Scam letter(s) from Flora Samson to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest,how are you doing this morning and hope all is well with you over there..I have missed you so much..Dear i want you to know i cant wait to be with you over there and start new life with you in person but i dont know what you have in mind about me now because i am totally fed up here...Who do you think i am?At my age do you think i am here to play game or cheat on anyone?I am not here for that so let us work things out for me to be with you over there because i mean it Ok...So try as much as possible to send the fund to me today so i could go for my booking and be with you over there ..Money is not love and love is not money so dont think i am here for money ..I know why i am on internet and i am stick to that so try to have faith in me and i promise never to make you cry ..I am who i am and i am a woman of my words so try to stop all this doubting and have solid faith that i would show up at your airport over there..I know what i am saying so i wanna book everything in order by myself here to avoid any delay or side payment try to understand me now ...I need ur understanding here now ..Although it is very difficult to trust anyone online due to what people do on internet everyday but does that mean everybody are bad?I wish i could open my heart for you in person now so you could believe i am a woman of my words and i am honest ..i have been single and alone for the past 2 years now since my ex bf disappointed me and marry another Canadian woman because she came from an Opulent family while im not but he forgot money is not love so try to wipe off the doubt and let us meet each other in person believe me ..Make sure you send the fund and mail me the info to get the cash here so i could go for my booking and come back to mail you the receipt and my flight information for you to know my deperture and arrival time to pick me up at the airport ok...I need you and i mean it ..take good care of your self dearest ..
Your Flora.
Letter 2
Hello my love,how are you doing today and hope all is well with you over there ,,.I am online now so we need to talk my love...I went to the embassy today with my things for me to take my leave and be with you over there but they said i cannot leave this country until another flight time which is on Monday due to the reason that i got my Government permit late on the day i must get it paid so i was not schedule with Passengers who traveled on the day but that does not mean i will not be able to leave this country no my love but only that my flight date had been shift to Saturday so my love is that still over with you seeing me on Saturday ??Well i know in your mind you feel or think i have broken your heart or cheated on you..Oh my God noooooo i will never do that to you my love,i know myself but it might be difficult to you believe but one thing i want you to know is that i know myself since i was young that i have never lie nor cheat on anyone so try to have that in your mind my love ,,,So i will take my leave and be with you on Sat ..My love i want you to know i under goon a lot of stress i swear to God who made me i even borrowed little amount of money to take personal Cab caring me all along to different western union thought the money was mistakenly sent to another country not knowing the were the one who made mistake so my love one thing i need from you now is your understanding and faith in us OK and i promise nothing in this world can stop us or change my love for you..Steve what have been destined can it be changed???NEVER so my love i don't want you to have any bad thought or feel because i will never cheat on you or let you down ..I want to meet you in person that is why i asked you to work things out with me for me to be with you and i really appreciate all your triers on us for me to be with you it really shows you are a good man that such a beautiful ,humble,honest,trustworthy,cool,respectful,Obedient,matured,easy going,good hear-ted woman like me must marry so i use to thank God every min of my life that i found you Steve so my love i am going to be with you on Monday by the special grace of God..i cant wait to be with you and i want you to know everything that happened to us is not our fault so try to know it for sure because u are not the one and i am not the one who made mistake at the W U here so try to have strong understanding now my love that we are meeting for sure and i thank God nothing is going to delay us .. I love you so much and hope to talk more on messenger OK..kiss and hug s for you there my love so we are meeting on Sat..we will chat when you come online OK
Your Wife,
Flora Steve.
Letter 3

Your booking is confirmed Important Confirmation
Your booking is confirmed
The confirmation of your booking has been sent to you by e-mail to show that you have booked successfully.
Important • Please note that new baggage rules apply to tickets issued on or after 28 March 2010. • Please make sure that you arrive at the airport on time.
• All times mentioned are local times. Total price
for your flight GBP 586.25
• You paid cash at KLM office
If you do not depart on the booking date your flight would be canceled.
Please note that our ticket offices only support cash payments.
Thank you for booking with KLM. We wish you a pleasant flight.
Flight summary
Flight: London - Minneapolis - Return GBP 586.25
Wed 26 Jan 11 - Mon 7 Feb 11
Departure: London - Minneapolis
Wed 26 Jan 11 09:15 London (Gatwick Airport, UK) -
13:55 Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson, Georgia, USA)
Class: Economy
The waiting time until the next flight is 2h05
Wed 26 Jan 11 16:00 Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson, Georgia, USA) -
17:47 Minneapolis (Saint Paul Intl., Minnesota, USA)
Class: Economy
Total travel time 14h32
Departure: Minneapolis - London
Mon 7 Feb 11 13:00 Minneapolis (Saint Paul Intl., Minnesota, USA) -
Miss Flora Samson (adult) Please note that your name is spelled "FLORA SAMSON" on your ticket
Date of birth Monday 17 April 1972
E-mail address
Price specification
Booking fee : 586.25 - Number of passengers 1

Total price for all passengers
Notice; Refundable GP (Government Permit) price: 1125.00........ All Non-United Kingdom Citizen should take note that Government Permit must be paid but it is surely refundable so each passenger must have it on them.

Total price: GBP 586.25
Ticket conditions
Departure flight : London - Minneapolis
• Changes are not allowed in the event of a no-show.
• For changes your new ticket may have a different price after the recalculation of taxes.
• Cancellations are not allowed.
. All Non-Uk citizen should have Government Permit on them to travel out of the UK. KLM Journeys of Inspiration
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