Roamnce scam letter(s) from Kisun Sung to Steve (USA)
Letter 1
Hello How are you doing today, I hope all is well with you, Thank you so much for asking, All is well with me and my family, I want you to know that I am very honest and sincere with you, I don t have any reason to be dishonest towards you. This morning on my way going to work, I stop by in the traveler agency office to know the requirements for the visa process. They first ask me if I have a passport, I said no, they said that I should first go to passport office and apply for one. They said once I get my passport that it will take them less than ten days to get me a tourist visa which will enable me to travel there to visit you, but they said have to pay 5500 Yuan for both the visa fee and their agent fee. During my lunch brake time I use the opportunity to go to the passport office and the officer in charge said for the express application will take just two days to be ready. The passport application fee is 1720 Yuan. If you can be able to send the money today I will be able to receive it tomorrow, My from who work in postal saving bank said that I should tell you to send me the money through Western Union Money Transfer today I will be able to receive tomorrow morning my china time.Below is my information which she said that I should send to you to enable you send the money. First Name: Kisun Last Name: Sung Country: China City: Dongguan My Address: No.402, Gate 7, baima donglu, dongcheng wanjiang district, dongguan, Guangdong My Phone Number: +8613538306104 Amount: 7220 Yuan.
I will close my letter here for now till I read from you& Yours And Only One Kisun Sung
Letter 2
Hello Steve
Let me start from asking, How are you? And how is your people, For me and my family we are in good health,I am very happy to have met you at first, And knowing you well better should be my first intention,So i will like you to tell me about your self and your intention toward of joining online dating, I am sure you have read my profile as well, But in additional i will like to tell you more about me, I am single woman never been married before, But i have been in relationship with my ex- boyfriend which did not workout smooth and i decided to move on with my life, I live with my mother and younger sister, My mother is a window because my father die in 2002 march 17th, I am train well by my parent, I have family respect and value in life, I Graduated 2007 from my university, and i started searching for work, and it take me more one year before i found a job, even as my work is stressful, I prefer it better that been jobles.I work in insurance company as an accountant.

I am very perfect in cooking chinese food, prefer to cook and eat home than eating outside, I like swiming, i like reading, watching movies,listen to news to know what is happening in another part of the world. My friend use to say that i am smart and interlligent person, what else can i tell you about me, My name is kisun, and my friends use to call me kissung, Because my surname is sung, I am very kind and caring person, I use to understand people around me better than they understand me, I treat people the way i wish to be treated, I have mind of loving one another as Godly Love, My farviorite color is blue, And my main purpose of joining online dating was because i want a man from different culture,But that does not mean i dont like my country culture, I am sending you some of my photos, And i will value our further communication if you tell me also about your self and also yours Photos.Please i will like you to understand that honest and sincerely is the only key for us to acchieve this relationship, As you can see that we are far from each other, But communicating and understanding, will help us to match forward to our goal of coming to online dating service.I will close my letter here for now till i read from you.
Letter 3
Good morning Steven It was nice reading from you once again. How are you and your people over there? For me and my family we are all fine, how are you planning on spending your Christmas? Honey I want you to know that your emails or call does not bother me at all, I am happy that we are getting closer to each other, Even as the distant between us is much, But from emailing each other and having phone conversation we will be able to centre each other in centre of our mind, I keep on thinking about you every day and night, I know I am falling in deep love with you, I hope you will not start seeing me as desperate woman. I was just trying to reveal to you how I feel about us all this while of corresponding. Please my regards to your friend whom are coming over to visit you. Sweetheart I don’t have much picture, but I will try and send more pictures to you ok, I know that you love seeing my picture every time, I will close my letter here for now and don’t forget that I am always thinking about you Yours And Only One Kisun
Letter 4

Hello Steven,
It was nice to read from you, How are you doing today? For me i am fine, I wish you happy and sucessful christmas. Please always take good care of yours self and stay in safe place as you know that christmas alot of horr things normally happen to people. I love you.
Yours And Only One
Letter 5
Hello Steven,
How are you doing today, I hope all is well with you, I am very excited to read from you.I am sorry that some time the network keep on getting disconnected, I think is due to the far distant network, I am very happy as you have assure me that you are living in safe side of the state. You ask me to tell you more about the traveler agency, Thesame travel agency are the people who help my my friend to get her visa few months ago when she wanted to travel to New York. They said i have to first go to passport office and apply for passport. and once i got my passport then i should bring it to there office and also i have to pay 5500 yuan for the visa fee and their agent fee.And they also assure me that i will provide all the that is necessary to enable them get the visa for me with two weeks. And as i call the passport office they said it will take three working to be ready once i apply, The passport application fee is 1720 Yuan. So if you wanted me to start the process as soon as posible then you have to send me 7220 yuan. because i am not financial capable to take care of the trip expenses.Honey i will continue missing you for now, Please always take good care of your self for me, You are the light that lighten my love life,I know that as soon as we are together side by side with each other we will have a happy life together. I will close my letter here for now till i read from you once again. Honey but i want you to know that even as you want me to come and be there with you, I can not come till january as you can see that decemeber is almost getting to the end.
Yours And Only One
Letter 6
Hello Steven, It was nice to read from you once again, yes I am fine just that the weather here is very cold so one need to cover itself well to avoid catching cold. Honey America visa is not easy as you may be thinking. That was my many Chinese here fellow the traveler agency direction to get the visa, Yes they charge higher and at the end the will get the visa for me. And it will not be as long as six month or one year as some one who went by her self for the visa process. They also told me that the visa fee is $130, But as they charge 5500 Yuan for both the visa fee and their agency fee. And they will get me the visa in less than two weeks. And what makes the amount to be 7220 Yuan was including the passport fee. You mentioned that you sending $1,100 dollars seem to be risk. You also mentioned how you will be sure that I will put in the money for the process. My dear first think I want you to understand is this. I am very honest and sincere woman, I don’t have to lie or deceive you just for your money, If my purpose of corresponding with you was just to get money from you then I will consider myself as coward. I will never think of such dirty art. But if you don’t trust me or have faith on me then tell me and I will send you a copy of my ID card, That alone will also prove to you that I am here got honestly and pure agenda. But in every relationship, trust, honestly, sincere, caring, open minded, are the keys that makes up a successful couples. And I want you to know that any woman who use the name of love or relationship to defraud or scam any man, will never found love in her in entire life. I am not in any way offended by your letter, I when I should be offended is if I am cheater or a scammer. The only suggestion I have is to scan my ID card and send it to you and that alone will make you know that I have no were to run or hide. I wish you happy Christmas. And don’t forget to send my regards to your people. I will close my letter here for now till I read from you once again. Sincerely yours, Kisun Sung
Letter 7
Hello Steven, Happy New Year. I hope all is well with you all this while, after reading your entire letter I understand that you are kind and caring. This year 2011 we will make this our dream comes through, only if we both will keep focus on making this relationship a reality. I have been a little worried all this days that I haven’t write you because of been busy with work, and I am happy that I have this opportunity to write you once again While I will continue missing you and thinking about you ok. The weather here is also very cold and so I am use to it, that shouldn’t stop me from coming to visit you. And you mentioned March. That is not good time for me; my vacation is only six weeks, which will start on 7th according what my boss said yesterday. So I advise you to try and send me the money on Monday so that I will match forward to the process. You also mentioned that our relating with each other seems too good to be true, it makes me a little confused, If I may ask, Do you mean I don’t deserve some one like you, or do you mean you don’t deserve some like me. You understand that we cant question God doing, and I also believe that linking us together wasn’t by mistake. Once we both are honest and sincere to each other we will make it amazing future together. I will close my letter here for now until I read from you, Below is my information which my friend who work in the bank said I should send to you to enable you transfer the money through western Union money transfer. First Name: Kisun Last Name : Sung Country : China City: Dongguan Address: No.402,Gate 7,baima donglu,dongcheng wanjiang district, dongguan ,guangdong Phone : +8613538306104
Letter 8
Hello Steven.
How are you doing today, I hope all is well with you, I am very excited knowing you are also excited that we will be together soon,That was amazing, The weather here today is very cold, You have to try to cover your self well, as i dont know how the weather is over there. This afternoon i told my boss that i will not be coming to work tomorrow, because i want to move foward to the process tomorrow once i recieve the money. Once you send the money you should try and attach the transfer slip to me through email, so that i will be able to see all the details to enable me recieve the money with any further delay. I am counting days now, and i am sure you are also counting day to recieve me with your open arm. I will also check on the flight detail tomorrow of next if i have little free time. I will continue missing you for now, But know that soon we will hold each other arms will makes us most happines people. This 2011 is the year God wanted us to make a wonderful and happy family together with each other. I will close my letter here for now and i will check my email tomorrow morning.
Yours And Only One
Kisun Sung
Letter 9
Hello Dear,
It has been little while now since I read from you last. I am worried, I want to know if all is well with you. Why you stop writing me any further, Did i in any way mvake you upset? Please kindly let me know. Tomorrow Chinese New Year festival will start, and I would appreciate it so much if you will even wish me happy Chinese New year. Please if there any way you feel I offended you in my letter kind explain to me and I will ask for your forgiveness. I will close my letter here for now till I read from you once again.
Yours And Only One
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