Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Finn (Denmark)
Letter 1
Salut git,

It is Anastasia and my friends call me Nastya. I'm from Russian Federation ( xxf ), from a small province Bogorodsk ( tda ).
Where do you live? I saw your profile, I want to meet online with you.
If you have the same opinion as me, then let's reply to me ..)))
At my email address:
Letter 2
Hi Finn. How are you? Everything’s ok? Thanks for replying me so quickly. I am now here to tell you more about me. I have been working for a beauty salon, for 3 years already. Adore my job and its results.
I have graduated from the Kazan medical university, so I’m a doctor.
As you see, I don’t work for what I have studied, coz it’s difficult to find something good and profitable. In my country it function like this :( My height is 170 cm. I’m originally blond but I often change my hair color. My eyes are green… Mmm, what else? Oh, I do not smoke or drink alcoholics, even being a typical Russian girl ;-) By the way, my friends say I’m quite pretty. Maybe they are lying? I’m loyal, tolerant and kind-hearted. What I dream is to have a loving family, children and a caring husband. For this I’m ready to go anywhere. Im against betrayals and cheating. I’m quite a happy woman. I do a job I like, I am autonomous, most of the goals are reached. One thing is missing, though. I’m still not married… Now it’s your turn to tell me more about yourself. How do you look like? What are your habits? Is your city big? Maybe you could send me your photo? Dear Finn! I’m looking forward to your reply and more information. I also thank you for taking interest in my personality. Sincerely yours, Anastasia.
Letter 3
Hi Finn! Thank you so much for replying me back. It rises up my days and it flatters me that you are interested it what I write you.
Unfortunatelly, there is no picture of yours attached to this letter.
It makes me feel sorry. You don’t want to reveal yourself?
Ok,I want to continue with the description of my life and my interests. I know you know not much yet. Ah, first of all letme say why I have decided to search for a friend on internet. It’s a bit long story, but I want to tell you all about it. I have a veru close friend, the best one. Her name is Elena. I think I know her for eternity. (Do you have friends like this?) I was always sure I knew everything about her…but… secretly she went to the international agency (coz she also was single) and left there her photos and resume.
The agents there helped her to find friends with lots of people around the world, sure they were all men. That’s how she found John, a man from the United States.. When they were writing each other for a lot, she decided to tell me about their story. I was killed. She told me she was to pack her dresses and go to visit him. I tried to tell her she was risking too much but she wounlt listen. I was always wery critical to these meetings, I heard about defrading and about Russian girls becoming prostitutes in America. She came to meet him, even if everyone was against it and guess what? In 3 months she invited me for their wedding. They got merried twice, once in the United states, second time here in Russia. I m the first to say that there is no ideal people, and love that lasts for ever is a fairy tale. But you have to see them, you think that the fairy tale might come true. I was themdancing on their wedding, and I saw how happy they were..i cant forget their eyes..they were so fond of each other. And I think I just also want to be happy like everyone in this planet. So why not to search on the internet? Maybe I’ll be lucky as my friend? I hope a lot J God I forgot to tell you a bit about my family. Not so much to tell actually, there are 4 of us: me, my mom, my grandmother, and the only male representative cat Vasilij. :) My father died when I wasn’t born.
It’s a tragedy still for my mom who keeps on being faithful to him. We live in a small apartment, but we enjoy it, we are all great friends and as you know the more the merrier. My todays’ question for you is what do you like in people? What do you appreciate? Waiting for your next letter.
Letter 4

Dear Finn
It makes me feel really happy when I see your letters. I think that my letters may be annoying a bit for you, coz they are always long.
Maybe you like more precise people. So now I will try to have a better control over how much I write. Today I want to continue my talk about my life.
When I was a child I decided to become a doctor. I was then influenced with a documentary about how doctors save our lives. I appreciated this profession a lot and easily enrolled my university.
5 longs years were over and I started working as a doctor.
4 years passed and I understood that in my country either you are a lying doctor, who sells medicine for taking money out of sales, or you are a poor needy person.
I wasn’t able to maintain myself and I had no money for the most basical needs.
So this is how I happened to work for a beauty salon.
What about your job and country? Do you appreciate it?
Then after work (usually at 8 in the eveing) I go to an internet cafe.
It has become recently my hobby, because I am not good at using computers.
By the way it takes me 1-1.5 hours to write you a letter like this. )))
If you want, I may write you more often, im just afraid of bothering you.
Or if you want I may call you so that we may even hear each other. I would like to hear you, it is more real and physical.
I stop here, coz im very tired today.
Miss you.
Letter 5
Finn, I again write you the letter... Again I write. And it gives me much pleasure every time. The moment of communication with you!!! I hope you ‘re also very glad to read my letter?
Today I had an interesting situation.
I have woken up and prepared a usual breakfast for me. I prepared a breakfast and absolutely unexpectedly thought about you! Yes, about you!!! I have recollected you. But not just recollected, I asked myself: "it is interesting, what breakfast does Finn like!?!" It became interesting to me to know about your morning. How do you spend the morning!? What spirits do you have in the morning!? Do you prefer tea or coffee? I suddenly felt such a strong interest. Even without the letter, without visit to Internet cafe. I just unexpectedly thought about you Finn! Absolutely unexpectedly. I even have smiled.
It was pleasant to me to reflect about you and your a breakfast. Then I had a look at mine a bouquet which had presented me my firm. Do you remember, I wrote you about a holiday at my work? Such beautiful and gentle roses. I thought about you again. This bouquet is an association with the romanticist. Not with work! With the romanticist, with you. You’re the most romantic and interesting part in my life now. I don’t rest any hopes, it’s still very much early . Finn, I not a thoughtless lady, who rushes to any relations, no! I simply like our BEGINNING. The beginning of our relations. In the morning when a person wakes up , he gets emotions for all day. Pleasure or grief.
Excitement or calmness. My morning emotions are thoughts about you.
Interest about Finn. Interest and a smile. Once I can probably present this SMILE for you. And I can see your smile. I am assured we will communicate for a long time. In due course you’ll learn much new.
I will tell how I spent my day. I will tell how I had a rest. I wrote you that I never communicated on the Internet. You are the first person. And I do not know how comes a changing of correspondence between two people. And we are so far away from each other! But I think we will find the right way of communication! And I hope we have already found the right way of communication! Do you agree with me? I like to communicate with you very much!! Good luck for you! My SMILE is for you! Yours Anastasia .....
Letter 6
Hello Finn!
I feel my life to become more interesting, because I communicate with such an interesting person! I communicate with you!
Thanks you, you make my life interesting!
I met with my friends now. I have told them about you. My friends noticed happiness in my eyes. And I told them, I was lucky enough because I communicate with a very interesting person.
Earlier I tried not to speak about our correspondence. But now girls asked me, because they had guessed, as if I had a secret!
And I have told, my secret is Finn!!!
It is impossible to hide even a small happiness in somebody’s eyes! I wrote you about my parents, about my family. They are the most appreciated people in a human’s life. And I’ve recollected I have not told you about my friends. They are people, who I appreciate the most after my parents. Unfortunately, my parents and family are far away from me now.
But my friends are always near me. They are always with me! I wish to tell to you about my best friends.
I have two best friends. My best friend is Katya. We are always together, because we work together. My second friend is Olga. Olga works as the economist. She is the manager of a small firm. We spend our free time usually together.
When there is a good weather, we walk. We go to the cinema together.
Tell me about your friends too. Friends always help in our difficult time. Friends are the major part of our life. I will be glad to learn your friends. Because if we meet sometime (I hope we will meet once!), I’m assured, I’ll get acquainted with your friends. Therefore I wish to know them better now.
Finn, have you already told your friends about me, about our correspondence?
What do they speak?
Tell to me also, how do you prefer to spend your free time. I have told you I like to walk with my friends. I do not visit night clubs. My last visit in night club was many months ago. I do not like night club, because drunk men begin importune. I left the night club at once. And I did not appear there. I am a serious girl. And I do not communicate from men, who need only entertainment.
We visit a cafe sometimes. When there is cold weather we go to a cafe. We like to drink hot coffee and eat tasty cakes. And we have long conversations about our life. The usual female conversations :) But now I spend my free time in a new way. I go to Internet cafe and I write you a letter. It gives me much pleasure!!
I feel now : my life starts to change. There are pleasant changes for me. I should go. I’ll wait for your letter soon! I’m looking forward your letter!
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