Scam letter(s) from Deola Smith to Andrew (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Adrew,am so happy and am glad to hear back from u special says..and with words of experienced alot about this word of inspirations has wipe off my tears i have new life starting up with someone like u..adrew i know am talking with u life..i wnat that to happened...Adrew so i was so sorry also to hear about ur past event i would so much happy to know about it also to know how long u have been on the datng i know u would have met alot people there and there...l dont believe in age in a relationship all that l want a man that will make me happy so much and make me feel so good and that will be faithful in all things that he told me that will be truthful to me will you be like that for me ? that is all that l need from a lf you can be for me in all what l said now........l will be with you to take of you as a woman......and make you happy so much and make you feel so good like a young man again ok this is my questions.....can l trust you.can l believe you in your words that you told me?can you be in love again ?can you marry a young lady like me?can will be together as husband and wife?can will spend all our life in eternity with our life ? To the man i adore with all my heartTo the man i never want to feel pain or hurt To the man who fills my life with joy To the man who occupies mymind ever second i am awake And walks in my dreams every night To the man whose smile lights up my day and lifts up my soul To the man i love to make happy To the man i make love to To the man who makes love to me To the man the earth loves and the sea longs for To the man who makes the sun jealous and the moon proud To the man i love To man i will be with... i am Really sorry that u don't meet me in happy mood...if u would make me happy i promise to never make u Regret from doing me some tell me about ur past Relationship i like sharing feeling of each other also seek for kind of person usually take somethng so serious as the matter happen to me Adrew,i would like to hear back from u...yea about the name i was Actual lily why i have second name as cherry so surname was u can call me both name...Adrew thanks once more hope to hear back from u lovelly reply...Lily
Letter 2

Hi Love Adrew, am glad to reply back too u..also am so sorry for replying so late to ur email....i was sick have some feverish condition over here...Thanks so much for being there for me in as much taken something so serious some pertaining once matter how the circumstances is i Reallly need a shoulder to cry on..spring valley it Florida that so i stay there for some times in part of my learning.....after wish the demise of my then i was going through hardship and touch time i feel so much depress...well am not goiing to school anymore coz i was been drop out school...i have no sponsor become so bored for me staying tired of this lonelyness.....Adrew if u could just alowed me into u and we could know more and we discoved about each......But in sinceretiy matter i wasn,t in the state now in in nigeria i would like to talk further more Adrew..due to all incovenient i was going through time am mright here in the Hospital now in Hunney i will reply back...sorry for not emailing u long message...i need to get some drugs now...Thanks adrew for being as part of my life....hopefully i make it back too u..Lily
Letter 3

Hello Dear so happy to write u back again..well Just alittle about what i did inthe past when i was alone i have tried all my best to get myself into happiness and comfort life has type of man i desire in this world with cool and gentle soul...Huney as i was saying sometimes when thing fall apart and everythings turns to bitternes with me..i worked there in restaurant in Sportsman River W Center Rd, Waterloo, ne..well i also worked with Majestic Hotel...for some month to save up and get feeding up my self also my sister but now that i have lost everything on here i wish i tell u more in detail...Adrew do u mind...
Letter 4

Thanks so much Adrew i was born in germany in the areal of hamburg haven,t spend 6yrs there right from childhood till i travelled with mum to dad's place in the state purposely to help dad on there bussines motive, l just don't know how to start because the problem I’m into is been so terrible and can't help myself out, I have been left down by everyone ever since I have lost my parent in incident that happened years ago.... Dearest glad to hear from ur impresive message...seems u do something as the manner u talk with me...u full of pleasant heart and gentle soul to me sweetie...i will like to make friend with whom that will understand my past,believe in my future also accept me today as i am.
I will love to share with you my personal life experience.Mind you this experience of mine was very painful that im still suffering its consequence Honestly speaking in seriously in dungeon of sorrow which was as a result of temble occurence that happened to a sister of mine.Am very sad simply because i lost my parent when i was a l18yrs .It all happened this way,After the death of our parent,my self and my sister where living together , my sister told me he met a guy and that guy promise to marry her.As the elder sister concern,I asked her if she has interest in him and she told me she have interest in him,and she subsquently said she also love him.As a result of this,both of them started there journey which led to there death.One day she called me,told me that me that she would be travelling together with his husband to his country.(Africa)I personally called her again and enlighten her about the insecurity news we long been hearing and reading on the pages of dailies about nigeria.But she was so love blunded after which i invited her boy friend for proper dialouge.
After which he promised that everything will be well back home.That nothing of such would happen to my sister.We both agreed on that..That they should emback on the journey to nigeria.She called and informed me about there arrival to the country.I always call her and mail her,she always replied that all was well ,After one week i did not recieve any information from her.I was wondering,I decided to travel to nigeria to look for her.on getting their with the location she gave me before she went their.I try to get the place at (Lagos City Nigeria On getting their i found that they are dead in motor accident and they were taken to mortuary.The family of the guy as burried the guy before i get very sad i wanted to fly her back to the state,but the money requested is too much for me to afford.I decided to burry her in africa after that i stay for just two days.Then i got seek very serious.I was admitted to hospital for five days then i was discharge back to the guy family house.the second day they decend on me to evacuate the premises,that my sister is the courses of everything that happen to them.And i have spend all what i have with me.Unconciously i departed the premises to a hotel ever since then i have been lacking some basic needs of life.I quality heath care,Quality meal and inability to settle the hotel bills.I have go to the US embassy they asked me to settle the hotel bill only and they promised to fly me back to the state.without requesting for anything.I hereby request for ur candid and humanly assistance to cater for myself and to settle the hotel bill.Your urgent to my problem will no doubt rekindle my hope..I shall be very greatful to you if my request get to ur favourable consideration...Adrew please don,t take all this to make ur own decision as u like Hunney i need u to save my soul and help me abck to state where we could purposely meet each other to start anew life with u not after also i was so ashamed of my self been exposed please adrew don,t exposed me otu to any one....i would like u to help me contact the Hospital manager on his adress his name Mr Sam,...asking of me cherry in room 12 in teh hotel hall...pleae Hunnety saying the lady whoi has been stucked down in there custody now needed help baclk to state Adrew can u help me oweing them sum of 550$ before i could get things back ad is the Number to Mr Sam again 234-8051160392 please ask of the above information gave too...Adrew i will be loking for necessary things also i wanna know all about ur mind...Thanks so mcuh for been there for me From urs Love Cherry..
here is the number for you to contact the hospital and to email them...
Letter 5

Thanks so much for getting back too me....well it concern about this occurence happened to me in past..Adrew u mean so much to me i have already learn much lesson about this happened..Adrew the number i gave too u it Mr Sam Number that is the Management of the hospital wish i owe them sum of the money i was entitle to the debt now....i'd never know that such a things could happen too me...The name of the Hospital called Ropheka Hospital..and it Located in Nigeria,Lagos i was here coz they brought me over here during the sickness i was going through so that why i owes the Hospital though i owe the hotel in which i lodge but i settled part of the bill with what i broiught here best for the payment of the bill so little of it left far that i can,t **** my self becoz of the payment they allowed me paying rest that when i get back to state the its a promised make.....well i have the green card right in the state before moving into Nigeria .. the state so my status..i'm single with no kid....since the demise of my parent ilived with sister which she passed away on here....Adrew thanks so much for being there for me and also having me in mind...i went through this touch time alot i can,t afford to loose such a person like u in this world...the name Tony u saw just got into my mind that why i mistakenly type that it Man through the embassy who was willing and in charge the place when i i go there..even with the Hospital management Mr that all favour they are intending to do for tony the man in charge the case am so sorry...don,t be confused about this due to the pain and what am facing on here it more like **** now...i was in the hospital hall now making use of the internet even i have limited acess on uses it so the amount has been charged with the bill am oweingMr Sam.....please hunney help me out this custody all left over it the bill now so i can get my stuff and leave back to state...try ur best for meAdrew the number i gave u its International Number that for Mr Sam asked of me also telling him how u can talk to me b phone....Cherry i was owieng them 550$ for the treatment...Hunney please save my sould kindly get me out here back home...please call him for now 234-80-51160392 dia the number that u could speak up....are u going to do that now???ask of me..or do u email him for me????i wanna hear back from u..Thanks so much Adrew..
Yea the Hospital its in Lagos but the Embassy not in this state its in sorry i never knew alot about this Full Name is Cherry Lily Hunney what u gonna do with that..please all i want from u nbow it to know how u gonna help me otu...please Adrew don,t ask anyone or been exposed out coz i feel so shamed about this asking of help so let this matter lay between i and u...please and please i pleaded for ur assistant and support..the manager promised me afteralll to drive me back to airport all prepearing all the necessary asistant i need so i can live ehere....Hunney save my down on this place....
Letter 6

Hi Adrew..Thanks os much foir getting back too so happy again..But i told u all i want from both in pain in all areal and what has happened has happened...let me tell u something i have no Hidden agenda i have notting to hide or anything to lie about...i have no reasonfor doing al this... am straight too u i don,t even know why u have alot thinking about this and contacting anyone for this mattrer.that where i went too i just wanna know that u know millioins of people passed out one place and it might be out of existence also they might not know about it at all.....i would like u to gives it a deep thought on this matter i know it what u will think it defferent case and the more of al this the more my sadness in life...i think i have been hurt severals times...i know u woundn,t believe me...Just asume me in ur shoe after open up too open minded being who loves taken something serious when it too i don,t like exposing this cherry u talking about it Life and i think u don,t have faith in everything am person of the words who can stand on her word and i will never turn to be other..Please Adrew i just want u to be ur self,don't be anybody how would u believe in such a things....i know u have been drgging this matter beyond al the limitation....i know if u can trust me don,t help me anymore...then i have faith in god almighty who has create i don't believe i coud gte into this kind of life i went through now...i believe its god destined us to meet this should that be happiest day in this life meeting u at first place???Please Adrew so sorry for all this i feel so much anxious i think am gonna belive what am saying i ask u too help me call to the Management so they could allowed me talking too u but u never did....why Hunney i was left alone in this calamities noone to talk too i think am fed u never make any attempt by thid u just have some other persons word..Please i need gettinfg back home if it all ur means i know it what u can do i wil need to explaib everythings again once imake it back home....try ur best to contact...hope to hear back again..
Letter 7

Hi Deareat Sweetie Adrew...Glad to hear back again from u...well i just get on the pc coz i told u ealeir i have limted access to makes use of the pc...Adrew am talking and am saying the words that could confort me in this pain not that i need something from u or being lying to rip u deing on here thinking the whole things at a time..ui had never say something and too change up my mind....Adrew i understand ur feeling how u feel in ur heart but just that u cannot save me out here i wouldn,t give up yet i know god's is under control....Please i don,t want to loose any thing in the life anymore i think it enough of my saddest day...well Adrew u totally make me feel like a i have strong heart over what u said....i pray that through all this also being honest speaking too me god shall replenished u in manifoold.....just think of what could happen next day...we never know about tomorrow we only know also remember about the past we don,t know what god could lead us to tomorrow believe me Pleading once more for ur assistant over this matter u know it tough i know how u feel u never met me at all but u still gives me encouragement...i wish to be there for u in all areals even when i make it back to state i would rather work and get the money refunded back.....please god time is the best i pray u shall never be lack also god,s wil lead us through.....Help me contact the manager for me please i wanna hear back from u...and more over i have pleasded for all in support and being patient for Adrew please and please don,t let me down i was left alone on the earth.....and the manager coudn,t take this matter so far..please any amount u have u to help me please do then i will know how am gonna talk with the manager as fopr the part payment or email him on my behalf....the total am oweing its 550$...but if i could just get may be part of the payment i know things will work out...and i have make promise about sending the Sam rest payment when i get back to state...please spare me Adrew...i know it shame to me asking and begging for help through net....all i could ssay now it on getting back to state how much can u just pull out for me to get things i live..Adrew i promised everything even to refund back ur money when i get recover and have job i wil do that....i can,t bear the sharp pain anymore...Spare my life i want to hear back from u soon....u know if u can call also it would be fast and efficient but if u insisted u gonna email please do so...let me know what u think...hope to hear back from u Cherry..
Letter 8

Ok adrew i will ausme that him though i don,t kniow alot about black people on here Hunney i need to get out this custody also pleading for my assitant even if it diorty job i got no choice,...Adrew i ill brb back onlinw about 2hours hopefully u wuill be on again or i message u coz jthe pc just develpoed faulty i need get on another hopefully u make it Hunney bye i will reply back so soon..
Letter 9

Hi what up now..just got back online again...what information i know it Mr Sam u talking about so have there email adress to talk on or by phone am fed up with this hard life...i think u don,t need all this so u search alot even u have a doubting mind on me...well that should be that who i am i will never change with my sincerity and attitude...but still know we have alot more to talk about i can,t even say that on here till i make it back home...Thanks so much for being there for me hope things goes and work out...
Adress i know it 120 road,alen avenue Ikeja Lagos state,Nigeria....yea call the number to the management now please.hope to hear back again from u also...
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