Letter(s) from Natalia Pervuhina to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my long-awaited Gary! I am very glad to receive your letter, your letters to me bring many happiness, and smiles. Gary, forgive favourite, that I yesterday could not write to you. Gary, I yesterday have come to library and it has been closed, I very much was upset, and have gone home. I yesterday long could not fall asleep, I dreamed of you, and about our first day, and about our first kiss. Gary, I laid and represented as you, me will meet at the airport with a bouquet of colors, me will kiss. It will be the happiest day in my life. I so dream of it! Gary, I yesterday went to travel agency, and have named your airport Fort Myers in which, I will need to fly. In travel agency to me have told, that cost of the ticket will make 1226 dollars. Gary as I have learned in travel agency about the visa of the groom.
Gary, to me have told that the visa of the groom is very complex in circulation and by rules of this visa, we should be familiar not less than two years and thus to meet not less than once. Gary favourite, I do not wish to wait two years, I so waited for you all life! And now it is necessary to wait again? Gary as to me have told, that the visa of the groom costs more dearly, than the tourist visa. Gary, I do not understand what for to us now to spend, superfluous money when we can be together and under the tourist visa. I asked, the tourist agent, whether probably difficulties in reception of the tourist visa. Gary, me have told that in reception of the visa there will be no complexity with my knowledge of English language. Gary, me have told that in embassy, only will set some questions on which I shall know answers. Gary because in travel agency for me I shall prepare for interview. Gary, I also read about fraud much.
Gary, me it is sick, that these people play on these fine feelings. And the most important, do not allow two loving hearts to meet and be together! Gary. For me not the main thing to arrive to you, for me the main thing to be with you and to light to you all life. Gary, what for to me to go where that when all at me is here in my country. Gary, but in my country there is no the most important. For what, we live love. Gary so it has turned out, that I could not find the love to the country! I have found it for thousand kilometers, and I am happy that I have found love near to you! Gary, you speak, what you wish to arrive to Russia and to visit my city? Gary, I shall be very glad to see you at home. Favourite tell, to me when you can arrive to Russia, on how many you can arrive, where we shall meet you? I write to you the letter, in the evening at various times sometimes in the morning if could not write to you in the evening. Gary, now in my city 22 hours. Favourite I spoke you, that I do not have now passport, and documents. Gary that have started to legalize my papers and the passport to me it is necessary to pay to travel agency of 710 dollars. I do not know, where to me to take such sum to start to legalize papers. Gary, I when worked I earned 4430 roubles it approximately 147 dollars. And now we need 710 dollars to start to legalize my papers Gary, I do not know where to take such sum, and to me it is bad that ours with you the happiness depends on this sum. I love you and me so now there is no you my love! Gary, me now even for instants to touch you, and to feel your caress, tenderness, and to me it would become better! Gary, I not when did not test such feelings, as to you! I understand, that I love you and me so it is now bad. Gary, me so it is bad, that we are divided now with distances. I very much want, to be only with you wash gentle prince! Gary, I wish to be always in your gentle embraces! I adore you my love! I shall wait for your letter. I love you Gary! Your loving