Scam letter(s) from Maria Perova to Mert (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Mert. I'm very glad again to read your letter. My mum has read your letter! She has believed to all your words, her is difficult for convincing of something, but this time she has like to you all soul and she has blest us! I congratulate you, you have earned trust of mum! After what difficult attitudes with Russian men at me were, my mum any more did not trust, that I will find worthy to myself the man and here there were you! And she very much hopes, that at all of us it will be good also we will have a safe meeting. I'm so glad! I already begin to miss without you. We are familiar a little to time, and it seems, that I know you for a long time. My love I try to prepare our meeting. I want to please you, that through Mert. I will have a vacation. But I can it postpone on a few. I will be very happy, if we can meet you and lead even two weeks. As I want to inform you, that Russia does not let out the young and lonely women. Therefore I should arrive to you as the tourist. I want to know my pleasure, what you think of it? Whether you can inform me, what international airport close to you? I consider, that only personal meeting will help us to find our happiness, which we so long searched for. It is very interesting to me as to learn your habits of enthusiasm. I want to know culture of your country. Please inform me the best time to stay to you??? That you had more free time. Though if you will be at work day, I can be at you at home, and evening to wait you from work and to feed by tasty supper. What you think of it? I very much wait our meeting, when we will have romantic evening and we will stay one. I found some addresses of travel companies in my city. Soon I plan to go there and to learn, how it is better to us to organise our meeting. Mert, and you as plan to carry out today's evening. You probably a lot of time give back to the work and have a little rest? It seems, that many men love to waste time houses at the TV set, to look football or boxing. Than you love to be engaged per usual days from work? I heard, what many men in your country, play in billiards and bowling, Mert, You like these games?
Write to me my dear. gently kiss you. Your Masha.
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