Scam letter(s) from Olga to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my honey ! I am happy that you answer me!. Thank you for your attention to me, I want know more about you
So I am here to find a true relationship, true love. Are you looking the same? I am very honest and serious woman, I am here I to build strong relationship I am 24 , I was born in Lisichansk, Lugansk region I really ready to serious relationship!!! So I dream that our relationship will be so nice that we want see each other, I hope so ,dear! Did you have some dreams in your childhood? May be you dream about your future princess? From childhood I dream about my prince on a white horse, when I grow up I knew that it was a mistake of my thoughts! But what can I do? I still want to dream, is it bad ,dear, what do you think? Darling, but now I must go , I will wait for your answer as soon as possible, my dear! Kiss you, Olga
Letter 2
Hi honey!You are older than me i -But This extra years can be a benefit becuase of extra experience and wisdom you have learned these years, it does not bother me.Are you ok now ? do you feel a pain ? i am really worried about you! are you take some medicine?write me as soon as possible! take care! Remember i like you too much and i will pray for you ! ( these flowers to you - take care honey! miss you!)
Letter 3
Sorry honey i dont answer you want that i write sms on your Blackberry? i feel my sweetheart, unfortunately my weekends weren't so good and nice as usually. I was at home laying in the bed. On Saturday morning I woke up with a huge temperature and terrible headache that i though I was going crazy. My mom called to the doctor and she came to me and looked me. I had a red throw, and she told me that I have Quinsy. I was really in shock and she told me that I will need to stay at least a week at home. she wrote me many medicines, as vitamins, and antibiotics. My mom went to the drug store and you know, my darling, she bought me only some of them as all the rest costs really huge money. To buy all the medicines I will need to pay about $400. What I could do??? I know, the reason why i became ill. It is really cold right now in my country, about 7 degrees under zero and today it is snowing. I don't have anything warm to wear and that's why I got Quinsy. My love, I am so afraid that when I will be better I could ill again. My love, I really need to buy some medicines and some warm cloths for me. Can you help me with it???? I so miss you. You made me the most happiest person around the world. I so love you. Your Olga.
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