Scam letter(s) from Alena to Camilo (USA)

Letter 1

Hello. When I have read your profile I understood that we search for identical things in this life. I hope when you will read my profile you will be interested to begin ours correspondence. I know that you receive many letters from girls, but I will wait for your letter very much. Please write to me on my personal mailbox: With best wishes Alena
Letter 2

Hello Camellio!
It was so delightful to find your letter in my mailbox. I do not know from what to begin, in fact we practically know nothing about each other. Well first, I think, that I should tell to you, that actually I live in Russia. Simply when I made registration on a site, the administration of a site did not want to place my questionnaire then I have written, that I from USA and they have passed my questionnaire. I know, that I'm not the unique girl with whom you correspond. But I want to warn you that I have serious intentions and I do not want to be simple a toy. I think it will be interesting to learn more about me to you. My birthday is May, 4th. I'm 27 years old. I live with my grandmother and cat in city which is called Cheboksary. I know, that you can have a question, why I'm still alone. Simply there was no yet that person with whom I would spend the rest of my life. Once my heart has been broken, and I do not want, that it will repeated again,
therefore I am very cautious when I meet new people. I work as the seller in shop of children's toys. I work here three years. When I look at parents who buy toys their children, I see their happy eyes, I understand how strongly I wish to have the own family, this is happiness to have love in a life. Well I will wait for your next letter, I really wish to continue our dialogue. Alena
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