Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Kuznetsova to Michael (Australia)

Letter 1

My Dear Michael!! I haven't much time to write to you!!My Mom passed road and was broken leg .She need operation fast.Its costs 370$.I have only 120$.I can't ask anyone, I have only you!
My adress is My address:
city Saratov,
410600 poste restante.
full name-Kuznetsova Alexandra You can send money thru Western Union.
Dear for money of receptions I should know this Information. 1) The full name of the Sender
2) The full address of the Sender
3) MTCN (use number)
4) The sum trunsfer.
I pray that you help me!Bye for now!I must hurry.
Yours Sasha
Created: 2006-07-21    Last updated: 2006-07-21    Views: 775
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