Scam Letter(s) from Olga Dolgireva to Jack (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hi Jack, how are you? I am Katya, you have given me your email address on russianeuro site.
I think you should remember it. Do you always give yours email for communication with you at once?
What was it about my profile that compelled you to write?:) I would like to learn to know you as well.

I am fun, genuine, with a young attitude and spirit. I look forward to reading more from you!
Tell me about yourself and what you are doing in life now and what you want to do going forward?
Do you have kids and have you ever been married? I was never been married and I have no kids.
Do you have any photos of you, if you could, please send me some.

Jack, I hope it is not so awfully for the first letter.

Letter 2

Oh yeah, of course, I have forgotten to send you my pictures.
Sorry, I have not absolutely understood how correctly work with my mail.
Jack, how a long time you dating? It is my first dating.
I read that there is a lot of deceit in the internet dating,
Therefore I cannot tell that I have big hopes, I simply decided to try it.
I think, that I should explain what I waiting from it.
I do not search for the simply friendship or any stupid games.
I already has deleted my profile and I wish to ask you,
If we want write each other, we will write only each other and nobody else.
Jack, I hope you will be not against it. I want a serious relations,
Without any stupid games, but please do not think that I am bore.
I do not mean, that we should have very much serious faces,
And should speak to our friends something like - "...oh no, we have a very serious relations."
No, I want have a fun, but also I want sincerity. The trust is a thing which I need very much.
If it is not present in relations, it is not last long. I do not want fragile relations.
I wish to find the person, with which I would feel myself favourite and protected.

To be honest, I hesitate a little and I do not know about what writing to you.
Anyway I hope you will like my pictures and necessarily send me yours.
Jack, I will waiting...


p.s. I hope it is not so awfully for the second letter =)

Letter 3

What's up, Jack? I'd like to start my letter with a great HELLO!
So now I'm trying to find my mate like thousands of other people...
Maybe it sounds too banal, but anyway I still don't lose a hope that my dream will come true one day!
I've became an internet user in this month, but I've been disappointed some times during this period of time...
I received a lot of letters from different men. And I received a lot of insults in them...
For example, that Russian women deceive men from other countries. I've read a lot about it in the internet,
And I understand today's worries of foreigners. But I'd like to explain that not all women in Russia act like that.
Jack, a wise man will always be able to distinguish a real woman from the false bride.
I have a friend who met a man from Spain 2 years ago. She left Russia about a year ago, but we still keep in touch.
I also decided to meet a man from another country this year. Thousands of people from our planet find their happiness,
And I am sure I also worthy of this.

If you're interested in my city, I will tell you about my city a little.
I live in a beautiful city named Kazan. It's population is about 1200000.
This is a huge city, one of the most famous cities in Russia.
Jack, have you heard about the fact that Kazan is a city in which the World Universiade will take place in 2013?
That is why a lot of new facilities are under construction now, such as large stadium and small student towns.
You can find my city through the googlemap. I was born not far from Kazan, in the village named Pomary.
It's population is only about 2000 people. My parents still live there. I like to visit them on weekends.
So if I don't write to you, you shouldn't lose me, ok?
I moved from Pomary to Kazan at the age of 17 after I had entered to the Kazan Chemical-Technological Institute.
I have graduated it 5 years after, and then I was working at a large company for 2 years -
I had a good wage and could treat myself to precious things and different resorts.
But later I realized that my work is very harmful...I decided not to put my health in risk more and retired from the company.
And now I have job in the supermarket, I sell children's toys. I love this work, but I hope that it only for the certain period.

Jack, please tell me more about yourself, your family, your work...
I have a cell phone, but I'll tell you my number only when I realize that I know you well.
I had a bad experience before. I gave my phone number to one man, and called me many times a day,
Even when I said that I could not talk, he did not understand me. After that I even had to change my number.
I will tell you my number for sure, but please be patient, ok?

I think I have told you enough for today. I was writing this letter during an hour.
I hope you are interested in continuing our dialogue and knowing me better.
So I am waiting for your answer.

Your new friend,

Letter 4

Hello Jack, I'm very glad to receive a letter from you. I'm smiling now and I'm in a good mood. How was your day? What's new?
I'd like to ask you to send me more of your photos, photos of your house. I want to see your life in detail. I want to know your country's culture.
I'll tell you about my parents now. My father's name Sergey, and he is 66 years old. Mother’s name is Elena, and she is 59 years old.
I wrote to you that they live in Pomary in my previous letter. It is about 70km from Kazan.
My mom does not work anymore. She is a housewife now. My father operates a tractor, he provides services to the local collective farm,
But the tractor is his property. He always has a lot of work in winter and summer.
My parents are very nice, I love them so much. They are well-known and respectful people in our village,
Because we were always an example for other families. I think my parents gave me a good education, and I'm so grateful for it.
Jack, I told them that I want to find a serious man from foreign country for serious relationship. At the first time they were against it.
But my parents and I understand each other very good. They know about my friend, who married a man from Spain.
By the way her name is Margarita, I send you photos. I have told them how happy my friend is. And my parents accepted my desire.

The main issue in all relationships is to be honest with each other and always trust each other. What do you think about it?
I'm tired of living alone. Every day I go to bed alone and I feel lack of man's worth. My last relationship was not serious.
I haven't seen a serious intent in men who paid attention to me and I haven't felt a strong man's shoulder.
It is very important to me. I want to feel that my man is always ready to take care of me.
Jack, I hope you understand me. All women are the weaker sex and fragile creatures.
We always need to have a reliable man near us. And if I feel myself in safety,
I'll do my best to make my man the happiest person.

I will always be a reliable and honest partner in life. Please tell to me about your last relationship.
What are the most important things in relationship for you?
Have a good day! I will wait your answers.

Letter 5

I wish you that in 2011 all your most sweet dreams will carried out and you have received what your want.
I so well feel myself now, I am so glad! To be honest, I am a little upset, that you be so far from me,
That I cannot simply call you and make an appointment. I would make it!

I will celebrate New Year in the house of my parents, they are very glad to it, I am glad too.
I have small holiday and I am going to spend it with them. They have no internet,
Therefore I cannot keep communication. I will tell to my parents a congratulation from you,
They will be glad to hear it. I hope you also tell to your friends and family,
That I congratulate all of them with New year!

I really miss. I was simply tired to celebrate New Year one.
For me it is very well, that I can celebrate this holiday with parents,
But I want to receive more from this life. I do not want to be one.
I hope that in 2011 we can get acquainted and learn each other better.
I like to get your letters. I know, that they are written by the kind and tender person.
Jack, I ask you to be with me fair, I hope, we always we will tell truth to each other.

Oh...I so strong want...I have many dreams: ornaments house by garlands,
A celebratory tree, candles, champagne, a celebratory supper, a call of hours,
Warm and gentle embraces, sweet kisses....I hope in New Year our dreams to be carried out!

Once again, Jack, Happy New Year! Kiss you and I will miss you!
See you in 2011!

Letter 6

Hello Jack!
I even don’t know how to start my letter to you.
I was waiting for that moment when I can sit at the table,turn on my computer and read your letter.
I am so glad to receive your letter. I was thinking and dreaming about you yesterday before going to bed.
I imagined how you often have a dinner and how you go to bed...
Jack,I'm a straight person and I always tell people the truth.
That is why I want you to write me only the truth also,to share your thoughts and problems with me.
I will always be able to understand you and support you when it’s necessary,ok?
I’m really sorry that I didn’t wrote you some days, but as you know we had New Year celebration in Russia and I was in the village with all my family. We spent this celebration in warm household climate. First off all, when we came to our village house with my grandmother, we prepared house for celebration. We decorate and flock the Christmas tree, clean all house and decorate it. You know, we have some old toys, we save them from past times, when my mom and dad was very yang and just started their life together. After decorating, we started to cook festive dinner. We cooked many traditional Russian courses, as many differences piers (with fish, apples and meat), meat dumplings, hodgepodge, differences salads, and many many others. At 11 pm we started celebration, we had some Champaign and at 12 pm, after we saw on TV annual speech of our president Medvedev, with striking of the Kremlin clock we drunk Champaign. We have interesting tradition, when you drink at this time Champaign, you can make a wish and it would be real! You shouldn’t tell another people what you wish, because it will not be real this way, but I just want to say, that my wish was about you! I know, we are far from each other, but I think about you and hope that we would be together and nothing in the world.
I am writing to you from my work computer,I have an access to the Internet here too.
At home I also have a computer and 3g modem,but the speed is too slow,because this network is not so widespread here and not developed good.
I’m having a lunch time now and I have already went to the first floor and had lunch.
I was hurrying up to come back to computer and to write this letter.
Your letter is long-awaited for me,that’s why I’m reading it hungrily.Do you have such a feeling?
My girl friend and I went to the cinema last night, which is located in a large shopping center named "Real".
We watched the movie Uncontrollable.I really liked it.
I like motorcycles. Sometimes in the summer I lease.
Moreover I also really love to skate!In summer I prefer an outdoor recreation,I like nature very much.
My friends and I often go to different lakes,put up a tent and bonfire.
Then, later In the evening we usually sing our favorite songs and tell interesting stories.
We always have a great and happy time on beautiful nature.
But I started to realize more often how time flies,and life passes...
I’d like to be a weak woman and have a close loved one.
I want to trust,to wait,and love so much.You can’t even imagine how.
We live in this world only once,and I want to live a happy life.
What plans do you have for the future?
How do you imagine your future life?1 year later?
Describe it for me,please...
I’m looking forward to your reply.

Letter 7

Good morning Jack!
It is snowing today in Kazan.
It is so beautiful, perfect nature like in a fairy-tale and I imagined we are walking around together and talking about life...
I am sure one day we’ll be able to walk along the streets in your or my city.
It doesn’t matter where.The most important thing is possibility to be together,to feel each other,to talk with each other,understand each other.
Do you agree with me?
My girl friend Katerina sends her best to you.I told her about you.Katerina is a good friend and she always helps me in difficult situations.
I am sure she is reliable person and she is ready to help me immediately,every moment when I need support.
She works as a journalist in a local newspaper named "Pro gorod"
Jack,do you have a reliable friend?
I'll stay at home tonight,I need to work about the house.I hate disorder and dust.
Jack,how often do you work about the house?Can you cook?Do you like to do it?It’s very interesting for me.
I love to cook,especially on traditional russian recipes.I learned how to cook since my childhood when I went to my grandmother’s village.
I always liked to watch closely how my grandmother was cooking.
Then during the student's life in Kazan I was living in a students’ campus for 5 years and we had to cook for ourselves.
And now I prefer to cook light salads from vegetables and fish!They are more useful.
When I come to the village,I love fishing also.Sometimes I ask my father to take me with him.
We usually sit to the boat and swim away from the bank of the river or lake.
There is a beautiful large lake near Pomary named "Yalchik".
I can’t describe how beautiful nature we have here!You can only see it with your eyes and enjoy!
Jack,I really like the shop "Ikea" very much.My parents always order to buy some trifles for them there.
I like to walk around this big store.Do you have “Ikea” in your city?
I imagine how I will choose the furniture and other things for my future home.I really want to have my own house or flat.
I hope you understand me very well.In Russia it is very difficult to buy your own accommodation.
It is possible if two people have a good wage only and can pay for the mortgage.
You know that I have to rent a flat and I need to pay $ 250 per month for rent.
I hope now you understand the reasons why I want to have a warm corner,where I will not have to pay money for an overnight staying.
Well,I shouldn’t put my own problems on you.I believe everything will be fine!

Letter 8

Jack I am the happiest woman,because you think about me and write letters to me.
Your words and attention are invaluable for me,they give me strength for the future life.
I’d like to ask you if you are in correspondence with other women?
It is very important to me because I do not want to waste my time.
I want to develop our relations and I want to be sure that you are ready fully devote yourself to our relationship.
I want to be sure that you are faithful to me even through a distance.
I consider myself a reliable person and you shouldn’t have any doubts in my honesty and faithfulness.
I don’t write to other men because I have chosen you out of 1000 men and I am not interested in somebody else.
I want our relationship to be beautiful without any misunderstandings.
Many russian sites notify that men may have a few more profiles on other sites.
But I don’t want to compromise you,searching for some discreditable information.I want to believe you.I want to trust you.
I know that you are worth and wise man and you won’t waste your time,looking at beautiful pictures or other women’s words.
I was thinking over a lot about the possibility to find a job in your country.What do you think?
Will I be able to find a job on my specialization? Or may be it’s I better to learn a new profession?
When I imagine it,I covered excitement.I imagine how I’ll communicate with people from your country.
What can you tell me about the people in your country?How can you characterize your nation?
Do you think I will be able to feel myself like at home there?
Of course I'm always confident in my abilities. And I’m always ready to reach new goals,I go forward.
I will not allow anyone to hurt myself.

Letter 9

Hello my Dear Jack!
In the morning sunshine told me,that one person of this wonderful is waiting a letter from me!
Here was very marvelous morning.
It was so nice to awake and to feel,that man thinks about me somewhere.
Yesterday I gone to the village and told to my parents about you,I told them very much about you and about you talk with you.
Jack, my father told me,that you are worthy man and he hopes,that everything will be good and one day we will talk in real.
Also,my father sent you"strong handshake"he would want to know you in real.
My parents asked me to tell you,that you are very good person and that they believe you and to your kind words,which you write me.
My mother wants very much,that our relation will be strong and good and to be us happy! She wishes us only well.
I was at the home of my parents some hours, then I and my mother decided to go to breath of fresh air to small forest,which is very near to home of my parents.
The weather today was warm and sunny.I rested with my soul. I felt so well myself.
I like to enjoy if nature,and you?
Do you like to spend your time at the nature or at the city?
Jack,I have never wanted to be so close to the man early,I can’t understand, how it could be,because so much distance are between us.
I want to tell you,that when I saw to the sky,there was so much stars… and this sky is also over you’re your head, my Jack!
And sometimes I think,that if we will see to moon and to one star in one time,we could see reflect of each other.
I would see your smile.I would see brilliance of your eyes,it is not possible to see this through photos.
And may be start would can help us to see this...oh,how much I would want to see this with my eyes.
I would want to see your sun smile,your gentle glance.
I would want to lay with you on soft grass,as blanket and to see to the sky.
And to hear wind, which would sing our his song. I would never forget this night.
I don’t ask much,I want only one to be happy and loved...
Now I have to tell you bye for now.
I send you much of thousands kisses and embrace you tenderly.
Only your Katya.



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