Scam Letter(s) from Jen Porter to Gregg (Germany)

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Letter 1

Heyy Hun,
I'm glad you replied to my ad on CL :) Let me be honest with you...I just recently moved here and I'm looking for friends with benefits, but I'm also open to long term "relationships". If we make it more than that one day, than great, but I just want to have a good time together ;). I have attached some pics of me, check them out and let me know what you think :). Anyways, like I said I am looking to meet for a good time, maybe something more. I'm really horny right now and I hope this works out. Honeslty, I've tried this once before..but it didn't go so well. The guy wouldn't stop calling or texting me every minute of the day and he started stalking me.. So now I'm willing to try this again, but I need to make sure you're safe and real before we do anything together. If you're still interested, send a reply and we'll get this going. I can't wait to meet up. If you prove you're safe to me then I'm happy with doing anything for you as long as it's fun for us. Just one thing I ask tho....I'd like to give you a little head and then move onto something more, so you will need to be able to last :) So yea email me and let's have some fun. ttyl!

Letter 2

Hey babe,
Thanks for the reply...I can't wait to meet up with you :). All I ask you to do is go to to verify you are real and safe like I already have.
It only takes a minute to complete the check, and when you finish you will be shown my full details page, with my phone number and address. Call my cell when you get it so we can get together soon :)
Btw, If I don't answer for some reason, you can come by tonight or tomorrow night since I'll be around...but you should be able to get a hold of me so we can meet up faster :)




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