Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Grigoreva to Tony (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Tony. I am glad to read your letter again. How you? How your mood today? I hope that at you all well.

Today I absolutely do not have mood as I all time think of our meeting, I think that it cannot take place as we not as we can not solve this problem with payment of my travel to you. I do not understand, now you speak about travelling agency that you wished to pay at once my travel to a bureau, I already spoke you, that I not have nothing against it, I already gave you the electronic address of travelling agency, to you informed as you can pay my travel. But you have refused to cooperate with a bureau. As to phone, I more than once spoke you that I call to you from a public telephone booth and on it I cannot translate payment on you as before calling to you I already I pay for the telephone conversation. YOU UNDERSTAND IT?

Tony you speak me for which friend the Russian girl has deceived, but I not absolutely understand and here I? You consider, what to you there can be the same? You speak me that you want will make sure of me, but I more than once proved to you, that I real: I sent you the passport, I sent you video, we spoke by with you to phone, unless it not enough that will make sure of me? As to yahoo I did not speak you that we cannot communicate to you by means of yahoo, I have told to you, that we shall communicate to you as soon as I shall create the structure and I will have free time, but at present my schedule of work is very strongly loaded. You understand it?

Much to our regret I have no passport for travel abroad, I at me am only my Russian passport. If I have concluded the contract from travelling agency that my passport for travel abroad would be ready already for a long time...

Tony I do not know as us further to be, with such attitude to me I doubt that that our meeting in general can take place, we in general it seems that you at all wish to be with me... I hope that I am mistaken in it.

On it I finish the letter. I send you one million kisses. With love yours Elena!

Letter 2

Hello Tony Milbradt. We thank you for your letter. You are written by the manager of agency "odyssey"

We know about your situation with Elena Gorodilova, it today came to us to agency and has told to us about your situation. Our agency more than once collided with similar situations. We have explained Elena Gorodilova that you can grant the necessary sum having made transfer of means in such ways of transfer of means as " Western Union " or " Money Gram "

We have left distances Elena Gorodilova data on which you can make transfer of means.

If at you is still what or questions you can as to write on this electronic address and we with pleasure shall answer you.

About respect of travelling agency odyssey.



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