Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to Jeff (USA)
Letter 1
thanks for all the pics, im really excited to meet u,. pls make way for the 500 on friday.. coz thats the only schedule u can pay.. love u miss u
Letter 2
hun, im not allowed to do that coz u will see all the models. that is why we will pick u up
my senior rent a room to celebrate her birthday
we will go there and celebrate. after that me and jane will come to u and stay for 2 weeks
im online now
Letter 3
yeah u can just send me message. or we can come to ur office and pick up
besides we still need to buy things for the party..
Letter 4

not with me. but a problem with my manager. u need to complete the payment hun
Letter 5
no hun.. thats y i asked u to add 600. we will be together for 2 weeks, so are u still interested?? coz im still packed here, been waiting for u all day
Letter 6
ok, be safe
see u on thrusday. i will get the money friday noon,so u can collect it once it in my ATM
Letter 7
yeah. and once we meet ill give u my ATM for u to be sure to collect all ur money on friday. okay??
dont forget to rebook me so we can meet on Kaps in McPherso
Letter 8
are u sure u dont have 300
Letter 9
hun,u have to rebook me.. as i told u my manager will be sending ur money to my account on friday thats y we have to meet and theres no other way for us to do that than to book me. hun,im not intrested with ur money thats y im giving it back to u,if i am only after for ur money i wont be asking u again and again. its just that i cant meet u casually,i hope u understand what im trying to say. i love u and take care.
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