Scam letter(s) from Maria to Iain (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you, my name is Maria and we met each other on the site. Now I decided to write you a letter and introduce myself.
Communication is the beginning of everything, do you agree with me? :) Well, as I said, my name is Maria, or just Masha, I'm from Krivoj Rog, this is the city in Ukraine, in Dnepropetrovsk region. This is an industrial city and we have a lot of factories, plants and mines here, but we also have museums, theatres and other interesting places. If you want to know more I can tell you later, you may ask me about anything you want. The funny fact about my city is that Jean-Claude Van Damme's (you may know this actor) girlfriend is from my city and I even know a guy who know her, ha ha ha :) As you see, foreign men find the happiness with local girls, this is a good sign. Here are some more facts about me: I live with my Mom and I have an elder sister, she is already married. My Dad separated from us, and we are not communicating too much, just sometimes on holidays. Last time I saw my Dad was when we were celebrating my sister's wedding.
I am 25 years old and I'm on the last year of my studying at State Technical University of Krivoj Rog, my major is Ecology and I can explain why I chose exactly this subject. I live in the city with plenty of plants and mines and because of this the city is really polluted, I think this is a big problem of the world in general and I hope to be useful for the planet in future. I will graduate in January 2011 and it will be a great relief, because it is very hard to study here. I don't have a permanent job, sometimes I have a part-time job as a waitress, sometimes I baby-sit and try to help my Mom with the money. I will tell you the reason of looking for man abroad. Almost a year ago I broke up with my boyfriend with whom we were together since I was 20. It is a long and sad story, it will be enough to say that he was using me in all meanings: physically, financially and emotionally. I was ****** and I was in love and of course I was blind. It is great to be in love, but it is bad to be blind.
I was going to the dates since that time, but still can't trust local men. I read in newspaper that a lot of women from my country search for love abroad and find it. So, everything is over with local men and I want to find somebody from anther country. I perfectly understand that if I fell in love, I will need to relocate, learn the language and culture, but I'm ready for this, my close people are also agree with this. We can discuss this more.
I think this letter is getting very long, please, tell me more about yourself and send me more photos, I'm sending mine, Maria
Letter 2
Hello! So, you replied and we can talk :) It was nice to get to know more about you, I hope we will continue as well, just talking and getting to know about each other. I think that if we like each other completely, we can meet, why not? Virtual communication is easy, but how we will act in real life? Who knows... so, because of this, we need to meet. But I think it is too early to talk about meeting, don't be offended. I am quite new here, but I have already talked to several "maniacs", they were asking me for a meeting in the first letter. I will never meet a man without talking to him at least for two weeks, but it is better to talk more. I also was asked for the **** photos and I had to report those guys to the administration of the site, I am not a ***** actress, I can be naughty and wild and **** but only for the person whom I love. I see nothing bad in making love to your beloved and being seductive, I'm really open to this, but I will never make love to the person whom I don't know. My man will get everything I have, all love, care, tenderness and passion, I am family oriented person and serious person, it is a pleasure for me to take care about people I love, now they are only my Mom and sometimes sister, but when I have a man, he will never complain. but my man should be also special. I'm not about money or luxury, or partying, I prefer a walk on the beach, or cuddling at home, or going out together or just watching the movie. Age and appearance are also not important, I am used to judge people only by their inner world, their words and deeds. My man should be loving and reliable, attentive to me, romantic and smart. He should see me not only like a pretty girl, but also a personality, he should respect me. I don't really like being around people who smoke and get *****, I have never do this myself, though I can drink a glass of something tasty on occasion. I think it is not necessary to say that I hate liars, from my previous letter you can understand it perfectly, my friend. So, this is how I see my man.
I have noticed that I said nothing about my hobbies, my spare time. When I am free I like listen to the good music, for example, I like Vivaldi, but also Madonna, Massive Attack, Pet Shop Boys, I adore ABBA and some Ukrainian and Russian bands. I like different movies, generally dramas and comedies. Reading is my passion and I like poems, William Blake is my favorite. I also like being active, I like jogging and go to the gym sometimes, also I like basketball, but I don't play, just watch it. But I have active life even without sport, I'm always in good shape :)
I like getting to know new things, now I'm trying to learn English as I don't speak it and have to translate my letters by other people (translation firm). Anyway, you can ask me about anything you want, Kisses, Maria
Letter 3
Hello, my dear friend! Strange thing happened to me today. The whole day I was thinking about you and what I would write you in this letter. I was really pleased to get your answer and to get to know more about what kind of person you are. Communication is really important in relationships, we get to know about each other, but of course it is better to meet each other and to see who we are. I think the way person writes about himself could tell a lot, words are the great way to express yourself, but there are much more things that could express yourself. The way you look, your gestures, your deeds, the way you smile and the way you are silent. All this is impossible to get to know in the distance, and it is impossible to understand with any gadgets that were invented by people for talking in a distance. Meeting is really important and I think you also know this. Now we can talk to each other and to get prepared to it. Well, I don't have much news here, it is very cold here, and I am trying to warm myself, I drink a lot of hot tea and try not to go outside without need. I'm not too much "winter" person, I prefer comfortable temperature, maybe about +20.
My sister and her husband are coming to me tonight, she told me that they have something important to tell me and my Mom, I am not sure what they are going to tell us and I'm very curious about this. I think I will cook something special in the evening, I will have to go to some classes today, this senior year is really hard and I can't miss even one class, if I do this I will have problems with graduation. I am planning to cook beef with sore lemon sauce, this is my favorite dish because I invented it myself :) Also I will bake some cakes for the dessert. Maybe one day you will come to me and I will cook something for you as well. Your favorite dish :) I also wanted to tell you that I like the way we are talking to each other, the way the friendship is developing between each other (I consider you being my friend) This is the way how I imagined the communication with the man I want to have serious relationships with: first we talk to each other, get to know each other and open ourselves and then we plan the meeting with to see how we fit each other in the real life. As you see, I'm serious about what is going on, I don't want to be lonely, I want to have serious relationships based on trust and love. Many kisses to you, Maria
Letter 4

Hi, honey! Oh, I greet you with the New Year too, my darling :)
What are you doing today? What were you doing before you read my letter? I'm curious, because I want to imagine you there, what are you doing, what are you going to do... I noticed that I think about you all the time, I think about you the whole day. If you were here with me I would just invite you to my place and surprise you with the great dinner, everything will be really sweet. I will switch off the light and put little candles all around the flat and it's light will be or orange color, they will be be giving the warmth and light, but I want to get the real warmth of one special person... Can you guess whom I am talking about? :) Try to... Some romantic music will be playing, I have heard some great song, it is «Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You», I don't know who is singing and can't understand the lyrics, it is hard for me to recognize anything in English text, I just found the name of it. So, you can imagine all this, honey.
I have different thoughts about the continuation of the evening, but would love to hear yours :) You see, I have been lonely for a long time and I hope you don't mind me hurrying and thinking about you in this way, my darling one? I don't want to scare you, I just want to open my feelings and thoughts to you. I want to be sincere with you, because sincerity and trust are really important for the communication. I hope that you also have some thoughts of this type about me, and I will be really happy to hear them. My sister brought us good news - they will have a baby :)
I am passing some exams at the University, and I'm trying hard to make everything right there. I wish you were here to make the massage for me because all my muscles are swollen and I need some rest. I can't wait when all this over and I can be a free person and to choose what to do then. I want to be with the special person and connect my future with him, and maybe it is you. We need to meet each other to get to know about this.
I am looking for the new part-time job right now, I want to earn some money after I finish the studies, I'm not used to be sponsored, I always have been earning money for my needs, but all this is so exhausting, sometimes it is really hard to live like this, I always wanted to live a family life and surround my beloved man with care and attention. I think that the woman can work if she wants to and if it is necessary to help the family, but I always wanted peaceful family life. Hope you understand me right. I will never put pressure on my man, we will be doing only that we both want to do, I think it is necessary to decide all the things together, darling. I want to tell you that I like you and I want to kiss you right now. Your Maria
Letter 5
To attention of the receiver, This notification refers to inform you, Dear Sir, about the request our client Maria (the lady you are corresponding with).
Your lady Maria asked us to tell you that she can not continue communication with you any more due to her personal problems in financial field. Your lady apologize to you and ask you to wait until her situation is normal again.
However, we can advise you to help your lady with the paying for our services (translation, access to the Internet, scanning and printing, chatting, phone conversations, delivery of presents) if you are willing to do this. We are working with limited amount of foreign citizens though all services are available. We are not representatives of any dating or marriage site and deal with the translation and delivery for special clients.
Please, answer this notification as soon as possible. "Freestrans"
Registrantion number: AA2604826
Address in Ukraine: Krivoj Rog, Tchapaeva street, 23
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