Scam letter(s) from Angelina Osie to Mike (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Mike Well My name is Kate and am a single woman with no kids..Am 32 years of age and am a Beauty Therapist living with my mum and my junior brother.I am Originally from Slovakia but never born there due to what happen in the past in my country. I was born and raise here in Ghana and lived all my eternal life here in Ghana. I hope that is not going to be a problem for you and if its will then i will Understand you.. Am here looking for a serious real man that i can love and also spend the rest of my life with him but not a man who is here for *** or here to ask of ***** pictures...I also don't want a man who is a womanizer or here to break the heart of a woman..I want a man who i can love and also spend the rest of my life with him..A man i will call my husband.. I am a beautiful and intelligent girl with black hair and blue eyes. Appearance is very important and especially for a young lady like me but I am sure that it is worth nothing if the inner world is ****. I am sure that all people must live in a harmony with their inner world. I think I am kind, calm and patient woman. I am able to forgive and I always do it as much as it is possible. We are all people and we sometimes do mistakes and hurt other people. But we must be able to forgive and forget those mistakes. I have never been married perhaps because I take it very seriously and I haven’t yet met my true beloved! I would like to get married and to have a real complete family. I have very strong family values. I am not talking about the career because I am a woman and what can be more important for me than to have my own family? I don’t really think that I want too much. I am here not to look for my ideal man, I would like to find an ordinary man who will be able to become special for me. I want to find a man who will be my best friend, best support. I hate argues and I have the ability to communicate and discuss all the problems. I want this from my future beloved. I must be sure that he will never hurt me. But from my own side I can promise that I will be always with my beloved, in the happiest and worst times. I am ready to share everything with him. If we decide to become a family I will give him my heart and my soul.Tell me more about you and also what you are looking for..Hope to hear from you soon Kate
Letter 2
Hi Darling Mike, How are you doing? I really hope that you had a wonderful sound sleep because last night i was very excited to have talking you because you made me very happy that a man couldn`t make in my life Mike. I am very happy and thanks the Lord Almighty for letting us meet and i would love to tell you are the first thing that i think of when i do wake up from bed and the last things when i think of when i am going to bed.. I really loved you so much and i can`t wait to talk with you my love, I am really going to Church and here are some more pictures of me Mike, but i haven`t see none of you Mike. When you get online willing to talk with me just text me so that i can meet you online. I will be looking forward talking with you later... Kate!
Letter 3
My Love, Here are some pictures that i really took it this Christmas days and i know that you are going to loved its very much my love.. I really loved you so much.. Your Wife Kate
Letter 4

Sweetheart, Here are the pictures that i promise to send it to you I know that you are going to loved them very much because its all for you that is why i did took those for you my love... I am leaving for work now and i will text you when i am on lunch my love.. Talk to you late my sweetness, Your wife
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