Scam Letter(s) from Christabel Dobson Howell to Cynthia (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello there,
Thanks for the mail, how are you doing and how was your week, I hope you had a great week and looking forward to the weekend also, I am doing ok here and just been taking it easy here, Yes that is my pic that you see on the i can put any body's pic there other than myself so you are just looking at the real me, Thanks for the mail once again and the effort being made and spent to write them, Anyway to tell you much about myself i am 33years of age, i know you could just look at my photo and tell that i am looking young and some of my photos too tell i am quite old, To begin about myself i have not got that much to say but my name is Cynthia Mcdermott Ahenkorah, i have got an Australian mum and my dad happens to be white but he is a South African with a Ghanaian background, I was born in Ireland, stayed there till the age of three that was when we finally moved to Australia to make a living there permanently with my family so i did grow up in Australia, New South Wales, Newcastle. i have been here most of my life till i paid a visit to my dad's country that and lost him there to a fatal car accident, I really had a great dad very industrious and self determined man, He was a business man and owned quite a number of works in Ghana where i am presently taking care and managing my dad's work as he is no more, I was in South Africa and just got to Ghana in about a month agao, I am still trying to sort things out here if every thing happens well i shall get back to Australia in no time, I love to swim, go out for a walk a run, watch movies and TV, listen to some great music.

I am just new to this internet thing and i cant seems to find my way through out on the gays, I saw your profile and thought i could mail you so we can get to talk some more and learn about each other and see what happens.

I am at work now thought it Saturday here i do work but just for some few weeks. Tell me some more about you as i am stuffed here and cant think of anything to write at the moment, I shall write some more later this evening, have a great morning and a wonderful weekend, this are a couple of pics of me i just hope you like them .

Regards Cyndy.xx



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