Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear mr., This letter is written to you automatically and is only for informing you about the situation. Lady Kirichanskaya is in the know that you're receiving this letter. This is the manager of translating company she uses to correspond with you. As you know, our services are not free and she was paying for them on the account. I just want to inform you that probably for some time you won't receive letters from lady Yuliia as she hasn't filled her account, as she said she had some financial problems. Yuliia is very sorry about the situation as she wants to communicate with you more. I hope this letter won't confuse you, because it's like the standard letter we send to customers who's account is empty and as you are the second side of this correspondence, you must know that. Also if you are interested in helping your lady about the problem, you may inquire about the method of doing that and the prices. I will be glad to assist you in that. sincerely yours
manager of translating office in Smolino, Ukraine
"Translate-life ABC"
Evgeniy Zhilin
Letter 2
Hello dear mr., Thanks for your quick reply. I'll send the information about helping your lady Kirichanskaya. You'll learn about all possible services our agency provide. The cost of the translating of the each letter is 5 USD, which includes translating - 2 USD, the Internet costs - 2 USD and the printing - 1 USD. Additional photo exchange costs: 3 USD for your photo(printing) and 2 USD for lady Kirichanskaya's photo(scanning).
It's possible to order a service "letter by letter" and pay for each letter, or to pay for the unlimited service: 1 month of our service:
- unlimited package with included photos - 200 USD;
- unlimited package without photos - 150 USD;
2 months of our service:
- unlimited package with included photos - 350 USD;
- unlimited package without photos - 270 USD; You will need to know the personal information of your Miss Yuliia to make payment via Western Union. Here is the information: full name: Kirichanskaya Yuliia
address: 91220, Svyataya street 14/59,
city: Smolino
country: Ukraine. sincerely yours
manager of translating office in Smolino, Ukraine
"Translate-life ABC"
Evgeniy Zhilin
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