Scam letter(s) from Julia Berdya to Michael (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello, to tell you about myself, i live in the middle of nowhere. i am young, smart, beautiful, but I am also a poor girl and have problems as everyone of us.
I need a guy who is REAL and ready for real Commitment, who will want me not only for ***, but support my sick parents and me with everything. i will give all of me, my devotion, care and love to make him happy.
I hope you are that man, I hope you can help me with everything above, I would be glad to meet you and to travel to you in a near future, with economical support for a ticket.
In a later letter I shall tell you how you can do all this, how you can be there for me and my parents in our economical need, if you do that, I will be by your side forever, I will love, support and fulfill your every need for the rest of your life, with this I end this first letter, yours; Julia
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