Scam letter(s) from Anna Gizatullina to Johny (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Johny, how are you? Thanks for reply, when you can send me photos?
I can understand you about you and how you came in australia, also you helped chinese girl which contacted you on the internet and now she live and stay in your country! Yes, I would like to come to you and start work maybe, but on first place it's meet with you in your country to check our relation, feelings and future and then I can think about work in your country!!! Are you agree with me?
I am sure I can come to you as tourist and use tourist visa, I can make visa in embassy of moscow, not in russia it's no problem if the person have money. I want to say to fine news! My vacation will be in this month and maybe we can think about my trip to you but i am not sure how will cost my trip to you, I am sincere and open woman and I want to talk with you about all things, details! I like you so much!
Let's think about meeting now, do you like me? I wait reply?
Letter 2
Hi Johny, thanks for letter and photo, I liked to check it!
I am upset because you don't want to run with our meeting if even i have my vacation in this month... we really could meet and check realtion and maybe then think about our future.. but you want to wait.. ok, i am ready wait but how many time? I don't want to wait some months, can you understand me? I like you and I have my girlfriend which live in moscow some years and she could help me to receive my visa in AU for short time and without problem,, it's possible with money.. but i am not sure now that my salary will be enough to come to you and pay for passport, visa and tickets for around way? I hope you can understand me that I am not possible to pay for my trip to you without your support, what are you think?
Your Natalya.
Letter 3
My Johny! I am so happy because you will be happy to invite me in your country now and any time and help me with money to come to you because my salary really not well, thanks but you want to be sure that I am real woman which want to have serious relation with man as you? Ok, I can prove you and made now copy of my passport and send to you it, I hope it will be enough? when I will be in Moscow I think I could call to you and it' no problem and we can talk. My girlfriend ready to help me with my visa and papers if you can help me with my charges, finance?
I calculated and totally with tickets for around way and papers and live in Moscow some days I need around 2000 dollars it's so big money for me and i haven't it, I just hope for you.. are you need the name os hospital where I work? we in my city have many hospitals and if I would like deceive you I could say any name and any number but i am honest woman and say just true! Yes we have phone in hospital but if your friend will call there nobody will invite me to phone to talk..
Understand it's russia and we have many person who work in hospital and we not know each other all.. i hope you can understand me? I am not plan let you down, i promise and if you will help me and trust me - i will come to you, I trust to you too, I am kind woman too and I have wish to be with you, the life in russia not good, also it's hard to find good man! Now i have chance and have found you good and kind man and we have chance to meet and i do not want to lose this chance for my destiny in good country and lovely man as you! I hope you can understand me? I am honest with you, give me chance and we will be together in this month - i promise, believe in me. I am in love you! I wait your reply?
Your love Natalya.
Letter 4

Hello my honey Johny!!! I waited your letter and I am so happy because you gave me chance for our meeting with you and new life, thanks!!!!
It's good news that are you ready to share charges with me and help me with finance 2000 dollars, thanks. I will not let you down never - I promise!
My vacation will start since 13th january untill 10 february and I could stay with you around 15 days if are you wish it or maybe even more, we can see it. If you can make transfer to me today or tomorrow I can travel in Moscow 13 january in the evening and start to make my papers as visa, passport to buy tickets for around way in moscow with my girlfriend which will help me to take it for short time, I can make all my papers in moscow for 5-7 days and then fly to you in Australia! I think in the middle of the next week I could fly to you already. Do you want to know my full information to make transfer? Yes, I learned too, in the banks spoke me the best way to you to make transfer if you will use the systems as Western Union or Money Gram, the best system it's Western Union and when you will send money, I will need from you - your full name, address, how much money are you send and transfer number. Also here all my information: my name is Natalya, surname is Kourenewa, address: Russia, Kazan, street Lenina 12, flat 106.
Now you know all information and our meeting in your arms! I hope to see your reply soon and travel in Moscow 13th january after tomorrow after your help. Yes, when I will receive my visa in Moscow I will send to you copy it's no problem, I am in love you and have many hopes with you my Johny, you gave me chance for love and to be happy, we can start to check our relation so soon as soon as we will meet with you in the next week!
I am happy!!! I wait your fast reply, kisses to you!
Your baby, future maybe wife, Natalya.
Letter 5
Johny, my vacation will start after tomorrow and I am ready travel in moscow in embassy to start to make my papers and my girlfriend will help me but now I need your care with my charges it's 140 dollars for my trip in Moscow, 230 dollars to pay for passport to make it short time, 80 dollars to pay for visa and 200 dollars to live in Moscow around week, totally I need 650 dollars. Can you make transfer today online by Western Union? Also when I will be in Moscow yes I will can say to you the dates when I can fly to you and then you can buy the plane tickets for me online, ok I like this idea about tickets! But now I wait your help for my papers and trip in Moscow.
I believe in you, write me soon, kisses!
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