Scam Letter(s) from Julia Balab to Farid (France)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend fred!!!!
very pleased to receive your letter. I want to make your photo. I hope you like it. I live in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod.
I am 28 years old, seeking a foreign man, because I want to change my life radically.
I hope our friendship will continue, because your profile on the site I really liked. If you are not hard, then you could send to me your photo. I am looking for a man who was older than me, because I am looking for a serious family values.
I want to create a good strong family - it's my goal. But I understand that we need to know one another.
Let's write letters! Do not forget photo ...
Sincerely, Kristina

P.s. I only know English, not perfectly true, but Russian and of course:)

Letter 2

farid hi!!!
Now I was so is glad when my love has read your letter.
For me it was hope and new force for our love.
The darling your help now can solve my problem which prevents to receive to me my tickets.
farid now at me all papers concerning the visa in norm and only the fact of a problem of money does not allow to employees of travel agency to give me necessary tickets that I could stay in your country my darling.
Now to receive my tickets.
farid it will be very good if we have time to solve this problem with you till tomorrow's evening.
Because already soon it will be necessary for me to go by train to Moscow to organise the start to you my love.
I hope for that that we with you can have time to organise all and I should not to ask change employees of travel agency my start in your country.
I think that with it there can be problems as I have concluded the contract with travel agency.
farid yesterday all night long I could not fall asleep and the fact of this problem pressed my breast doing me very sad.
farid but now I am quiet and I hope for you my darling.
Today I as have learnt about the Western Union.
Now I give you all necessary. That you could organise the information necessary transfer money:
Name: Kristina
Surname: Kungurova
The country: Russia

Letter 3

Hello my dear Farid!!!
I probably would not be able to fly out to you today! I do not know whether you have time to read my letter ... I can not fly out to you today. I have bad news. When customs inspection they asked me to show the cash - 1500 euro - that is the minimum amount I should be in possession when flying to Europe because I am flying on a tourist visa. But I do not have that kind of money! I am horrified, tried to explain to them that I do not need the money, because I live with my boyfriend! But they did not listen to me, saying that it is the law of Russia, who must comply with all. It applies to girls who go to another country, because many cases where the girl disappeared without a trace in another country, I told them that this can not happen to me! But they only said that it is the law and we can not release you. You must have money. I really do not know if you can help me with this money. Please try to borrow from their friends. because I do not spend a single cent from the amount you send to me. I'm just going to show the customs employees and as soon as you meet, you immediately give.
dear Farid, I feel terrible that I will not be able to fly today. I just want to ask you to help me last time, because I'll give you all the money that you helped me, but now I'm in a situation where I need your help again. I understand that I must not stay here in Moscow, I shall be with you!
dear Farid, please contact me immediately as soon as you receive my letter
Of course I'm not sure if you can help me, but I hope that our meeting will still take place ... I'm in a hotel at the airport. I can exchange the tickets for tomorrow and after tomorrow, so if you read my letter, please understand my situation. I feel bad that could not fly out to you today, believe me, it's not my fault.
Please contact me as soon as you receive my letter ... I was not able to write to you earlier, as being in on this issue.
dear Farid, I just want to say I love you and now I can not do it differently. I ask you to help me. You are to me means a lot and meet you - it's my happiness. I hope to see your letter soon.
If today I can not fly to you, I promised to change the tickets for the same money for tomorrow night flight. Please write me.
Kiss forever yours alone Kristina ...

Letter 4

My love, I do not play games with you, because I really loved you and for me it is important now to be with you. I understand that now the situation is serious and I can not solve it myself ...
Farid, if you do not turn out today to help us, then I have to sleep that night at the hotel which is located near the airport. I am very worried now .... It would be better if you could do it for us today, then I could be on your flight today! In any case, I now can only count on you ...
Can you send me this amount as a money gram, stating my data:
name: Kristina
surename: Kungurova
country: Russia (the region is not necessary to specify, because I am now in Moscow)
summ: 1500 euro
My love, I do not want you to doubt me and my feelings for you, it offends me! Farid, I love you and I want to be with you ... it's important for me .... I'm waiting for your answer, my love!

Letter 5

Hello, my love! Farid, excuse, that has kept you waiting, I now was in the airport to solve a question with tickets.
I took tickets for today's evening flight. Today at me a start at 22:45, and to you I will arrive tomorrow at 09:05, Charles De Gaulle Intl flight OK758!
My love, I so is glad, that tomorrow we will be together! Now it will be necessary for me to pass again the customs control, therefore I wait from you the letter... My love, I so worry now. This night I very badly slept with these experiences.
Farid, I am now tired a little, but I hope, that when we can solve problems with flight I will manage to have a rest... I will wait your letter now! I very much love you.... kiss, Kristina!

Letter 6

Hello Jean!!!
I in delight to see your letter on my e-mail. I am glad that you have not ignored my request to write to me. And I with the great pleasure write you the reciprocal letter. I hope that ours with you acquaintance will proceed on the pleasant note. I would like all to learn about you. And I hope that you will tell to me about you in our correspondence. I would like to know about you all. I hope that you will tell to me it...
I to you will tell about me in the following letter in more details. And I would like to learn about you. I will be glad to get with you pleasant dialogue. I would like to learn from you. What do you search? I here personally search for friends and I hope to find among friends my man of a life, my love... As at present I absolutely lonely. In this letter I would like to send you my photos. I hope that they will be pleasant to you. And I also hope to receive reciprocity in it.
I will look forward your following letter.
And I will necessarily write you the reciprocal letter.
Yours faithfully, your new acquaintance Yulia.

Letter 7

Hello my dear friend Jean!!!
I pleasure to see your new letter,
And with the big desire I read it and I write the answer.
I hope that my new letter will give to you the same pleasure, as well as me yours.
Dear Jean, I am glad to see your new letter and with the great pleasure I write you the letter to the answer. How has passed your "Christmas"? Whether fine you had a holiday? Yesterday I for example went with my parents to my grandmother and I was very glad to meet my grandmother. I have with the great pleasure congratulated her on a coming holiday and she also has congratulated me. How there is a preparation for your holiday? Whether you prepare for this fine holiday? You have bought what gifts to the relatives? I have for example bought to my the daddy a warm cap that to it it was not cold in the winter, and to mum I have bought a night dress that she met fine dreams. I hope that you will write that you have bought to your relatives for "New Year" as it is interesting to me to learn about it from you.
Jean, you represent week has begun at me enough not well. Today I was late on my work a little. As the stopper in the street was formed and such never was in my life. And it has very much surprised me. I hope that your week has begun perfectly.
My dear Jean, I am glad that you liked my photos but why you have not sent me your photo. I hope that you will send me your photo in the following letter. With impatience I will wait your photo. I was born and I live in city Kirov. Much to our regret I not to have neither the brother, nor sister. But I dreamt to have the brother or sister. But my parents have not pleased me. You will write me the a bit long letter when you will be at home? But where you now? I with impatience will wait from you your photo.
Dear Jean, in the new letter I would like to write more to you about me.
I consider that each woman is beautiful in own way!
I try to watch for my appearance, and I look after it! The beauty is big force! :)
For these reasons and other circumstances I work now in a beauty salon. Also I am able to do much for the woman and the man.
I can do a hairdress, manicure, a pedicure, massage the person, massage of a head and much...
I like my trade. I think that not in vain studied for this purpose.
I have no higher education as this dear pleasure and cost is a lot of money.
I am assured that "clever the person is done not by its formation, and its education and life experience".
How you think?
In my free time I like to be engaged in house affairs.
It is a pity, but for this purpose I have small enough quantity of time.
I very much am pleasant like my mum on house affairs. In particular to cook food, cleaning in the house...
Thanking my mum I also has learnt to prepare well. Very much it is pleasant to my daddy, as I cook house food.
Also in my free time I like to be engaged in some kinds of sports in particular run and in the days off aerobics. It allows to have good health and a pleasant kind... :)
Many men pay attention to me in Russia. But such men as in Russia for me it is not important.
To me are not interesting the man, which all give their time to other things, instead of their girls.
Jean as speak - "in Russia two troubles - fools and roads".
Rather "fools" - men,
Many good people are available in Russia, only all of them to have passion both very to love alcohol and few time to give their women.
It is awful, and I do not love it in people.
I dream to find the person who did not drink so much as the man in Russia, and to find time for its beloved. As I consider that the family should be amicable and have set joint interests,
And without people who abuse spirits. I hope, what you understand me?!
My friend Jean, I hope that has not tired you with my the letter?!
I as wish, that you have told to me about you,
Something new, told more!!
I will look forward your new letter,
And I will answer you it with the great pleasure.
Your girlfriend Yulia.



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