Letter(s) from Ashley Williams to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dave

Thanks for wanting to help me,you have make me smile again and you are just always a good man,if it were to be some other men,they will not even mind my situation but your own case was not like that because you heard my cry and you wanna help me,thanks so much for your kindness and for your merciful eyes upon me,may the good lord keep blessing you bountifully,may you never lack anything in your life,may you always see the favor of God,may his goodness and mercy always be with you,may all that you ever wish for always come to past in a positivity ways,may all your prayers always answered,Dave you will never lack in your life and you will never suffer for the rest of your life because the $ 100.00 you wanna send to me is more than $ 1000.00 at this moment,that am facing hell,I really do appreciate this that you wanna do for me and may the good lord always bless your pocket,thanks so much Dave for all your care,you are in deed a man of good heart,I respected you so much and I will never stop giving you that respect all the time,thanks so much again Dave,thanks thanks and thanks again...
Dave am so sorry to might have make you think other wise about my previous mail to you,I am not angry in any way and God's knows am not holding anything against you because you are not the course of my mothers death,mum's death comes from God,I guess is God's time to take his own being back because there was a verse in the bible which stated ''GOD GIVETH AND GOD TAKETH'',so please am not putting any blame on you for her death and I know assuming you are having much then you will definitely help me because you have always been a good man to me,so Dave I don't have anything against you and I will never do,you are my God on earth now Dave.
Thanks for the so much compliment and you are such a wonderful man too.Thanks also for your concern about my life now,I guess things do change because like they all always say,what ever that comes good don't last long.Yeah may be yes or may be no,I may be happy again till will finally meet each other in person but you know happiness don't just comes like that,is only when you have what will make you happy that you can be happy but I guess with you now back in my life ,I strongly guess I can be happy again,thanks so much for your concern and to be sincere with you,talking to you as done a lot in my life in the short while and I just hope it will not stop and continue like this ...right?I feel so good by knowing you are still there for me and by talking to me again,thanks to the come back.I have to write to the mail,not on till when you send me the money,things is never done like that,what of if you are not willing to send me any money,would I not write back to you,so am always welcome to write back to you.Oh am sorry to say Dave but am not having my cell phone any more and my number as even been blocked for now but may be if am blessed to get a new cell phone,then I can visit my network provider office or rather get a new number,well till then but for now I ain't got cell phone any more.Thanks for everything Dave.I do envy your life style a lot ..You are a such strange type,thanks again for all...

Hugs and Kisses