Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Krukova to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, how are you? It is pity that I could not write to u earlier. We acquainted on dating site. To refresh ur memory, I send you my pic, do not forget send me ur photo. Waiting for your answer.
Letter 2
Hi Greg! I would like to write to you much now, but I on work and cannot speak much. My name Anya and me of 28 years. My growth of 175 sm and weight of 52 kg. It is all that I can tell now, but I will speak to you about myself more later. I will wait for your answer, and I wish to hear about you more. I send you other photo me. Anya.
Letter 3
Hello Greg! I am glad to receive your answer.
Time you have written to me, it means that I have interested you also to me it it is pleasant. :)
I as search for the man with whom at me it would turn out to construct serious relations on the Internet and in the future probably to make a family. There can be you and there is that man, but it will show time. You agree with me?
You know, I was very much pleased with that you have written me such big letter. I with a great interest read it and could learn something about you as about the person. I as will try to write to you as much as possible, but to begin with I wish to answer your question.
I knew about that. That you are more senior me, but it not a problem. The age difference has for me no absolutely what value. The most important thing are human relations. You agree with me? I hope that I have calmed you and that more you will not worry because of our age difference. Have agreed?
I with interest have learnt that you take a great interest in horses. I love horses as animals as they are very noble. But unfortunately I when did not practise riding. Whether I at all do not represent difficult it? You know, I would like to look at a photo you and your horses. It is possible?
I as wish to notice that we with you are similar in some things. For example I as well as you very much love the nature. I as well as you the usual person. I am satisfied by the life as a whole except that I do not have man nearby. On it I also have decided to get acquainted with you.
I very much liked that you were the military man earlier and served in army. I always had a weakness to military people as it seems to me that they the real men!
I would like to tell to you not much about myself and I hope that it will be interesting to you.
28 years and me seem to me that it is already enough solid age for the girl and on it I have made the decision that it is time to me to get any serious relations which can lead to family construction.
I consider myself as enough attractive girl as I watch the appearance and as I go in for sports. Not any certain kind of sports, and simply I visit a sports hall 3 times a week for employment by fitness. As in the summer I very much like to play beach volleyball. And you are engaged in any dispute? If yes, what? I when was not married and accordingly I do not have children. And you were married? And whether there are at you children?
As to my life I live one. Unfortunately I do not have apartment (yet it was not possible to earn on own habitation:)). But nevertheless I have moved for a long time from the father and now I rent apartment in one of sleeping areas of the city.
As to my father he lives in the house. As soon as the daddy has retired, he has sold the apartment in a city and has bought not big, but the cosy house in the country. I visit its each days off. I help it on an economy and simply I share with it how there has passed my week. To my father 63 years, but a healthy way of life help it to look younger and it is still full of strength.
I grew the only child in a family as at me is not present brothers sisters. I certainly very much wanted, that I had younger sister, but it depended not on me, and from my parents. And you? You have brother or sister?
I live in cultural capital of Russia, the city of St.-Petersburg. Whether I do not know you heard about this city, but he very big and lives in it nearby 4 500 000 persons. Your city too big and how it is called?
As to my work I work as the stylist in one of beauty salons of the city. I long went to it as I since the childhood was involved with fashion and beauty news. After the high school termination, I have entered the university on a speciality the stylist - the fashion designer. I have well finished university and having graduated began to search for suitable work. I have found it and it completely suits me, as I am engaged in favourite business and I receive not the bad income. I as would like to know whom you work and I hope that you will write to me about it.
In this letter I will send you pair of the photos and I hope that you as will send me the photo.
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Greg! I am happy to receive your answer.
I wish to tell to you that I cannot answer your letters at once as I do not have house computer, but I promise to you that I will regularly come to the Internet of cafe and to answer you every day.
I thank you that you have estimated my knowledge of English language. I really well know this language as has learnt it at institute. I always had a bent for to studying of foreign languages.
As to your fault-finding in a partner choice I do not see in it that bad. Each person should choose and is worthy the best. I hope that you will not find a considerable quantity of lacks of me (I laugh).
Mmmmmmm, me that you compare me with Kameron Diaz has forced to smile. I certainly know this actress, but me while who did not say that I something am similar to me. Thanks you for this comparison.
You know, I would like to ask you why you have not sent me the photo? You can send me a photo in the following letter? I very much would wish to look at it.
As to your question at me is not present what problems with my last men. I do not communicate with anybody from them as I wish to begin a new life. I think next time I will tell to you about the last relations if you want.
In the last letter I have not told to you much about myself as my letter and so it has turned out big enough, you likely have noticed it. Now I wish to tell to you more about myself and about the hobbies.
In free time from work I very much like to walk on the city, to read, listen to music, to go to the cinema and meet the girlfriends. In the summer we often go to bathe somewhere for a city and there we prepare a barbecue and we have simply a good time.
Yesterday I told to you about the work, but have forgotten to tell about the operating schedule. I work with 9:00 o'clock in the morning, to 19:00 o'clock in the evening every day except for the days off. As to my salary I receive nearby 400-450 USD in a month. In Russia it not bad money and they suffice me. And what operating schedule at you and as I would like to know, how many is made by your salary?
In the evenings I usually very much like to read various books. At my place very much a considerable quantity of different books and I have re-read practically all. Especially I like detectives and novels, and as a fantasy. And you like to read? If yes, you prefer what books? As sometimes I could descend at cinema, or in club. But to tell the truth the club life not so is pleasant to me. I certainly can afford time in couple of months it, but not more often. And what do you think of clubs?
As I very much would like to learn what kitchen to you it is pleasant most of all? I ask you about it because I perfectly prepare. By the way this one more my hobby. Last year I have finished courses of beginning cooks and since then I like to please myself with tasty and nourishing dishes.
Well here, my letter has again turned out big :). On it I perhaps also will finish it. I very much would want, that in the following letter you as have told to me about the hobbies and how you like to spend a free time.
I will wait for your answer.
Your new girlfriend Anya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Greg! I am glad that you have answered my letter.
I would like to learn what weather now in your city? As to me, in St.-Petersburg weather now not from the best. Simply in the street there is a small snow and the wind blows. It not so is pleasant to me. But I am am pleased at least with that in the street is not so cold. In total-3 degree.
I understand that at you the chamber is broken. But really on your computer there is no photo? Simply I feel awkwardly that at all did not see you while. I hope that till Monday you can send me the photo.
I have noticed that you have disregarded my question on the salary. I wish to tell that if you do not wish to discuss with me any theme simply speak to me about it. It is not necessary to ignore each other. Have agreed?
Unfortunately I do not understand a unit of measure about which you speak to me. I certainly heard about foots, pounds and inches. But it that does not speak me. But despite it, I think that that wolf was really big. If I was on your place I likely would be frightened. But :) you the man and on it you courageous.
You know, I nevertheless have decided to tell to you about the last relations. In my opinion it will give the chance to you to understand, why I do not wish to build a life with Russian men.
About one year back I have left the man with whom we were together throughout 4 years. We have got acquainted absolutely casually and have fallen in love each other at first sight. It very beautifully looked after me, gave colours and made various gifts. Approximately after a year of our relations I have moved to live to it in apartment. My father was not against it as it very much treated kindly it and they had good mutual relations, and opinion of my father very important for me. And we with it began to live together.
The first 2 years at us with it all was remarkable also we when did not swear, certainly we had not big disagreements sometimes, but we always quickly solved them. It worked as the director of a publicity agent in our city and he simply lived the work as it very much was pleasant to it and brought in its the big income. But unfortunately its firm has gone bankrupt and has broken up and the nightmare has from this point on begun simply in sew home life. Up until that time it at all did not take alcohol and conducted a healthy way of life. But firm disintegration has negatively affected it and he began to drink. There was no day that it came home the sober. I tried to talk to it on this theme and to stop its drunkenness, but he always answered me that its this business and that he in a condition to solve that it to do. Through a floor of year it has spent on drink all money which at it were, but has not stopped on it and began to sell valuable things from the house and has sold even the car. All this money has left on alcohol and entertainments. It had new acquaintances who as well as it spent the majority of time in bars, in clubs and to a casino. I tried to suffer all it as loved it and hoped that he will cease to drink and will begin a normal life, but it did not occur.
Somehow time it has come home as usually in a state of intoxication and I have decided to talk to it on this theme, but he instead of listening to me began to shout and as a result of this scandal it has struck me on the person. **** was on so much strong that I have lost balance and have fallen, having knocked by a head about the battery and have fainted. I have come to myself only in hospital. After that I it not to time did not see, as I have asked the girlfriend to take away my things from its apartment and have moved to live to the father. About one month I lived in the house of the father. I have taken vacation on work and tried to adjust the life. As a result I have got used to a lonely life and have again started to rent apartment and to live separately from the father.
After this history I have promised to myself that for what I will not connect the life with the Russian man as the basic problem in our country is an alcohol and almost all men drink much. Whether on it in one of the letters I have asked you much you drink also me pleases that you do not abuse alcohol.
Now you know history of my last relations and I hope that now you understand, why I wish to find to myself the man abroad.
I will wait for your answer with the big impatience.
Yours Anya.
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