Letter(s) from Ekaterina Shailionios to Paolo (USA)

Letter 1

Hi. I first meet a man through the Internet. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I do not when was not abroad. I want to tell a little about myself. I think it will help us get to know each other better. I was born on December 8, 1985 in Saransk. I live with my mother, my father left my mother and left to another woman when I was 1,5 years old. Father, I remember only by photographs. I like everything has been in very ordinary school, after school entered to Medical University. I am currently working hairdresser, I like my job. I do not work for the profession, because in Russia it is very difficult to get a lucrative post of doctor in hospital without money. Here is very big corruption in public institutions. Education in our country is good, but expensive for many subjects at the university had to pay to take an exam or set-off. My mother had a hard time with me, and I am very grateful for what she could to raise me, give me an education. She had to work two jobs to feed us. And where are you studying? My favorite time of year is summer. Last summer I was in the village of my grandmother, I really liked it and I want to go there in future. I am engaged in sports year round. In the summer I like running. Near my house there is a small wood, it is ideal for running. In winter and autumn it becomes cold, and I can not run in the morning, so after work I go to the gym for aerobics, and on weekends in the swimming pool. In general, I lead a healthy lifestyle. As we say in Russia: "In a healthy body healthy mind". Have you heard about this saying? To alcohol, I'm negative, because alcohol destroys families. How do you feel about sports and alcohol? I really love children and I am a member of the funds for orphans. We carry out various activities to attract sponsors. The state is not able to provide the orphans a decent life. The purpose of our fund is to take care of orphans and bestow their affection and warmth. Since childhood, I like the cultural holidays, trips to the theater and cinema or to museums and exhibitions. I prefer to go to the cinema on the weekend. I like to watch comedies and animated films. In the comedies and animated films are many positive. Positive help us to live! Also I love romance movies and melodramas. What movies do you like? My goal is to find someone who will be close to me in spirit, and above all be open and honest in communicating with me. My friend registered on the site about a year ago, and she managed to find a man with whom she is well. Now she lives with her husband to abroad, not long ago she came to us and looked very happy. She's my best friend and I am very happy for her. I am interested to know about you, your family, about your life. With this I conclude my letter with impatience wait for your answer. Your Ekaterina.

Letter 2

How your affairs? I so understand that at you a lot of work. I understand that you are occupied, I understand that you do not have time to write me the letter, but for the sake of respect I think it is necessary to find only 5 minutes to write to me the letter. Well to me the truth very boringly without your letter ((((( I ask you answer me! I will wait! Your Ekaterina!