Scam Letter(s) from Linda Wales to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

My name is Lindy wale..,I am from usa in garland in texas 29 years old single.well i just wanna tell you a Little story about My self..well my dad is Died Now. But Before he dad he Have a sum of amount in is account which is $15.5millon USD Dollas..But Yesterday My father lawyer call Me On the Phone that I will need to go and cliam This Money Cos The bank is planing on How to step there leg on the money..but now my problem is that i was not in the state i am In a africa Country Now and i cant get the money from all i want to know is maybe you can act as the next of that we can cliam this money out of the bank...and you will get 30% out of the plz get Back to me Fast On wat you Think........ me

Letter 2


Hello Gene Loranc,
how are you doing .I’m lawyer williams kelly, a general manager in first bank of nigeria . There is an account of one of our customers that has entered dormant for almost ten years now. The owner of this account was recently discovered dead and all process to reach out to any of the families and the only family friend that we can get is Lindy Wale which she is your girlfriend and she is the only one that can calim this money and i dont want the money lick out that is why i called her to explain to her.and if she do not have any man friend she can not claim the money so i will like to know if you are her man friend.because If the money in this account reflect to the goverment she will not be able to claim the money any more and the money will get to the wrong hand because the money is worth 15,000,000 million us$ dollars kindly for the interest accrued to the initial deposit , in if you are her man friend of Lindy Wale i will let you know that you will get 30% out of the money so pls let me know more about you , it will be distributed according to the needs of benefit. If you thinks there is anything you can do with this money please contact me through this or call me on this number 2348025026957 thanks and God bless you for taking care of the less privileged

i will be looking forward to hear from you back thanks

Barrister Kelly

Letter 3

Now Before all that you will Need to feel Out Form and you are gonna paid $150 for the Form then i can do any thing to show you all wat you want Thanks....

Letter 4

Well i have to tell you That Rigth away am at Home with My let me know wat going on are you Going to pay For the Form?



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