that all well and I can receive my vacation in any of days!
I'm glad very much to this excellent news!
I all time think of our meeting!!!! This is all of I what dream now!
It's really surprising and remarkable day!!!!
When I remain one in my head constantly same dream. I see most our first day!
I feel as my breath to become heavy, because my temperature heart increases to fight urgently!
I know, that you already wait for me at the airport, I cannot be silent!
It seems to me, that I am in an infinite place of expectation, when the plane will make a landing!
I go to the big hall and I search for you my love Jay!
It is a lot of people, and I cannot understand anything, because all movement and loudly conversation!
All are happy, because meet the relatives!
Suddenly I notice beautiful man, which holds red flowers in hands.
It is you my love Jay!!!!!!
I understand, that it you and my face light a big smile, eyes a spark and are tears of pleasure and happiness!!!!!
I shout: My angel Jay!!!!
You notice me, and we run to each other!!!
I fall in your embraces, and we give each other the most gentle kisses!!!!!
It is the most remarkable moment of my dream, and I curl during this moment of our meeting again again and again!!!
I know, that our meeting will take place so!!!!
Within next several days, I study everything, that will be necessary for my travel and as soon as I shall receive the information, at once I shall inform you.
I wish that your day has been filled by pleasure!
I love you my sweet man Jay!!!
Let my sweet air kiss always will be on your lips!
Wait my letters and I shall write for you all of my details!
Your Kristinna.

Letter 12

Hello my sole love Jay! Nice poem again!!
I am very happy to write you a letter! I am ready to say it again and again!
I never be tired of saying this is never!! Because You My Sole Male in life!!!
I think about you every day! All my thoughts are filled with love for you!
I think that you are waiting for news about a trip to your country?
I have never been in your country ... I do not know yet how many days I will be able to be with you!
But I think this will be the happiest days of my life! I gather some information for the trip!
It's tedious but pleasant bustle!
I have already paid some money for the trip and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'll go find out details about the trip!
I'll write you all the details! I think that now there is no problem with the paperwork!
I was in a foreign country and are familiar with documentation procedures.
It is possible in the process of execution of documents in your country needed additional documents?
I will specify certain points and I'll write you more about that in my next letter!
I'll wait for your letters! I think about you!
You're forever in my heart!!
Sincerely yours forever Kristina.

Letter 13

Hi my love Jay!!
Now I can tell to you with the big confidence: I love you, only you my Jay. I am ready to shout these words of happiness for the whole world my love.
I have very good news for you. I hope that you will be very glad.
My love! Today I went to travel agency, and spoke concerning trip to you. They have told that I can arrive to you, and receive necessary documents.
I don't have a problems! I went in foreign countries early!
In travel agency has asked me that I have concluded with them the contract on granting of their services as now at them very good discounts.
They have already started to make to me visa and passport. My Jay, they have told that it will be ready approximately in one and a half weeks.
My love, to me also informed how many it will cost: visa, passport and other reference will cost 460 US dollars for me.
I has heard it I has been upset and afflicted, as I have no such big money.
Then I at once have hastened to my mum, and spoke with her about this sum of money, my love my mum has told to me that she has savings which make only 30 dollars, and she can give it to me.
My love I is now very strongly upset, as I have no completely all money so to pay my visa and the passport.
My travel agency has told to me that to me will be already necessary to pay all this on following weeks.
I'm very strongly worry, and I don't know what can I do now.
My mum has told to me that I should ask the help for you as you very remarkable person!
You my sole love in the world which will not leave me with this trouble and will help me.
My love it is very a shame to me to do and ask it you this money.
But I hope very much on you that you will help me and will not leave me in such trouble as you also very much want that I arrived to you.
My love I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa, it will be valid within 90 days but when I shall arrive to you that I can even prolong it.
Also I has learned that you can transfer these to me of money, via system monetary translations " Western Union "
My love you will require only my information! I need 460 USD.
My information so that you could send this money:
My full name Kristina Kaplina
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg
If you can help me, you must write your full name, home address and MTCN (10 digit from Western Union)
My love Jay! I hope very much that you will help me and then I shall arrive to you! We select convenient date of my trip for you!!!
I want to be in your hands very much!! I have very big dream, I shall see you at the airport in first time.
I shall throw all things, I shall run up to you and there will be the longest kiss in the world.
For a long time I shall not release you from the embraces, it will be the beginning of a modern history of love.
We shall be so happy.
My love Jay. Now I shall wait for your letters with impatience, and to pray concerning ours with you of a meeting.
I hope very much that you can help me and will not leave me with this trouble.
Write to me somewhat quicker, I wait for your letters.
Your love forever Kristina.

Letter 14

hello my love Jay!
I read all your letters!!
You wrote many letters to this weekend! It is a pleasure for me!
I understand that you do not trust me!! But I hope that you will be able to help me!
I'll call you soon! Do not worry! I am confident that we can meet in the near future!
Your letters give me confidence! Thank you for your kind words!
You're asking me about the romance? I guess I'm a romantic lover!!
You're asking me about dollars. I think it is more convenient to send it in USD! It is more convenient for me!
My prince Jay! I will try to call you! I will hope that you trust and help me!
I love you Jay!



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