Scam letter(s) from Valeria to Eddie (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Eddie!) How are you doing? You do probably do not remember my name Valeriya. How long ago on a dating site, you left me your email, I now can not even remember the name of this site because it was a very long time about two months ago. This site I advised a friend, I have recorded your email yourself a notepad, but I have long hesitated to write to you. I hope I wrote not too late, you probably already have a different girlfriend? I send you my photo to you it was easier to me to remember. Eddie , we would like to know each other better on, but I'm afraid that I was late and that you found yourself another girl. Tell me I'll wait for your letter Eddie !!!
Your new or old friend Valeriya!))
Letter 2
Hello my friend Eddie!!!
mmm Eddie, you again write me!! so happy see your letter in my email box. how are you today? how your health? I hope that all of you well, because health is the most important thing that we have. Eddie, you agree with me?? I hope so. How has your mood when you get my letter?
and you saw there my some photos??? you like my photo??? Today again I'll send you my photo.
I would very much like you to send me more of your photos. I am writing with great hope that a letter today to see your photos tomorrow. Now I would like more to talk about me. You must be very interesting to introduce me. and the photos are a bit hard to do. so, I'll tell you about my height and weight. My growth of 171 centimeters, my weight 59 kg. Now I would like to tell you from where I am writing to you. I have a computer at home and I am writing you a letter from home. also I have a friend with whom we work together. now she is a secretary at the clinic, and she works at a computer. She told me that she communicates with her husband by mails. Her husband works in Poland. remember I told you about that friend invited me to try to find a man in internet. Maria had been married for many years with Misha. I am very grateful to my frined Maria.
the first thing that is important to us. fact that we are very far from each other. but it is even very interesting. I think that it would not be a big problem if we want to have a meeting. I was already in other countries. I was in Turkey, Egypt, Finland. so I'm sure that the distance is not a very important factor in the relationship between a man and a woman. Eddie, do you agree with me??
I think would do well to hear your voice. a bit nervous the first time to talk with you over the phone.
No it is not the excitement to fear you, it's just that I shy. but all the same. I dont know how much expensive it will be that you called me. here my phone number 89022487603. I hope to hear your voice today before going to bed. also, I asked you what qualities in a girl you like. I like such men who are confident in themselves and their forces. I believe that the most important man masculinity. I would very much like to find a purposeful man. Do you have some kind of a dream now?? or am I just too early to ask about this? but still I would like to tell you my dream. I dream of a happy family. may be very soon i can find men with whom i can make this family. Eddie, now I will finish my letter. and wait for your letter with photos.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Eddie!!! You can not imagine how glad I am to see your letter today. Today I was woken up by a ray of sunshine. its been so nice .... I love the sun. The first idea I had about you. I thought that the sun sends me a Hello from you Eddie!!! I also asked the sun to send from me to you Eddie big Hello!!!! you got it today??? how weather today at you?? Today the sun warmed you? I am very pleased that you interested in me, and you write letters to me.
Today I am very tired at work. very much. Today was a lot of clients, it was a lot of work. usually we do not have very many clients, but we have enough work. Eddie, tell me about your work? you work every day?
how many days a week do you have rest? I work every day, but in weekend we have a short day so in on weekend i have some rest time.
weekend me and my mother was cleaning the house. is our tradition. We love the purity of every week so make sure to clean the entire house.
wipe things clean all carpets. it is always necessary. and of course at the end of the day we are make very tasty supper. evening we are going all at the table and talk as a week passed. very interesting ..
I really enjoy cooking bananas pie. you like banan? i hope. and what dishes you would like to, I cooked for you?? or learned to cook?
I send you some photos of me and my friend. its me after work. sorry if i am not smile:)
I'll wait for your letter. are really looking forward to Eddie!!! Sincerely yours Valeriya !!!
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