Roamnce scam letter(s) from Janet to Adrian (Romania)
Letter 1
Hello my love Adrian!!!! I am ready to write you the important letter now. Thanks for your answer to me.
I think much of us as we will be together. That we will do, and that us does to each other more close. Just last night dreamt of it and already thought, that you meet me! That it is all very simply and there are no problems. Then I with pleasure to run to you in hands. That you could embrace me! If you already embrace me at the first meeting - then all changes. I will see your care and your aspiration to be together with me. All only depends on us. And if we to wish be together we certainly together we try. I also thought of our love much and have understood, that I can not wait for our meeting!!
I learnt already in agency of travel for me very big pleasure!!! I can really tell to you - that I went in a city of Baku and learnt all there. I will speak to you more low a few their condition. Nevertheless all is remarkable, and I am very glad to news! I have told it - that have got acquainted with the good man on the Internet and now I wish to go to you to meet. Then they spoke me the following:
1) that I should be more cautious with you. As there is a lot of deceit on the Internet. And men invite girls. Then girls come to men to Europe, the USA and Canada.
The man is taken away by passports from girls. And then girls work as prostitutes.
To me have told in agency, that I should be assured that I do.
And also the government does laws the following:
2) each tourist should make out a trip through agency. As then it will be possible to supervise process of a trip me. Nevertheless I the tourist also can have the tourist visa.
3) the government of Azerbaijan has a struggle against swindle. And consequently do not wish so simply to release our girls from the country.
4) I should have the tourist visa for 3 months. And also to book tickets in agency to you and back to a city of Baku. It is the law such.
Otherwise I cannot go to you.
5) Now agency conditions. This serious agency, I talked already to the tourist agent. They showed me their documents, and also a photo of happy people. Which flied to other countries through this agency "My world travel service"
I have told to my agent that he has written you the letter. That you could decide together what to do. ok the darling??????????
I think, that you will write it the answer.
Now.... My favourite I would like you to ask - if by the plane to fly, then there are by-effects or? Whether terribly it to fly by the plane? Watched on TV much, what planes to break in air? I want, that you have supported me. Nevertheless!!!!
I trust you of 100 ! But I am afraid. BUT I am ready to risk for the sake of us. For the sake of our future and our love.
I am ready to make everything to arrive to you. I will trust you more.
The agency has warned me. THAT I was cautious. Favourite if we love each other and at a meeting it is very strong, or is even stronger. Then I would like to remain with you for ever. FOR EVER. But we will speak more about it at a meeting. I am ready on all. But nevertheless it certainly problems with trip payment.
As I the girl not the rich. But I can cover some expenses. I promise. I hope, what you not to search for the rich girl???
Nevertheless I can pay half of my salary in agency, and these are 60 euros. I have no more money.
I think, what you will help me?????
If you wish to help me with payment. Then also tell it in agency. I want, that you have solved all questions with my tourist agent.
Write it the letter:
- Tell, that you know me.
Tell when we should meet.
Tell to it also where it should be. I to finish now my letter, and compelled to leave! Wrote this letter long and my hands have a little got tired. But I do not regret, that all wrote it to you. As it is important for both of us. If you all seriously think of us, please speak me the answer.
But I do not wish to wait long. As I should give to agency my answer the next day. Tell to me the answer. And then I will write again to them the letter. We can write with them letters through e-mail. Both I, and you.
I give to you e-mail my agency: I love you, my darling! You always with me, in my heart.
And I here, with kisses yours for ever Janet!!!
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