Scam letter(s) from Bogdana Vetrova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear!! Thanks a lot for writing me! I hope that all is fine with you! I missed you much over the weekend and i am happy to be in touch with you again. Did you miss me too?:) I hope you remembered me from time to time.
Reggie, i am curious what nice would you like to do? Of course i will give you my address and i hope you will tell me what for.:) Bogdana Vetrova kv. Zhukova, dom 3, kv. 42 Lugansk Ukraine 91000
+380990423022 Oh and as for my birthday it is on the 9th of May if you want to know.:)
dear, i kiss you too and i will be waiting for the news from you.:)
have a nice day
yours Dana
Letter 2
Hi!:)) I am very glad to meet you and i do hope that our meeting makes sense.
I am of the opinion that nothing happens in vain and that fact that i am writing this letter to you gives me a hope that i will be happy again... Now everything depends on you because i am still not sure whether you reply me or not.:)) But i hope so!
Well as you know my name is Bogdana but my family members and friends and colleagues call me just by my nick name Dana and you may call me this way as well. i live in an average industrial city called Lugansk, Ukraine, together with my parents and my little daughter Liza in a two-room. My sweetie will be three years old soon and she is my everything. She is the best experience that i got from my previous marriage. i got divorced almost one year ago and my heart was completely broken then. But now my optimism comes back to my and i have a hope to be happy again and to find a real love of my life. I just want to love and to be loved. I just want to be happy. I want to find a caring, reliable and nice man who will be a good father for my daughter as well. Are you ready for this?
I am 27 years old and i work as a musical teacher in a local musical school for children and i teach solfeggio (it is a musical grammar). I live in a two-room apartment together with my parents and Liza as i have told you already. Both of my parents are usual workers. My mum is a math's teach and my dad is an engineer. So, it was only me in our family who has chosen art.:)) I don't like discos clubs or night bars. I spend the most of my free time with my family. All my attention i give to my daughter. But when i have a beloved man in my life, i will give my attention to him as well, of course.
So, if you are interested in what i wrote and if you also think that we have lots of common with you, then write me back! And time will tell us everything. I think we don't have to miss a chance that our life gives to us now, don't you agree?
i will be looking forward to your answer!
your new friend
Letter 3
Hi dear! I am truly happy that you replied me because as i told you that i was interested in you a lot since i like your personality. I like you because i see that you are a family-oriented person with serious intentions and this is exactly what i am looking for. I am a serious woman with earnest intentions and i am looking for a sincerely man who wants family. I guess it can be you and i am glad that we started communication with you.
As for our age difference, it is absolutely ok for me. I want to find an intelligent and experienced man and i know that it is possible to fall in love with a man who will be older than me. Do you know that love does not know any age limits? What do you think about it? I was not happy in my previous marriage and after we got divorced, i didn't want any relations at all. But time heals everything and i have already recovered from that ****** and i am open to new relations and new experience. But i hope it will be a good one! You know, i am a bit shy woman and it was always hard for me to make the first step but now i am ready to do anything for my happiness and for happiness of my daughter. My Liza is my everything as you know already and i am sure that you would also love her at once when you saw her. She is so nice, cute and funny. She is very active and friendly and although she is still small, it is not hard for her to find a common tongue with other
people.:) I am not looking for a pen- pal friends but i am looking for a husband who will be also ready to accept my Liza. Will you be ready for it if we match with you? Can you imagine yourself as a father of a young girl? I know that lost of men don't accept strange kids and i hope that you are not a such one. I want to have a cozy home and a friendly strong family and i this is my simple but life-long dream.
And what is your dream? I hope it is not a secret.:) Thank you for your lovely pictures! I like them a lot and i must say that i find you very handsome! Will you send me some more?:) I hope that i don't sound too demanding.:) Well, dear Reggie, you may tell me anything you want and you may ask me anything you want as well. I am completely open to you.
I am already waiting for your reply!
Letter 4

Hi dear!
How are you doing today? I hope whatever happens, this letter will make you smile.:) Your letter made me happy because i was waiting for your reply very impatiently and i hoped that we would continue our communication. I really like you and each your letter assured me that you can be a man whom i am looking for... I am telling you the truth.
I think that our meeting here makes sense and we may develop in into something more serious. You know, i don't want to be alone anymore and i am already have you in my life. I know that it is still too early to make any conclusions but anyway we correspond with you at least and someday we may meet in person, don't you think?
As you know, my marriage was not successfully but it also made sense because i have my Lizochka now. She is really an angel and it is just impossible not to love her. She doesn't talk very well yet but she is always smiling, she likes kissing and hugging me and she is so tender.
I tell you for sure that she is a real angel. She likes singing and
dancing.:) Maybe, in a year i will take her to some kid's club where kids sing or dance. Maybe, she will study in my musical school.:) You know that i adore kids. I work with kids and they never make me
bored or angry. I love all my pupils and i think that all kids are
talented and we adults just have to develop their talents. And what talents do you have?:) Tell me about it please.
I think that i will be happy to have more kids in the future. I think that a child is a God's blessings and if god sends more more kids i will be only happy.
I have written you because you have caught my interest. Generally the question "why me" is strange since it is impossible to explain why one person starts to be interested in another one. Don't you agree??
Which details of my affection should i write you? I am sorry Reggie but i don't understand this question clearly.
My good qualities is that i am family-oriented, honest and
open-hearten... and maybe some others.;) my worst trait is that i am very naive. What about you?
As for wife and husband, they have to be sincere to each other and treat each other with respect, care and patience. Do you agree?
Well there is a bit more about me. If you want to know something else, you are welcome. I am sincere with you from the beginning till the end. And i am already waiting for your reply passionately!
Have a nice day
yours Dana
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