Letter(s) from Svetlana Nazarova to Howell (Australia)

Letter 1

hello my love! Why did you write me such ????? I have never cheated on you, and always was honest with you! what happens? I could not write you earlier because I was very busy with my potential customers. I am very tired because I had to meet with the buyers several times a day! Now I can write you some good news today, I agreed with the buyers and if all goes well, then tomorrow night I'll be able to transfer money to you! my love, I do not want you to think badly of me! promise me to never doubt my sincerity? I never let my feelings for you! I always want to write to you only the good news, but I have to this point was not good news, so this is also one of the reasons why I did not write! Tomorrow I'll write you all the information about the sale of the apartment and the transfer of money! My love, I very much miss you, I often visualize myself in your arms! a little more time and we'll be happy together! I love you! now I need to go to sleep, I'm very very tired, tomorrow I have another bad day! I pray to God that tomorrow I had already received the money for my apartment and was able to start my journey unto thee to the love of my life!

with love forever and always your woman, Svetlana!

Letter 2

hello my love. I am very pleased to get a lot of your letters. you have now a new address email, I have successfully kept it. and now I'll write to you at your new address. my love, I have news for you my buyer refused to buy an apartment, but I did not throw up their hands and still trying to sell the apartment. this is a very joyful news to me if you will meet me on Friday! I love you, I'll be early next week as soon as possible to sell the flat and and immediately send you all the money. I very much miss you and can not live without you and your warm feelings toward me. soon I will still be able to come to you in your arms. this will be the happiest moments of my life! I very much want to sit down and write you a lot of my letters, but I did not get to do it every day. I deny myself largely because of lack of money. I need as soon as possible to sell the apartment and come permanently to Australia. I wholeheartedly wish us luck and as soon as I arrive to you I will make you the happiest man on this planet! I have a lot of promises in front of you, I never forget what I promised you, so I carefully watch for my nails. I know what it brings you much pleasure. when you got it pleases and it pleases me!every day I imagine us in each other's arms! Is it not happiness to be together forever! for me it is genuine happiness. I love you and I very much hope that today I can write you another letter! I love you!

With love forever Svetlana !!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hello my love, I got the money you sent me and finally I got all the necessary documents and now I have no trouble can come to you. my dear, I was at the airport, I was told that no flights to Busselton. my love, now I have to fly first in Perth, and only then in Busselton. my dear, I hope that I can come to you this way. my love, I am writing to you my flight information to you:

flight BA7378, travel time 46h. 55m., travel time 00:50, Perth Arpt. from Perth I already have to take tickets in Busselton. my love, I'm glad that finally we can be together. I have a very long time waiting for this moment. my dear, now I'm very excited, but I have to force myself to relax. I do not want to come to you in a gloomy light. I love you and I will write you more tomorrow morning. before departing I want to read your letter and write you my news. my love, now I have to go to sleep. I love you and wish you good night, I wish you had a dream about our meeting with you. whole. until tomorrow, my love.

with love forever yours, Svetlana!

Letter 4

hello my love! my love, I just now an opportunity to write you! I'm now in Heathrow, due to weather conditions, I got stuck here, I myself do not find a place, I worry, I'm just furious! my love, I hope that soon I can come to you! I very much miss you! my love, I beg you not to worry, I'm safe! I am now at the airport, there are a lot of people, so I can not write to you more often! My love, do not worry, the money will come to you much sooner than I shall arrive to you, I do not know for what reason is, but it seems to me that this is also due to weather conditions! my love, tell Kerry, that she, too, no worries, the money that she spent with you, come back to it, I'll give all the debt! my dear Howell, I'll try to call you as possible! You know that I will not have enough money to do so! but anyway I'll try! because I love you and I do not want your frustration! soon I shall arrive to you, soon we'll be together, I'm already halfway to you, and do not ever want to turn back! I need as soon as possible to come to you, my love! I was very bad without you, but I find the strength to survive all of this nightmare! my love, we need to muster a little patience, I am to survive this nightmare, and you to wait until our meeting, and money! my love, everything will be fine! I love you and will wait for your letter with impatience! I'll write you later!

With love, Svetlana!

Letter 5

Hello my love, I am very glad that got a lot of your letters, I am happy to read your words of love! my love, I have everything in order, I was in the bank and finally figured out there and fixed the error, now I am left to wait a little bit of time needed to confirm the transfer of money and I am finally able to come to you! I love you and all my soul I want to be with you. to me you are the most important thing in life. dear, I plan to fly to you on December 30 in the morning, I think during this time that I have, I will be informed good news from the bank.

my love, I'm very uncomfortable, but I will again ask you to send some money, I do not ask much, I just need to pay the hotel. I have exchanged my ticket to you, my flight will be on December 30, but I already have a debt for the hotel. my love, write me if you can help me? I'm tired of all these problems, why is this happening to me! Why did fate not so gracious to me! my love, I love you and will wait for your letter! Now I will write to my girlfriend she can anything be able to help me! I love you!

forever yours, Svetlana!

Letter 6

my love, I forgot to write you my flight to you:

Flight AF8094, I'll fly to you from Sheremetyevo Arpt

arrival time: 00:55, Perth Arpt

travel time 34ch. 40m.

Letter 7

my dear Howell, if I do not find the money to pay the agency prior to the announcement of my flight to you, I do not know what to do.
I need 180 dollars. can you me more time to borrow the money?

Letter 8

I'm glad and happy that I still wait for your letter!
My love, the money must come to you. I myself will monitor it.
I'll come for information to the bank, I want to know, I want to be sure that the money will come to you.
I do not want to come back to me later, a letter will be told that once again made a mistake.
my dear, I could not withdraw the required amount of money, because as I explained this would increase the period of transfer and to further verification.
I do not want that money went to your bank account for a long time, I chose that option because that money will come to you faster.
I have now corresponded with my girlfriend, she told me that nothing can help. it is very sad for me.
but I need to find a solution for this problem, I need to find the money, come what may.
My passport is now with the hotel if I'm not paid for the hotel, I did not get back to my document.
and I can not get on board with you. I look forward to the moment when all these problems will end.
Why all this? maybe I'm unlucky? Again I am in a deadlock.
my love, I need all the time to do, I want to be with you on December 31.
I understand your wife in her place I'd probably just as well received.
but if she went now in my place, she would have changed his opinion of me as dirty clothes have changed.
but alas, she is now in his own house, and I'm in a strange city for me. Now I really do not know what to do.
on my shoulders piled apathy, but I can not sit here at the moment when I should be with you!
tell Kerri that I will return all the money, I never raced for other people's money and never going to do that.
I know the price of human labor and know how hard it is to get the money.
they need to earn an honest living and then everything will be okay.
my love, tell me who I hope? I've done everything to send money as soon as possible to you.
I am now without money, because first of all I think about my long and about people whom I should this money.
my love, now I'm in grief and despair, but still I hope for you, because I know that we can not draw each other.
and all I can think of sincere and mutual love. I love you and hope that I can wait for a response letter from you.
with love and waiting for yours, Svetlana!

Letter 9

Hello my love, my love, I want to tell you thank you very much for everything you did for me! I am happy that I met a just such a man as you. I can not let you down and try to do everything you ask me. I will not fail you and your wife. my dear, as soon as I receive your help, I'll send a copy of any document to kerri was able to confirm my sincerity. my love, you sent me the money in Australian dollars or U.S. dollars, please write me the exact amount and the currency in which you sent me money? I do not want me to have had problems with getting your help. I do not want to linger here, I want as soon as possible to come to you. Write me the exact information your help?

my love, write me as soon as possible when I come to the bank to get money that you sent me, I'll find out more accurate information transfer funds to your account. that's what I'll write you later when I get back from the bank. my love, I'm waiting for your letter. I love you. you are my ideal, and the meaning of my life!

With love, Svetlana forever!