Scam letter(s) from Lindsey Watson to Jeff (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi dear!
How are you doing today? I hope whatever happens, this letter will make you smile.:) Your letter made me happy because i was waiting for your reply very impatiently and i hoped that we would continue our communication. I really like you and each your letter assured me that you can be a man whom i am looking for... I am telling you the truth.
I think that our meeting here makes sense and we may develop in into something more serious. You know, i don't want to be alone anymore and i am already have you in my life. I know that it is still too early to make any conclusions but anyway we correspond with you at least and someday we may meet in person, don't you think?
As you know, my marriage was not successfully but it also made sense because i have my Lizochka now. She is really an angel and it is just impossible not to love her. She doesn't talk very well yet but she is always smiling, she likes kissing and hugging me and she is so tender.
I tell you for sure that she is a real angel. She likes singing and dancing.:) Maybe, in a year i will take her to some kid's club where kids sing or dance. Maybe, she will study in my musical school.:) You know that i adore kids. I work with kids and they never make me bored or angry. I love all my pupils and i think that all kids are talented and we adults just have to develop their talents. And what talents do you have?:) Tell me about it please.
I think that i will be happy to have more kids in the future. I think that a child is a God's blessings and if god sends more more kids i will be only happy.
I have written you because you have caught my interest. Generally the question "why me" is strange since it is impossible to explain why one person starts to be interested in another one. Don't you agree??
Which details of my affection should i write you? I am sorry Reggie but i don't understand this question clearly.
My good qualities is that i am family-oriented, honest and open-hearten... and maybe some others.;) my worst trait is that i am very naive. What about you?
As for wife and husband, they have to be sincere to each other and treat each other with respect, care and patience. Do you agree?
Well there is a bit more about me. If you want to know something else, you are welcome. I am sincere with you from the beginning till the end. And i am already waiting for your reply passionately! Please help me to get to Toronto.
Have a nice day
yours Lindsey
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