Scam letter(s) from Galina Shtien to Royce (England)

Letter 1
Hi my love! I am very glad to receive from you the letter!
My the darling, today I went to bank and have learnt as you can send me money and that for this purpose is necessary.
In bank to me have told that the easiest and fast way of transfer of money from one country in another, it to send money through the company which is engaged in remittances worldwide. This company is called "Western Union". In bank to me also have explained as you can send money and as I can will receive them. That you could send me money to you it is necessary to know my data: this my name, a surname, the country, a city and the postal index. I will send to you the data in the end of the letter. And that I could receive money which you have sent to me, it is necessary for me to know your data and a confidential code which is called MTCN. To me have told that I necessarily to know: your full name and a surname (which you awake that to write at form filling), which you have sent your country and a city, the sum, and most important thing MTCN, without this code I cannot receive money. My dear Royce I am madly glad that can help me with arrival to you! I very strongly miss on you! I will wait with huge impatience of your answer and I will hope for your help! I send you the most sweet kisses and gentle embraces! Your love Galina!
These are my data on which you can send me money. Please be more attentive at form filling!
Letter 2
Hi my love. I am very glad to receive your letter. My dear, many thanks for that that you have sent me that information which it is necessary for my aunt that she could send money on your bank, and you in turn will send them to me. Thanks to it our meeting already will take place in the near future. The act you have proved that you really love me and want that I was with you nearby. My love, your details of the bank account, I will transfer to the aunt and she will send money for your bank account as soon as she it will be made by me to you at once about it I will inform.
My love Royce, I so to be glad that am already fast our dream together to be carried out and that to us cannot prevent. I am grateful to the god that have met you in the life and I never wish to leave you. All my dreams and desires it only - YOU, my love. I very much love you and I miss, my heart on eyelids yours, with love Galina!!! kissesssssss!!!
P.S. My love, my aunt will send money for your bank account from the account, and you in turn should send them to me through Western Union. As soon as my aunt will send money for your account, she will inform at once you on it. I to it have left all your data that it could contact you
Letter 3
HI my sweet love Royce! I am very glad to receive your letter! Your letters warm my day as a sun beam! My dear at first I would like to arrive to you as the tourist, under the tourist visa approximately for a month. We should learn each other better and I think it good idea. I communicated with the aunt about whom spoke to you in the last letter. She has married on Englisman, she has got acquainted with he through the Internet, also as well as we! But now my aunt together with the husband are in a small city in Norway, at them there business. My aunt has agreed to help me with money for arrival to you! I understand that now in the world a lot of swindle and consequently I will not ask money you. I am very glad to that that she can to help us with realisation of our dream! My dear but my aunt cannot send me money directly. She can send money for the bank account from her bank account in UK, but I have no bank account. My dear, she can send money for your bank account, and then you will send me them through company Money Gram. My love it are unique a way as I can will receive from it money. I hope you will help me with it, after all all for realisation of our meeting! She cannot send me money through Money Gram because in a city where they now live there is no company Money gram. There is only a Western union, but in Norway through the Western union it is possible to send only 1000 Norwegian crones in a month is approximately 400 dollars. But for a trip it is required to me much more and consequently I cannot wait half a year that my aunt has sent me all necessary money. My love if you agree, you will not spend the money, you only will help to receive to me money from my aunt. My dear I hope that you agree, after all that we were are happy together to us it is necessary to overcome only one last step! And I ask you that you have helped me with it! I love you and very much I wish to meet you my fine love, you all for me! I wait for your answer! Yours forever Galina!!!
P.S. More low I leave data necessary that the aunt could send money for your account which you should fill and send me back...
I love you!!!
Letter 4

kisses and hugs because I love you Royce! Bye for now my love. I will be thinking of you my love!
Your Galina.
P.S. My love, as to my travel to you today I have received that money which you to me have sent and has paid to tour agency. My dear, try to send today already to me the rest of money that I have completely paid off with tour agency as I have already signed with them the contract. As soon as you will send me money, at once inform me on it and do not forget to send me the necessary information.
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