Scam Letter(s) from Ella Christian to Shane (Australia)

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Letter 1

Glad to hear that u have messenger now, I missed you on messenger, when u gonna be online, always online frm evening, and hope we can have a good chat soon, and see how things goes between us...


Letter 2

Woow shane you are handsome, I have used your pics for my computer screen saver, Hope u dnt mind, sorry abt the connection and it really messed up our chat today, anyway we can chat more tommorow, abt the money issue we talked abt all i need almost 1000 australia dollars, not 10,000....Please i will pay u back when i get home, just dnt want to remain stranded when am done with my goods here on thursday thats why i asked you for assistance, and i'll forever be greatful if u can help me out....Please write me back and let me know abt are some of my pics and my friend that hurt me so bad, hope am not looking bad lolzzz

Goodnight and sweet dreams



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