Scam letter(s) from Elena to James (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend. I am very glad, that you have responded to my request and to begin ours with you dialogue. When I sent you the message on a site, I very strongly doubted that you will answer me. After all I the usual girl and I do not differ at all than from others. But you have answered me and I hope, that it becomes the beginning of good dialogue between us :-). And now we can continue our dialogue through e-mail. And thus we can transfer and exchange our photos ;-). And me very much to learn a lot of interesting about you. Than you are engaged at leisure? Where you work? How you like to have a rest? Whether you have a hobby? It is interesting to me to learn about all it. And if you want, I will answer any your questions. I with impatience will expect your answer. I hope, that you will like my photo. Elena
Letter 2
Hello my new friend. How are you doing? Today I have read your letter and I am very happy, that you have answered me. First of all I wish to tell, that your verses it is very magnificent :-). After all it means that you not against to begin our dialogue with you. And it will be pleasant to me to know about you that that more. For example: my name is Elena, I was born on December, 16th, 1983. I work as the nurse in private clinic. I adore cooking and walks on the nature. And what your hobbies, what your work. You like this work? The matter is that very strongly it is pleasant to me of works in hospital as here I can help people. The matter is that I have begun search on the Internet for the purpose of creation of serious relations. Also I hope, that you have the same ideas. And I hope, that I will soon see the answer from you. As I hope to see your photos. On it I finish the letter, with care, Elena
Letter 3
Hello;)! For me a pleasant surprise to see your letter. How you today? What weather? The dear friend, I do not know how to write to you. But you should know, I live in Russia. Recently many countries strongly uncooperative altitude to Russia (because of last events in the world). So I do not know your reaction. But people should not suffer because of a state policy. I wish to continue our dialogue. I hope, that you can ask yourselves a question: "Whether you agree to have serious relations with the Russian girl? "Whether you agree to continue relations with me?" I was born and I live in the city of Kirov. Whether you heard or know something about my city? My city is one of usual cities of Russia. How to you my English language? I hope, that you understand and read my letters without problems. Language studying have begun at school. I liked this language. And I would like to speak and write in English easily and freely. After school I continued to study English language at university. Probably, I can be mistaken? But I hope, that not so it is a lot of error. After the university termination, I could not find good work for a long time. It is few work in a city. But I have got a job in private clinics. Since 2007 I work also experts with the doctor in a therapy direction (this direction in complex studying of the person). I do not have bad habits! But I will dare to drink a wine glass on a holiday. You can ask me why I have written for you? But I do not know, why you search for someone? I, as you, I want to find happiness and a place in a life! About it I will finish the letter. I with impatience look forward to hearing from you. This very serious message for our undertakings. Yours faithfully, Elena
Letter 4

Hello, my dear! How your weather? Thanks for your letter which warm my heart. Our message get sense and have serious the order.... And I was convinced, that in one fine day will come, when we can tell each other: "I love you". It will be very happy day. But we should know each other more close. Therefore I wish to address to you as I spend days. I rise in 6:30 mornings. It would be pleasant, if I could wake up with you and I speak to you "Good morning, my sun". But it only dreams. Then I go to a bathroom where I to wash up and clean the person. Further I make a breakfast. I eat in a few morning. And I leave nearby 7:15. I go for work by the bus. Within 45 minutes to me to reach hospital! The hospital is very far from my house. My work begins approximately at 8:00. At me a break from 12:00 till. Usually I will fill it to write to you the letter. I also to write you this letter, to a lunch break. My work comes to an end at 17.00. If I cannot write to you during a dinner I write to you at evening after work. After work I meet friends. We to go and communicate... I like to go shopping with my friends. I come back home early because my father was very much disturbs me. On days off I home. Besides, I with friends to go in the cultural-entertaining centre, a cinema, cafe or a beauty salon. And what you do at leisure? My dear, me there is a disagreement with my friends recently. My friends do not understand me (why I to correspond with you). I explain to the friends, that you are interesting, the polite and understanding person... And can be, we can meet you in the near future. Because I want to continue our relations actually... Thus I wish to finish my letter. Whole. Sincerely your child Elena
Letter 5
Hello!!! I am glad to receive your message. I am glad, that you did not leave me one. I only, that have received your answer, it is so happy for me to receive your care of me, your words of warmth my dear. You think of our future, to me it is pleasant, that you so are serious in intentions. Also this desire to create for me all convenience that to us it was good together. When I read your letter it seems, that I feel your presence close to me directly, I feel your breath and heat of your hands. I wish to kiss you, I wish to take yours a hand and to feel a heat of your hand, I wish to look in your eyes and read love in it, I wish to feel your breath and to hear blows of your heart. I wish to listen to your voice and to look your smile, I wish to see you, when you happy. We can spend the whole month together, unless it is not fine? I think, that the best possibility for our meeting to us not to find, and I hope, that you will agree with me. I understand now, that it will be not easy for us because it is really expensive, but I think, our meeting costs it. I do not wish to lose any day of my holiday, and to spend it from the beginning up to the end with you. This holiday is given to me only once in a year, therefore if we now does not exploit this happy chance, which we should meet only next year, because at me very difficult labour schedule, me to have to work much to pay my accounts, you know it. Now that I learnt about travel to you. how many and a trip to Germany. The difference between them is absolutely insignificant.
It is now difficult to receive the visa to lonely Russian women the majority of people of Russia compelled to wait approval of the visa a lot of time, from 1 month about one year in some cases, but my acquaintance can do this all faster. Some our girls on work already used its help when went on rest with husbands. Necessary to pay registration of necessary documents. I have learnt, how many costed the visa and the passport to travel also as I have no any of these documents as not to time was not outside of my country. I have learnt for visa registration necessary time from 6 - 14 working days. And there have told to me, that it will be better for us if I have the visa of the tourist. This visa of the visitor will be valid within 3 months. The price of this visa 120 euro. I also was interested about other kinds of visas also, concerning it have told, that there is a number of kinds of visas. For an example, the visa of the bride. I thought, that it is the best variant for us, but to me have told, that this visa costs longer in process and visa registration costs many money. It - approximately 450 euro and visa registration will be within 9 months, it very long and expensively! Therefore the tourist visa is a correct variant. I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you. Nobody can help me with it, with my small salary. I also will need to receive the passport for travel, it costs 50 euros. Also I should pay for medical inspection, it is necessary for reception of documents, it costs 80 euros. And certainly I should pay for tickets to you and back, and the obligatory insurance at the airport, it all together will cost nearby 506 euro. in general, I will require with all expenses for documents and in transit to you 756 euro. It is the price if I take off from the airport in Moscow. I require your help, I think, that you will help me. I do not have such acquaintances, and my father cannot help me with this problem. And me to have to hope only for you. You can help me with payment necessary for our meeting? Tell to me fairly. I understand, that I cannot ask you about such help. But circumstances compel me to do it because I very much want our meeting. Also I look forward it. I hope, that soon we will together and it will be remarkable. If we are doomed to become the only thing whole, I believe, that it will be. Our hearts resemble two big oceans. They are extensive and very deep, nevertheless calm peace on a surface. Ours the feeling ran very deeply, and they are very strong. Sometimes we reach being afraid under us will pull a stream. I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerful wave which will stir up the earth. And when all will be made one extensive beautiful ocean, beautiful, powerful and for ever. One heart, one ocean. You - my protection, my refuge against hopelessness and despair, only you can hold a spark in my soul bright burning.
My favourite man, my holiday also I already am very fast I hope, that we can solve this question as soon as possible. I as have understood your question concerning a copy of my passport. I do not have scanner on my house computer. But I can make it for you on my work. I hope, that you can have a few patience. ;-) But you understand, that it will be the passport of Russia. And all it there will be written, all it will be in Russian. I wait for yours the letter tomorrow because now I have got tired and I wish to have a rest at home and to take a shower. And I think of you. I hope, I trust. If you can help me, I will learn, how you can do it. I wish you fine day. Gently I embrace you. I transfer you the sea of kisses. With feeling of love and care, yours Elena
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